Tattoos are considered to be a person’s way of expressing love or any other emotion in an artistic manner. Death tattoo designs are symbolic tattoos that mark either the beginning of the end of a journey in your life. The tattoos can be created with a dark side or something that shows love and life beyond death.

Horrible Death Tattoo Designs for Women and Men:

Death tattoos listed here will give you an insight into the different tattoos that can be done and what they represent.

1. Death Tattoo:

This death tattoo has a symbolic hand with a rose. Then the hand skeleton is done intricately and it shows the artist’s expertise in the field. You can get any flower tattooed but a rose symbolizes love and life.

2. Death and Time Tattoo:

This tattoo that represents death is done with a skull and a clock. The time of death or the time ticking until death is depicted in this tattoo. You can have the time of death on the clock to specify some exact time that you would like or it can be any time of the day.

3. Skull Tattoo:

The tattoo death with a skull is very common, and this is used by many people. You can choose to have the skull look simple or horrific according to your choice. The skull can be mean looking or demure.

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4. Death Dagger Tattoo:

This is a very artistic rendition of Satan with the death dagger. The tattoo has the image of Satan covered in a white robe and holding a dagger. The moon behind is also another symbol of death.

5. Till Death Tattoo:

This is another cool tattoo that you can have to show your love for your loved ones. The words ‘til death’ can be incorporated on your hands, arms, legs, etc. The words are artistically tattooed and make a wonderful addition to your tattoo collection.

6. Life After Death Tattoo:

Here is a life after death tattoo that is also very symbolic. This tattoo covers a larger area and can be placed on the arm or the legs. There are a skull and an eagle in the representation that make it very arty.

7. Death Life Tattoo:

This wonderful interpretation of the words ‘death’ and ‘life’ is something that will please many tattoo lovers. The words are tattooed on top of each other in an upside-down manner. Here you can read one word from the top and the other from the bottom.

8. Death Tattoo Sleeve:

This is for very serious tattoo lovers. Here the whole arm is tattooed with a particular design and that is why it is called a sleeve. The death tattoo here has many scenes representing death tattooed all over the arm. The arm is covered with a black ink tattoo and makes it look like the person has worn it.

9. Partners Tattoo:

This is a lovely tattoo that symbolizes love even after death. The tattoo involves a human hand and a skeletal hand holding each other. You can get this lovely tattoo done in remembrance of any loved one that has passed away.


Death tattoo is something that is preferred by a very distinct clientele. The variety of tattoos available for the death theme is vast and this makes choosing a particular design very difficult. Hopefully, this list of tattoos will give you an idea of the various designs and then you can incorporate something that you love the most into these designs to make it personal.

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