The decorative mirrors are the mirrors which are different from the normal ones. The colourful decorative wall mirrors provide a unique look to the room, which can also enhance the room’s overall style. Most royal families use such decorative mirror designs to imprint the essence of good looks. The unique decorative mirror designs are very cool in style, and some of them are also provided with storage facilities. One can add a beautiful decorative mirror to the room, shining throughout life. Thus, one can choose a beautiful decorative mirror for the room.

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What To Consider While Buying a Decorative Mirror?

Some precautions are to be mentioned before buying the best decorative mirror. These points are:

  • The originality of the colourful decorative mirror must be considered. Some of the mirrors remain fake and quality less. So, it is necessary to understand the worth of originality.
  • Ensure that the mirror is not broken from the inside. Some people don’t look inside the pack and find a broken mirror.
  • The little decorative mirrors must be handled with care. Proper care is to be taken for a glass of the mirror.
  • One must only buy a branded mirror which uses good quality material in manufacturing.

How To Decorate a Wall Mirror?

The decorative wall mirrors can be styled in the room’s best place. Most people try to decorate the mirror just in front of the bed in the living room. One must take care of the nail on which the mirror will be hung. Here, one can decorate the mirror with some optional lights and flowers.

Best Decorative Mirror Designs In India:

Here, we enlisted 10 simple and latest decorative mirror designs with images. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Art Street Copper Color Flat Decorative Mirror:

Decorative mirrors for living rooms are abundant and now available everywhere in India. The Art Street Mirrors provide one such. It is a flat mirror with the colour of copper. The rectangular wall mirrors look very cool and surprising. The synthetic wood frame is used in the making of the mirror. Thus, the mirror wall décor for the living room is the best choice for decorating the room in a very cool way.

  • Brand: Art Street.
  • Mirror Type: Rectangular mirror.
  • Material: Synthetic wood frame.
  • Colour: Copper colour.
  • Dimensions: 10*12 inches.
  • Weight: 3 Kg.
  • Pack Content: Single mirror.

2. Arsalan Concept Decorative Mirror:

The circle mirror décor is manufactured by the company Flourish. The leaves of the mirror are made up of iron. It is a type of tiny decorative mirror left all around. The beauty of home would surely increase by the presence of such mirrors. One can mount it to any place in the room with no difficulty. This mirror is to be handled with care as it has a high rate of glass used in it.

  • Brand: Arsalan
  • Mirror Type: Round mirror.
  • Material: Mild Steel.
  • Colour: Golden.
  • Dimensions: 30 inches in diameter.
  • Weight: 4 kg.
  • Pack Content: Single Mirror.

3. Global Glory Wooden Triplet Mosaic Mirror:

The decorative floor mirror is a perfect example of this type of mirror. The mirror provided by Global Glory is around the decorative mirror with top-class features. The decorative mirror is crafted with elegant care and uses the highest calibre. One can enhance and upgrade the décor of the home by using this mirror. It can be the best decorative bedroom mirror that reflects beauty’s essence. It is easy to buy online now.

  • Brand: Global Glory.
  • Mirror Type: Round mirror.
  • Material: Wood and Glass.
  • Colour: Multi.
  • Dimensions: 33*1.3*33 cm.
  • Weight: 2 Kg.
  • Pack Content: Single Round mirror.

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4. VAS Collection Style Home Decorative Mirror:

It is a decorative hanging mirror created by the VAS Collection. It is a somewhat rectangular decorative mirror which is styled around the corners. The mirror includes a rubbed bronze colour and a semi-wood frame. It is very easy to hang it anywhere, and it is very beautiful it looks. The design provided in the mirror reminds us of the great ancient times. Thus, this mirror can be bought in the living room for decorative purposes.

  • Brand: VAS Collection
  • Mirror Type: Rectangular mirror.
  • Material: Semi-wood frame.
  • Colour: Bronze.
  • Dimensions: 60*40*5 cm.
  • Weight: 2 Kg.
  • Pack Content: Single mirror.

5. 999 Store Wooden Royal Antique Peacock Mirror:

It is one of the best and most beautiful decorative mirrors available. The handmade property is used in making the mirror with the shape of a peacock. The unique masterpiece looks cool as a decorative dining and living room mirror. It can also be hung easily on the wall. The perfect home décor is an example of the best mirror designs for home and décor. Thus, the royal antique peacock mirror is also available in various designs.

  • Brand: 999Store.
  • Mirror Type: Rectangular mirror.
  • Material: Mild wood.
  • Colour: Peacock.
  • Dimensions: 46*2*61 cm.
  • Weight: 3 Kg.
  • Pack Content: Single peacock mirror.

6. Onlineshoppee Square Shape Wall Decorative Mirror:

Designer decorative mirrors are made available everywhere. One such is the square decorative mirror frame, which is unique in design. This top mirror is a profound item of Artesia. It is based on MDF material to provide a strong interior. So, it can work for both the bedroom and bathroom. It would surely increase the room’s overall beauty in a good manner. The design of the mirror gives a spark to creativity. Thus, buy it for furnishing top designs in the room.

  • Brand: Onlineshoppee.
  • Mirror Type: Square mirror.
  • Material: MDF.
  • Colour: Yellow.
  • Dimensions: 18*2481 inches.
  • Weight: 2 kg.
  • Pack Content: Single mirror.

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7. Lorikeets Glass Wood Decorative Mirror:

It is a white decorative mirror considered the best mirror by Lorikeets. It is perfection from the Rustic wood. The mirror is long and rectangular. This can also be made as a decorative mirror with lights. Contemporary style is followed in the finishing of the mirror. The wooden frame made for the mirror is strong and flexible within the environment. It would suit with proper lights. Thus, one can buy a top mirror by Lorikeets.

  • Brand: Lorikeets.
  • Mirror Type: Rectangular mirror.
  • Material: Glass and Wood.
  • Colour: White.
  • Dimensions: 140*40*3 cm.
  • Weight: 3 Kg.
  • Pack Content: Single mirror.

8. TINITALO Silver Vertical Decorative Mirror for The Living Room:

The decorative bath mirrors are top mirrors meant only for the bathroom. It is a unique development from the TINITALO. The silver decorative mirror is cool in its own way. The window mirror décor is the type of mirror the Quality glass provides. They make use of Gobain mirror and waterproof MDF. Skilled workers have made such beautiful mirrors that can be bought easily in online stores. So, go for the best mirror from Quality glass.

  • Brand: TINITALO
  • Mirror Type: Unique.
  • Material: MDF and Glass.
  • Colour: Silver.
  • Dimensions: 24*36 cm.
  • Weight: 3 Kg.
  • Pack Content: Single silver mirror.

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9. Urban Store Decorative Hand-Crafted Mirror:

The decorative mirrors are good in shape and design. They are suited for a living room. One such is a blue decorative mirror in a round shape. The round shape is also embedded with beautiful blue designs around the circumference. This product is made available by the Urban store. It is ideal for a living room and bathroom. It can add blue stars to your beautiful room. So, one can choose this mirror in a very way.

  • Brand: Urban Store.
  • Mirror Type: Round shape.
  • Material: Wood and Glass.
  • Colour: Blue.
  • Dimensions: 30*30 cm.
  • Weight: 2 Kg.
  • Pack Content: Single round mirror.

10. 999Store Handmade Wooden Decorative Purple Mirror:

The purple decorative mirror is also the rectangular decorative mirror by 999store. The features are simple, and it is most suitable for bathroom mirrors. It is a place for perfect window mirror décor with the complete work of hand with enhanced skills. Highly skilled workers have worked on the mirror concept and made it look beautiful. This mirror looks very cool in a purple colour with red leaves. It can also be bought through an easy process online.

  • Brand: 999Store.
  • Mirror Type: Rectangular mirror.
  • Material: Wood.
  • Colour: Purple and red.
  • Dimensions: 40*2*60 cm.
  • Weight: 4 Kg.
  • Pack Content: Simple purple mirror.

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The bedroom wall mirror is the best and first choice for decoration purposes in the room. There can be many things to decorate a room, but nothing is better than decorative mirror designs. These unique decorative wall mirror designs add stars to the overall shine of the room. But when buying a decorative mirror, one must consider the abovementioned points. You can style the decorative mirror in different ways, also available on the Internet. There are many types of decorative mirror designs available both online and offline. Thus, decorative mirrors are the topmost shining choice for decorating the room.


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