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10 Amazing Benefits Of Dates For Weight Loss

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Research and recent studies have revealed that people eating nutritious fruits lose more weight as compared to those who cut down on this highly nutritious food like dates. It is highly debatable whether dates are good for weight loss or bad? Yes, dates are good for weight loss. Here we enlisted some best benefits of dates for weight loss. Let’s have a look into them.

benefits of dates for weight loss

Benefits Of Dates For Weight Loss:

To ascertain and take a stand on the function of dates in weight loss, let us consider its characteristics, pro and cons of using dates for weight loss and other benefits of dates.

Characteristics Of Dates:

Dates can basically be termed as Drupe wherein the fleshy part of the fruit engulfs the shell-like seed. Dates can be found either in oval or in round shape and accordingly their properties differ. The fresh fruit when unripe is reddish yellow in colour that darkens gradually as the dates ripen and turn completely dark brown when dried. Dates in the form of fruits are more beneficial for weight loss than in the dried form. It is popularly known as khasrawy, hajj and medjool as well.

Pros Of Dates For Weight Loss:

1. Provide Instant Energy:

Dates are full of carbohydrates that provide instant energy. It is actually a medium density energy food. Fresh dates are preferred to the dried ones as the fresh ones give more energy and fewer calories while the dry ones are concentrated in nature hence they contribute more calories along with the energy.

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2. High In Fibre:

To shed weight one has to optimize their digestion as it directly affects the waist. Dates have good quantity of dietary fibre that makes the person feel that their stomach is not empty, it also gets rid of constipation that hinders weight loss.

3. Good Source Of Vitamins & Proteins:

Dates are known to be highly nutritious so while a person tends to eat foods that are low in calories, sometimes the important nutrition gets amiss. In such cases, it is highly advisable to incorporate dates in the diet as they will take care of proteins, vitamins A, B6, B12, C, and K and other nutrients.

4. Cuts Down On Sugar Cravings:

People who crave for sweets and chocolates but are on a weight loss diet can include dates as these help in getting rid of the cravings as their sugary taste helps in satiating the diets cravings.

5. Good and Healthy Snack:

If you are on a diet and wish to snack on something that will not cause weight gain, then dates are the ultimate choice.

6. It Is a Healthy Replacement For Artificial Sweeteners:

A lot of people have sweet tooth so to cut down on the sugar content in the food they add artificial sweeteners. For instance, they will prepare laddoos with artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. In such places, dates can give the same amount of sweetness without adding extra calories.

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Cons Of Dates For Weight Loss:

  • The flip side to eating dates is that is very high in calories, therefore, a person who wishes to lose weight has to be highly active to burn the calories that these dates give.
  • Dates sometimes can cause loose motions in a person with a delicate stomach.

Other Benefits Of Dates:

1. Enhances Complexion and Adds Glow:

People on a weight loss diet often lose weight and in the process, the face becomes dull and dark. Eating dates retains the gloss and freshness of the face.

2. Good For Vision:

Dates possess vitamin A that is excellent for curing night blindness and also enhances vision on the hole. People eating dates regularly are known to be blessed with good eyesight.

3. Lowers Cholesterol:

Dates are excellent for lowering the bad cholesterol thus helping in keeping the heart fitter and stronger.

4. Have A Good Shelf Life:

Dried dates can be stored well and consumed as and when required. People who travel are unable to maintain a weight loss diet.W ith dates their problem gets solved as these dates do not get spoilt easily.

Dates are available in large varieties and they not only take care of the sweet tooth but are also beneficial for weight loss. The next time you get a craving do keep a packet of dates at home and enjoy yourself without feeling guilty.

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Let us know if you still have any doubts or concern about the benefits of dates for weight loss. We would love to assist you with the best solutions and answers.

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