Dussehra and Navaratri are important Hindu festivals marked in the Indian calendar. They are celebrated with pomp and delight and have been recognized as the most celebrated festival in the whole country. On such an occasion, one would definitely love to make beautiful Rangolis outside their homes to show their love towards the festival. If you are hoping to find some suggestions that will help you create a design rangoli design, you can refer to the following paragraphs for suggestions.

Navratri Rangoli: 9 Colourful Dussehra Rangoli Designs for Garba:

Here are the 9 best Vijayadashami kolam designs with images.

1. Bright Dasara Rangoli Design:

To make your Rangoli Design bright and beautiful you can use this design. It looks simple, yet beautiful. Made in typical Bengali style, this Rangoli is amazing. The image of Goddess Durga in the center of this great piece of art with a very natural and bright colour acting as its background is sure to get you a lot of compliments.

2. Gorgeous Navratri Rangoli Design:

A gorgeous Navratri Rangoli Design is what you need to make your festival all the more exciting and auspicious. Use illustrious colors such as green and red and add some beads to give it a very ethnic look of Durga. Even though the size of the Rangoli is very small, it surely looks marvellous.

3. Perfect Dasara or Navratri Rangoli Design:

A perfect Rangoli design for Navaratri or Dussehra shall be the one which has the perfect combination of patterns and designs. You can use simple colors for the border and use white chalk or paint to make it look artistic and well designed. This kind of design usually requires a professional, especially because of the several intricate patterns.

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4. Ideal Dussehra or Navratri Rangoli Design:

If you are looking for a Rangoli Design that shall be ideal for Navaratri or Dussehra you should totally try this one. It has a large variety of patterns used and is very big in size. You can use stones for the embroidery and also surround it with lamps and Diyas. It will make your Rangoli all the more special.

5. Pretty Navratri Rangoli Design:

A pretty looking design for Navratri shall make your festive mood all the more special. Here you can go absolutely creative and use a wide variety of patterns and designs using different colours and shades. Use yellow and red colour with white broader to make it Durga matha look appealing. finally happy Navaratri draw bottom of the rangoli.

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6. Homely Navratri Rangoli Design:

A homely Navratri Rangoli Design looks very simple and well designed. The best part about making these Rangolis is that you can use any kind of traditional look. You can use a combination of colours to make this Durga look simply marvellous. Don’t forget to use white rangoli powder as this is a very important highlighter. Finally, decorate the border with flowers and leaves.

7. Rich Dasara Rangoli Design:

To make your Dasara Rangoli Design rich and beautiful, always use the image of Goddess Durga. It will make the occasion all the more auspicious. You can decorate her with your favourite colours and also use a wide variety of colours. You can use important Hindu symbols which will reflect the traditions and customs of this culture.

8. Pleasant Dasara Rangoli Design:

A Rangoli design should always be very pleasant and attractive to the eye. Therefore the next Dasara you can create something pleasant and simple rangoli as this one and win many hearts. Using a simple triangle and surrounding it with many flowers look unique and neat.

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9. Great Navratri Rangoli Design:

You can create this beautiful design during Navratri for sure. It looks simple and perfect for the festive mood.

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