Dandruff is a well known cause which can lead to severe hair damage. There are various reasons which can be responsible for this condition. This is not treated in time can be very damaging to the overall health. This also affects a person mentally as this can cause a loss of self-esteem. This is also responsible for a variety of factors. Usually, this is thought to be very external. However, both internal and external causes are to be considered and examined if a person wants to combat this.

This is a very common reason these days as many people have a busy life routine and due to work pressures and other responsibilities; people do not get time to have an adequate and proper diet. Junk foods are also eaten regularly like pizzas and burgers. Soft drinks can also be the cause behind the high carbohydrate and sugar content. These often are known to be responsible for abnormal hormonal functioning and this leads to more severe problems.

How Diet Helps to Avoid Dandruff:

In this article, we give a list of  9 diet foods to fight against hair dandruff are as follows.

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1. Cottage Cheese And Milk Products:

This is also known as paneer. Milk proteins like cheese, butter and also paneer are helpful in supplying the body with an adequate amount of calcium which is responsible for all types of enamels and growth. Proteins are the building blocks and therefore these are especially important if a person is a vegetarian.

2.  Coriander Leaves:

This is a herb which is commonly used to enhance the flavour of the dishes. These are also high in their detoxification properties. This eliminates all forms of toxic trace metals from the body which the body does not require.

3. Eggs And Poultry:

Hair is made of protein blocks. Eggs are therefore an essential commodity that should be included in meals. This has abundant of protein, zinc, selenium, iron, trace minerals and also sulphur which provides the pungent smell to it. Chicken is a very good thing to be included in regular consumption since these are rich in Vitamin B 12, zinc and also others. These help keep the strands in their good outside coating of strands.

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4. Flax Seeds:

A handful of flax seeds if often recommended to be consumed regularly. A teaspoon of this contains about 2 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids and if this is consumed as an oil, then a teaspoon will give about 6 milligrams.

5. Hemp:

This is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. This can be added to regular protein shakes to enhance the condition of dryness.

6. Salmon Fish:

These are rich in Vitamin D and B 12. Apart from this, including salmon as a regular consumption commodity can also supply the body with a good quantity of omega-3 fatty acids. These are very important for overall health.

7. Oysters:

These are rich in zinc and protein. These should be included to get an abundant amount of these nutrients which are helpful for treating the problem.

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8. Citrus Fruits:

Vitamin C is essentially important internally and also externally. That is the reason lemon juice is a good thing for using to get rid of dryness. Oranges, Mausambi, Lime and normal lemons can be included as juices in the meal.

9. Dry Fruits, Wall-nuts:

Walnuts and other types of dry fruits especially almonds and others are very rich in vitamin E oil. These also contain inositol which helps in collagen and the DNA of the body. These are therefore essential for any type of new growth and also for treating any form of dryness.

These given Foods are very rich in vitamins with respect to hair health and strong as well as controls dandruff problems.

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