Bracelets are a common piece of jewellery which is adored by every age group irrespective of gender. It is now considered as a fashion and style statement rather than jewellery. Young people, women’s and girls love to wear designer bracelets as they can create a rapport in front of their friends, family members   and above all to have a feel good factor.

Designer bracelets are unique and are look different from the normal ones which you easily get in the market. Now we introduce you some designs of designer bracelets.

Top Designer Bracelets for Men and Women:

1. Designer Gold Bracelets:

Gold is considered as auspicious a metal and you can wear them on any occasion also thus adding an additional charm. As gold is very popular in every country as it blends easily with every skin tone, enhancing the demand of designer bracelets carved in gold. Women’s and men adore gold designer bracelets as it is a light weighted piece of jewel and above all has a sparkling, charming look.

2. Precious Designer Diamond Bracelet for Girls:

Diamond is precious stone and described as the best friend forever. If diamonds are carved and designed in to designer bracelet then what else could be left to have a gracious piece like that. You can even add some colour stones to make it a remarkable piece and let it flaunt in every wrist.

3. Unique Flower and Precious Gem Bracelets:

As flowers are always adored and can be used on every occasion. Similarly keeping this in mind designers has designed a unique bracelet in a form of flower along with precious gems to have an additional glamorous look. You can use different colours of gem stone according to your taste and match it with your outfit. These types of bracelets can be paired with western as well as ethnic outfit also.

4. Traditional Peacock Gold Designer Bracelets:

Peacock bracelets are very common and it has been in demand since ages. This designer bracelet can be designed in various ways and styles to match the rituals and occasion of the day. To enhance the look of the bracelet you can add some beautiful stones.  This type of bracelet is generally worn by young girls as it being said peacock is a beautiful bird so who doesn’t want to resemble like peacock.

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5. Designer Bracelets with Changeable Stones:

Here comes something very unique for the people who are very fashion conscious and always want to match their outfit with the same colour of bracelets. The designer have invented beautiful bracelet with changeable stones. Here in one bracelet you can have numerous coloured stones and you can change them according to our dress. This type of bracelets gels with every kind of dresses you wear. But you need to be extra careful while changing the stone as they are very delicate and should be handled with care.

6. Designer Bracelets in Silver Metal:

Silver bracelets always look classy and create a great impact as the metal shines and sparkles even in sun and at night also. Silver bracelets can be worn by both men and women as it is available in both white as well as in oxidised form also. If you want you can even hang some small miniatures like teddy bear, star or heart shape around the bracelet to create your own design and fashion.

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7. Mens Designer Silver Chain Bracelet:

Men are very particular about their dressing and accessories as they always want to dress different from others. They want to have that accessory which suits their personality, style and should be in fashion also. So what can be more unique than designer chain bracelet which can be also made in different metals like gold, copper and platinum also according to your choice.

8. Designer Bracelet with Hanging Moon Stones:

Here comes a unique bracelet in black and white moon stones. The bracelet is round in shape and you can hang enormous moon stones of nay shape you love. Generally young girls and women can jazz up with this funky but stylish bracelet and look hot and dashing.

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9. Designer Bracelet with Diamonds and Pearl:

The perfect mix and match of diamond and pearl which lends a classy and a unique look to the wearer’s hands. Nothing can beat this deadly combination as the natural shine of the diamond gets enhance when pearls are studded in between.  Moreover the pearl carry its own shine and gives you an elegant look.

Now everyone person is gaining fashion conscious and want to be updated with the style and ongoing fashion. Designer bracelets have a pretty and charming appearance and attracts person towards it. Designer bracelets are available in all kind of metal and you can get it according to your taste and personality.


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