Dance is not just an art anymore; it is one of the most sought after fun-filled fitness regimen. Since many of the dance exercises call for the need of extremely high energy levels, anyone who is really keen and has an eye for adventure and excitement could sign in for a dance class. A pleasure-filled, intensely high cardio workout form, the below mentioned dance exercises can help you get fitter and healthier by toning you the right way. Read on for more.

Top 9 Dance Workout Programmes You Should Try:

1. Belly Dancing:

One of the most erotic dances forms, women can embrace this for a toned figure that oozes sensuality. Known also as magic belly shake, this dance form incorporates quite a lot of assorted chest pushes and intense hip movements. Since the focus is more on the lower abdomen, this helps in strengthening and toning your pelvis, abdomen, and the core. Make sure you train yourself under a professional belly dancer for the best results.

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2. Zumba:

This is a high intensity cardio workout that is also an exciting dance form. This dance helps in toning the entire body and involves a beautiful blend of slow and fast steps, in a fabulously choreographed rhythm. As the pace slowly picks up, you could actually feel the heat on your toes and your body attuning itself to the rhythm. Indeed, a mind-blowing experience for dance lovers!

3. Flamenco:

The focus of this dance exercises lies on strength, flexibility, and coordination of the performer. Hailing from Spain, the typical stamps, in a harmonically graceful rhythm, makes this an exciting and energetic exercise option. A great choice for those who love aerobic exercises, it bestows you with enviable hips, abdomen, legs, and glutes.

4. Salsa:

A mild dance form, it is meant for those who wish to indulge in a soft, yet energetic form of exercise. You feel as if you are gliding across the floor as your move your feet to the meet the rhythm of the music. Given the need for dancing on high heels, it is highly recommendable for women only if they possess extremely high balancing skills with equal amounts of stamina. A great waist exercise option, it is advisable for those who wish to own an hourglass shape. Nevertheless, women who have back pain should restrain from this dance form.

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5. Hip Hop:

Hailing from the streets of America, this is more like a cardio workout. The heart gets to beat faster and renders you the benefits you reap from an aerobic workout. At the same time, this dance form can be practiced to own a strong, toned thighs, glutes, calves, and arms. To reap the maximum benefits out of this dance form, try practicing hip hop dance twice or thrice every week, coupled with proper diet and rest.

6. Burlesque:

This dance exercises can be a good beginning for the newbies. A highly sensual form of dance, it aims to render an extremely high confidence level to the performer, especially since the dressing involved in quite minimal at times. The physical benefits – you will have a rocking core, bottom, arms, back, and not to forget the legs.

7. Ballet:

Incorporating numerous elegant, long movements, this form of dance is ideal for those who wish to enjoy better stamina and strengthen their muscles. The focus is on precision. And, since there is a high level of precision in this dance form, it renders the performer with better levels of alignment, balance, and flexibility.

8. Swing Dancing:

Want to work-out along with your partner? Then, swing dancing is the right choice. An intensely energy rich form of dance it is an awesome aerobic workout. Along with bestowing you with better breathing, this makes an ideal choice for a whole body workout. It is, unarguably, the best choice for sculpting your body the right way with your partner.

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9. Tap Dancing:

This exercise form is beneficial to improve your overall stamina and strength. Plus, you get to do one of the best fat burning workouts for a smart, toned body. Anyone can learn it; it is that simple and fun-filled. Since tap dance involves lots of timing and rhythm, it also helps in improving your cognitive abilities. Tap your way right away for a better knee, hips, and ankles.

So, which one of the above mentioned dance exercises is your choice? Start dancing your way for a better health.


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