Designer blouse pattu sarees are one of the most popular versions of sarees which come with great texture and are crafted with love. Women love this kind of sarees and want to wear them on special occasions. In this article, we will be discussing some seriously good-looking designer blouses for these sarees. They are silk-based sarees with awesome print and sometimes come with suitable attachments. You will see a lot of celebs sporting these sarees, and when you have the right designer blouse for your pattu saree, you will be able to do the same.

Beautiful Designer Work Blouses For Pattu Sarees:

Designer blouses are very beautiful and attractive also. The models and celebrities wear this type of designer blouse with pattu sarees. Below we have given a list of 9 best and most extraordinary pattu designer blouses for pattu sarees, along with pictures.

1. The South Indian Designer Blouse For Pattu Sarees:

When there is a talk about designer blouses all women become excited. This particular blouse shows a beautiful pattern which complements the beauty wearing it and the companion, that is, the saree. The saree looks holy and will suit almost everyone. The designer blouse is the prime attraction here. The whole body has a light orange base along with wonderful patterns and small attachments, smoothly done towards the neck and the shoulder portion. Looking at the blouse carefully, one can surely say that this is one of the best designer blouses for pattu sarees.

2. The Wedding Pattu Saree Designer Blouse:

Finding the right blouse is crucial if you are about to attend a wedding and are planning to wear your favourite pattu saree. This particular blouse comes with an awesome design, and the whole pattern of delicate work done on the piece of traditional Indian women’s clothing beauty is incomparable. The designer blouse will be suitable for almost all women and will go hand in hand with a yellowish saree or the one the woman is wearing in the picture below. This is undoubtedly one of the finest designer work blouses for pattu sarees.

3. Alluring Pattu Saree Designer Blouse For Special Occasions:

If you are planning to wear the Indian traditional look for a special religious or holy event, then the pattu saree will be awesome. The blouses for these sarees are mostly designer-made. The designer blouse in the picture below is nothing different, and it sports a beautiful pattern along with great work done towards the end of the sleeves. The blouse is quite broad and will thus be suitable to make for almost everyone. It is one of the best pattu sarees designer blouses.

4. Golden Designer Blouse:

This particular blouse is so awesome for pattu sarees. The blouse sports a golden-colour design along with small red attachments to the edges of the sleeves. This is probably one of the finest-looking designer blouses for all women who prefer wearing pattu sarees. The blouse and saree look perfect together, just like the lady and the whole look.

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5. Simple Blouse For The Extraordinary Pattu Saree:

The Bollywood dream girl, Hema Malini, was spotted wearing a beautiful pattu saree and an alluring blouse. This blouse is probably one of the finest looking ones that an Indian woman can sport. It has a simple touch and a great design, and the colour is also eye-catching. In short, it is one of the best designer sarees and blouses.

6. The Matching Designer Blouse For Pattu Saree:

Here, we have something amazing. Even though it is the last one on the list, it is nothing less than the previous ones. The designer blouse has got its look and will look perfect for weeding or religious events.

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7. The Pink Designer Blouse For The Pattu Sarees:

You are looking for something trendy that can sport with the pattu sarees? Well, this designer work blouse item is the best thing for you. It sports a really good blouse with an adorable design and great colour that matches the saree beautifully. You can see in this picture the blouse colour and pattu saree colour are different even though the look is so alluring.

8. White Designer Blouse For Pattu Sarees:

If you are looking for a cool pattu saree, this will probably be one of the finest, along with the beautiful designer blouse. It comes in white and sports a cool texture. Almost every woman out there will love it.

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9. The Green Embroidered Designer Blouse:

If you need an exclusive designer blouse for pattu sarees, this is surely one of the most beautiful and hot designer blouses for pattu sarees, which can attract the other’s looks easily. You can choose this type of blouse design for weddings.

You will see a lot of celebs sporting these sarees, and when you have the right designer blouse for your pattu saree, you will be able to do the same.

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