Daily meditation is a practice which people do in order to maintain their spirituality and to maintain a healthy mind. Meditation is above all religion as it is practiced by the Christians, Judas, Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus. People of the Eastern Religion practice meditation mainly because of spiritual enlightenment and health, whereas, people of the Western Religion stress more to improve their thinking abilities and to reduce pressure.

Knowledge of Meditation:

Meditation has been a part of humans from the past 1,000 years. It had been initially started only to focus spiritual mystery and holiness, but in the recent times it has become more popular because of its stress releasing ability. Meditation gives a person a state of relaxation and helps them focus on life better. It also helps people get over clogged up thoughts and makes life look uncomplicated. It helps a person to have a better life both physically and mentally.

How to Meditate?

Meditation is a term which specifically means a relaxed state of being. It has evolved around from many centuries and in different walks of life like religions, psychologies, philosophies, science, etc. There are different methods which people apply in order to meditate and for that they use inexpensive techniques, whichever suits them the best. There are a few written as follows to help you choose what you could go with:

Mantra Meditation:

This type of meditation is practiced to silently repeat a particular phrase or a word which would keep you concentrated on that thing and help you avoid distracting thoughts. ‘Om’ is very common word which is used for this meditation.

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Guided Meditation:

Guided meditation includes guides or teachers who help you meditate assisting you to create an imagery or visual look in your minds of places and things which could make you feel relaxing. You may feel something, smell an odor, hear sounds or visualize solitude which would give you a very peaceful state of mind.


Yoga includes a series of body postures in forms of exercises which people do to increase their flexibility. Yoga helps people to retain a calm mind and make their focus strong. It requires a lot of skill and balance to go the exercises properly. It is a very good method to lose weight.

Thoughtful Meditation:

Thoughtful meditation is based on the thoughts of mind. It is all about being aware about life and what life brings in with it, for example the circumstances and the abilities to go about situations. You focus on breathing as that is what you are doing while you meditate, similarly you also focus on the thoughts and emotions.

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Focus Meditation:

Focus meditation is a focusing over a particular object and meditating. It could be a tree, a burning candle, a fruit or a thoughtful painting or image that could make you think about life, both spiritually and practically.

Qi Gong:

Qi Gong is a traditional method of healing from the Chinese. It is inclusive of meditation, physical exercise and breathing exercise. This form of meditation keeps helps you get restored and maintains balance.

Tai Chi:

Tai Chi is a form of Chinese martial art. There is a series of postures and movement which a person practices while they meditate. It needs a lot of deep breathing and concentration to maintain a fine line between meditation and movement.

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Benefits of Regular Meditation:

Meditation gives you a peaceful mind. You have an ability to get over stressful situations. It builds your concentration and focus. It also reduces possibilities of problems like depression, asthma, insomnia, cancer, allergies, heart issues, fatigue, etc. Releasing negativity is also a very important advantage of mediation which vital to strive through today’s world.


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