One of the most important days of a girls’ life is when she is proposed to. Engagement seals the bond between a girl and a boy. A boy or a man will always seek out the most beautiful ring to propose to a girl on this very special occasion. Engagement rings are by far the most important piece of jewelry that a man will buy and this can be very intimidating too.

Best Engagement Rings by Designers:

Her we listed below the beautiful designs of designer engagement rings for girls.

1. Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring by Designer:

These are most precious designer diamond engagement rings are they contain a huge solitaire diamond in the center of the ring. The karat value of each solitaire is high and therefore very valuable and expensive. These are uniquely crafted and normally set in platinum to give it a completely royal look.

2. Designer Gold Engagement Ring:

Gold as a metal has always had greater appeal from the masses. Its high value and use makes most people opt for gold ornaments. Engagement rings in gold are therefore most sought after as they look classy and elegant. These gold engagement rings are made with intricate designs are can be complimented with other precious stones like diamonds, emerald, rubies, pearls, etc.

3. Designer Princess Cut Engagement Ring:

The princess cut rings is most modern and classy. The clean lines of the gemstones used in the princess cut rings are one of the most popular choices by modern day brides to be. This has a contemporary look to it and is used by top engagement ring designers.

4. Emerald Cut Engagement Ring:

Just like the princess cut, there is emerald cut diamonds that are set in rings. These are rectangular facets of the gemstones and this brings a classic, chic look to the designer engagement ring. The platinum ring in which it is encased looks delicate and royal at the same time. These are surely going to impress your loved one.

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5. Girls Infinity Engagement Ring:

These are truly the ultimate in engagement ring as the very essence of engagement as the idea of forever is captured in this timeless piece of beauty. The infinity symbol is beautifully engraved in the ring usually with tiny diamonds that make up the symbol itself. Best engagement ring designers use gold or platinum as a metal choice.

6. Halo Ring Design for Engagement:

Among the top designer rings is this halo style ring that has micro diamonds that surround a central diamond. This creates a halo like effect and adds to the light effect. This is a most elegant and aesthetically beautiful design that is widely used to give the ring and the ring bearer a glorious look.

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7. Three Stone Ring Design for Engagement:

This is a twist to the infinity design where you have three stone that are set in the ring. The three stones symbolize yesterday, today and forever. The stones are set in the center of the ring and give brilliance like no other.

8. Designer Side Stone Engagement Ring:

Best engagement rings designers like the more the merrier effect. The ring is encrusted with a single diamond in the center and then there are several diamonds that are set on the sides of the ring. This gives a fuller look to the ring and makes it look elegant.

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9. Rose Gold Engagement Ring for Girls:

Rose gold is now among the top choices of engagement rings designers. The reason for this is the feminine shade flatters all skin tones and gives the wearer a glow. Rose gold rings are now most sought after.

Whatever be your choice of engagement ring, it is sure to make your loved one happy and delighted. This list of designer engagement rings gives you a firsthand knowledge of the types that are available. You can then choose which one suits you best keeping in minds the likes and dislikes of your loved one.


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