Poor hygiene conditions may lead to accumulation of insects mainly mosquitoes in and around your area which is the primary harbinger for the disease Dengue. This is mainly associated with mosquito bites where the dengue virus is passed on from the mosquito to you through your blood after which the symptoms start to show. There are mainly four different dengue viruses that are held responsible for the transmission of this disease. Now once this is introduced in your blood stream, you as a human can affect another human through transmission or transfusion. Dengue in its early age is still not a fatal disease so keep a lookout for the symptoms concerned.

Symptoms of Dengue in Kids:

1. Fever:

One of the most common symptoms seen in a kid suffering from dengue is a fever which starts off mild and then increases. After the virus has been infected in the body, there is often a small incubation gap in which the virus develops to form the disease. In between, the fever should show up and increase a little every day.

2. Pain:

Usually, the fever is followed by an intense body pain where you can feel the chills run down your kid’s spine. Like fever, body pain gradually increases. This is primarily because the fever has a toll on your kid’s body. Over time, the pain in the joints can even result in a mild swelling or redness of the joints which is nothing fatal but of concern.

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3. Common Cold:

Yet another symptom of dengue in kids can be in the form of a common cold. This is no doubt accompanied by the fever. With body pain persisting, the common cold is usually resulting in a series of dry yet intense coughing. A runny nose might follow. To stop the common cold from invading further into the body, use the usual methods of brimming a steaming bowl of soup and taking precautions from cold.

4. Body Rash:

Body rash may come in the form of small heightened red rashes, especially in the back and chest areas. The redness of the rash is only heightened by the fever and the common cold helps no less. Always ask your family doctor for an antiseptic cream or oil which can be applied on the spot. Make sure the rashes are not scratched to avoid infection.

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5. Throbbing Headaches:

The dengue symptom in your kid might also accompany a bad case of headaches. The fever and the rash along with this pounding headache are called the dengue triad which is exactly the three core symptoms of a dengue victim. At times like this, opt for some thorough massage for your kid which might provide him with the momentary peace.

6. Nausea:

Nausea or vomiting is yet another symptom where the kid might develop a certain problem with eating. He distances himself with his food and often complains about a nauseated feeling. At times it might be some just a feeling but a lot many times has actually been seen that the kid subjects to vomiting right after her meal.

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7. Immunity Fall:

With fever and the dengue virus swarming around in your blood, your immunity shied for the body drops and it is at this time that your body needs to be protected from other viruses which the body would readily pick up.

8. Itchiness:

Another symptom of dengue in children needs to be careful in itching around the red swollen rashes. Unnecessary scratching or friction on rashes may simply result in an infection.

9. DHF:

DHF stands for Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever which starts with a simple abdominal pain but might escalate a collapse in the circulatory system.


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