Usually, people know of dandruff as a flaky surface condition that often happens on the head. However, many people who suffer from this also suffer from scales on the sides of their noses and ears, which are quite red and crusty. These can also be at the back of the ears, on the sides of the eyes or the sides of the nose or on the chin or forehead; these may cause the condition on the scalp. These may be spread on the back and frontal areas of the body.

These are often the trigger of bacteria, and these, therefore, cause reddish boils or small pimples. This should be treated before it spreads to other body parts. People try to prick this, which worsens the condition and leads to further infection.

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Causes and Reasons for Dandruff on Face:

There is no permanent treatment for these types of flakes. These can, however, be kept in check if proper lotions and medicinal treatments are topically applied. Often, these may be triggered by hormonal causes, which can be quite possible as a person undergoes various hormonal changes throughout their body.

Sometimes, the functioning of the thyroid glands or excessive stress can lead to improper functioning and improper oil secretion, which can lead to this problem. Also, a person’s regular routine should be considered to know why the person is suffering from this condition.

The basic thing a person should do to keep this under check is to keep the head clean. For this, various types of lotions and medicated creams can be found. Various other treatments should be tried if the problem is also on the eyebrows.

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However, it is known that pyrithione zinc soaps can be quite helpful in this condition, but these should be used under prescription. These can be used with other medicines that are also effective in this condition. It is also seen that stress can be a major cause for triggering this problem.

If a person is keeping the areas clean, however, that person can still be seen to be suffering from this, and this problem is not getting properly treated. The reason behind this may be a bad diet and stress. Anxiety is often related to improper functioning of hormones, leading to several problems like this. These should be kept in check by talking to a psychologist and enhancing the diet.

A person should take a proper supply of fruits and other nutrients to keep the body functioning properly from the inside. Often, the immune system tries to fight off this problem, which further leads to this. So these should be done with a thorough medical professional checking the head under a large microscope.

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How to Treat Dandruff on the Face:

1. Soap cleansers can be used like Ketoconazole bars or even in cream forms once or twice a day to reduce dandruff on the face. This should be kept on notice for 4 weeks, and if the condition does not improve, a doctor should be consulted for a thorough examination.

2. Calcineurin inhibitors are also known to be effective in these problems. Doctors should advise on the extent of the spread of the problem. This should then be accordingly treated.

3. Hydrocortisone Lotion can be applied for a few days to see any improvement. This should also be followed on a routine basis so that this can be treated dandruff on the face properly. Various medicines can also be suggested to treat the problem on the face and other body parts.


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