What Is Depression:

Depression is quite a mental disorder that a lot of people face nowadays solely because of the increasing pressures of life and the high demands at work and professional front. There are a lot of causes where depression is concerned starting from external factors like loss of job, break ups and more as well as internal factors like unhealthy eating habits, smoking and alcohol effects as well as effects of certain medications on the body.

In simple terms, depression is nothing but extreme form of sadness where a person cuts off from the society as well as in some cases even feel suicidal. However, before you move on to the treatment and medications for depression, it is important confirm the extremity of the same.

The symptoms and signs of depression mentioned below will help you out in measuring the depression levels in a perfect way. Check them out to increase the knowledge in this front.

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15 Common Signs and Symptoms of Depression in Men and Women 2023:

1. Negative Feelings:

A person who has entered the phase of depression usually has a lot of negative feelings associated with them. Some of the most common ones come in the form of hopelessness,misery and dejection. They feel nothing will get better now and there is no way to improve the current situations.

2. Lack Of Concentration:

The inability to concentrate and focus and the lack of the ability to make decisions is one of the signs of depressing people. It also includes the loss of memory and inability to remember things. It is one of the symptom of depression at early stages.

3. Loss Of Interest:

A depressed person neither shows interest in daily activities nor in any hobbies or recreational work. They do not even have any interests in going out of the house or something as appealing as sex. The feelings of joy and pleasure do not make any difference to them. It is again one of the prevalent signs of depression.

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4. Loss Of Appetite:

In the case of depression, people tend to lose their appetite and hunger levels as well. They do not feel hungry at all or feel it at a quite low level. This leads to a loss of weight to a good extent. It is a symptom directly associated with depression. Some people on the other hand tend to overeat and thus lead to problems like overweight and obesity. this is physical symptom of depression.

5. Self Loathing Problems:

Criticizing and blaming oneself for various situations and feelings of guilt is another of the sign that proves the occurrence of depression in a person. They are almost agitated on themselves all the time for all the wrongs they have done.

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6. Problems In Sleeping:

Insomnia or excessive sleeping both are two extremities of the sleeping patterns and any of them can be experienced during depression. The latter is known as hypersomnia. These are major symptoms of depression.

7. Recklessness:

Reckless behaviour is one of the symptoms seen in a lot of people who are experiencing depression. This can be in the form of abuse, gambling, dangerous sports as well as reckless driving. These habits are a sign that something is seriously wrong.

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8. Depression Suicidal Tendencies:

A lot of people with clinical or extreme form of depression have suicidal tendencies and they make a lot of attempts to end their lives. This is one sign that they are undergoing the condition of depression.

9. Headaches:

Persistent and frequent headaches are often experienced by all people who are depressed and therefore it is one of the signals of the depression crisis.

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10. Anger And Irritation:

Agitation, irritation anger without any reasons and violence are some of the aspects that can be directly associated with people who are under depression. Short temperedness can also be included in this list of symptoms of depression.

11. Despondency:

This is one of the most common symptoms of depression. People feel hopeless or helpless when they are depressed. They underestimate themselves and thing about a thing for too long which leads to over thinking. It is recommended that you meditate for quite some time to reduce this symptom. Along with the feeling of being hopeless, one can also feel helpless. You might feel that you’re falling for something and there is no hope that you won’t be able to come of it and the feeling of helplessness comes, when you think that there is no one or there will be no one to save you. This are some of the worst stages that our bran can go through. Talking to people about your problems or a socializing a bit will definitely make you feel better.

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12. Lack Of Sleep:

Want to know about depression symptoms? Lacking enough sleep is one of the most vibrant symptoms of depression. You will know that you’re suffering from depression when you’re not able to sleep properly at night. Your mind is always active and it is always thinking about something, possibly bad stuff that won’t even happen. Along with loosing appetite which has already been discussed before, it has been seen that lacking sleep might also result into sever depression which might prove to be harmful for you at a further stage and thus it should not be ignored. Rather, you will have to exercise proper remedies so that you can get out of this stage.

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13. Tiredness:

This is one of the most common symptoms of depression in women. Women are more likely to think about bad stuff and feel more tired when they are depressed. Since, women have a common habit of depression it is obvious that they will get exposed to the symptoms of depression more easily. One of the best ways to reduce depression is to talk it out. Tell you close friends and loved ones about what you’re thinking and tell them about the bad dreams and nightmares that you’re experiencing. It is recommended that, women should not ignore these depression symptoms as they might result into a life risk for themselves. Irritation and short-temper problems are just a start.

14. Unexpected Pains:

All human beings are run by an living object called the omega, that is our mind. The mind controls the body and when depression hits the mind, it blocks the channel which manages our emotions. It makes us feel bad almost every time. It is for this reason that we experience certain unexpected pains and aches in our body. We should understand that we are going through a state of depression. According to studies, it has been found that improper job opportunities, not getting enough credit for the creative works might lead to depression.

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15. Ignoring People:

When you’re depressed you start avoiding friends and family members.You stop caring about them and taking their advice seriously. You feel that, everyone in this world is against you and you don’t know how to stop this emotional malfunctioning. It is time you realize that you’re going through a state of depression. One cannot just be more offensive and reckless than the time when they are heavily depressed.

These were some of the most common and major symptoms of depression which are often seen in people. Getting out of this depression state is mandatory to this might be lead to more harmful happenings. One cannot just simply ignore such symptoms. Finding a cure and applying that is a must.


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