Whether you are looking for a classic traditional look, or want to have a trending chic westernized appearance, designer Kurti tops have been the prime choice of the girls. It comes with amazing designs in various varieties, with the desired perfect fitting for your comfort. Made from materials like cotton, chiffon, georgette, silk and even velvet, they are quite adaptive from regular wear to occasional wear.

Stylish and Modern Designer Kurtis for Ladies in Trend:

Here is some of the top designer Kurti collection; you might not want to miss out while shopping one for yourself.

1. Kite Designer Kurti:

Kite kurtis has given the designer kurti patterns new aspects with a triangular shape. Made out of cotton, the kurti is given proper fitting till the waist, after which it spreads out giving the shape of a triangle. The triangular prints in it add to its beauty. This kurti is also carried for a festival look or on picnics. It is best for summers as it is made from cotton. The length can be made as desired from knee to ankle.

2. Side Layered Designer Kurti:

A new design that has grabbed various hearts is the side layered kurti design. The kurti is made from georgette material which is given a straight frock like the line on one side, while the other contains various layers made from flaws. It is also given a coat like a top with full sleeves. The upper portion gives a coat style appearance to the wearer with a semi neckline design with rough thread work giving a beautiful neck and sleeves.

3. Umbrella Cut Designer Kurti:

The umbrella cut kurti has been the centre of attraction for the teens in colleges. This designer long kurti comes in georgette material and is given collar pack neck design. With a variety of prints, it comes with a semi-circular cut with knee-length. The kurtis are much in demand for summers as they come with thin material. You can also give a personalized touch to the kurti by printing your own image on the kurti, for making it a special gift.

4. Crepe Double Layer Designer Kurti:

The designer party wear kurtis collection is given a new look with dual layers. The inner layer is given a plain pattern in silk, while the outer layer is given a georgette floral design overcoat in white. The pattern is widely adopted for parties. The kurti can also be worn alone without the overcoat, giving a plain kurti look in a sheer sleeves design.

5. Brocket Layered Designer Kurti:

A plain kurti made from silk, when given brocket layering at the knee portion on openings, gives a new pattern for special occasions. The Kurti is given long sleeves with brocket edges, and ankle-length with open bottom for a wonderful look. The design is inspired by a traditional dance form dress, which gives the best look over leggings with side button pattern.

6. Straight Cut Silk Designer Kurti:

Silk ethnics are getting trendy among kurti lovers. This kind of designer kurti designs come with plain texture, along with decorated neckline with embroidery. This kurti With the sleeveless pattern, the kurti is giving a straight cut look with adequate length. The kurti is also given a thin belt in the centre to give the best fitting appearance for the slim lookers.

7. High Low Designer Kurti:

High low designer kurtis for summer has won the heart of various teens getting married in summers. In plain yellow texture, the kurti is given layering in the front which makes the dress high from the front. It is given pink falls inside along with heavy lace to give a unique look down. The neckline of the kurti is also given a semi-circular bead pattern to give a bold look with the sleeveless look.

8. Dhoti Style Designer Kurti:

The designer wears kurtis when given an outlook of a dhoti style; it lifts your style standard. Made from silk, the lower portion of the dress is made from georgette forming layers which gather up at the waist, with further golden embroidery on the front. The pattern is quite seen in high society parties, marriages, etc. The cute lace neck collar adds to the beauty of the kurti giving a slim appearance.

9. Single Shoulder Designer Kurti:

A new designer kurti collection that has grabbed the attention of nearly all the teens comes in silk material. The open kurti is given a wrap design, which forms layers from a shoulder to the downwards side in the opposite. It is also given a single-shoulder design for adding to its beauty. The loose-fitting it gives makes the dress quite favourable for vacations on hill tops. It gives an appealing look over pants and palazzos; however, it is also worn over jeans.

10. Trio Cut Designer Kurti:

Trio cut kurtis are quite in demand for occasional wear these days. A similar design is given here a different pattern where two straight cuts are given brocket look while the centre one is left plain. The neck of the kurti is given thread and bead embroidery for a heavy look over a long skirt. The pattern is also adopted for having the desired bridal look with various matches. Made from cotton silk, the kurti gives a slim and trim look to the wearer.

11. Navy Raw Designer Kurti:

Another latest designer kurti collection in silk that is getting viral for weddings is the navy raw silk design. Made from silk, the kurti is given horizontal lines in three colours which are given due flaw from the waist. It is also given golden lace below with floral thread embroidery. The dress gives a dress type look and is also available in three, five and seven colours for increasing the charm of the dress. It gives utmost fitting to the waistline also.

12. Anarkali Bhagalpuri Designer Kurti:

The Anarkali suits when given a waist centre cut, embossed the look to a new level. The kurti is made from cotton on the upper portion, which is later designed in Bhagalpuri material giving an open in the centre till the waist. It also gives a coat like look with long sleeves and designed neck. Such kurtis are mostly worn over golden or silver pants to give it the best occasional look, while the backside of the dress gives a dress like design with embroidery neckline.

13. Apple Cut Designer Kurti:

Fashion designer kurti when given an apple cut look in the lower portion, makes the best design for summers. The kurti is made from cotton with floral prints on the lower border. With long sleeves and pack semi collar neck, it is best for routine wear and outings. The neck of the kurti is given similar floral-like pattern which enhances the look of the kurti. It is given a loose-fitting which makes it the best outfit for hot days.

14. Batwing Designer Kurti:

Batwings are counted among the latest fashion designer Kurtis that are popular as beech Kurtis also. The Kurti is made from georgette material which has wide sleeves and similar dress fitting. The Kurti is also given multi-colour prints with Kashmiri work on the neckline. This kind of Kurtis is available in a combination of various multi-colours, with white and black grounds. It can be carried over palazzo or leggings, however, some wear it on jeans too.

15. Maxi Style Designer Kurti:

A maxi style Kurti is the prime choice for college teens and the working women these days. The loose-fitting it comes with along with the light material is the best for summers and also gives utmost comfort. Widely available in crush material, it comes in a free size for ladies.

16. Chiffon Frock Designer Kurti:

White designer Kurti style has given a glamorous look to the girls preparing for a party. The Kurti is given semi-long sleeves with knee-length. The dress is further decorated with colourful thread work known as Kashmiri work with a full pack neck design for Vintage parties.

17. Winter Designer Kurti:

Looking something for winters! How about short Kurtis in silk? The Kurti is in short length with plain design. The neckline is given medium golden lace border with knot string design in the centre. It is worn above pants and jeggings.

18. Layered Plain Designer Kurti:

Layering dresses have become quite a famous designer kurtis for women. Made from loose cotton material, the kurti is given dual layers in the plain with long sleeves and packed neck. The neckline is given some crystal buttons. The kurti looks best on leggings, palazzos or long skirts.

19. Plaid Designer Kurti:

Similar to the t-shirts, the plaid collection has given the best designer Kurti which comes with amazing dark and light print checks. Made from cotton or georgette, the Kurti is also given mirror work on the side and the neckline edge giving it an adorable look over palazzo.

20. Cotton Short Kurti:

When cotton is combined with net and Kashmiri work, it gives the best short Kurti with floral designs on it. The Kurti is given complete flaw on the lower side with a sleeveless design that can be carried on parties and outings. The neckline is given chiffon net floral patterns with other circular patterns below to give it a new look.

21. Exotic Cotton Kurti:

The latest designer Kurti designs in cotton when given a vintage pattern it gives a perfect western and Indian combination. The Kurti is given a belt behind to have an appropriate fitting. The neckline is also given a design with strings and thread work making umbrella designs. The end of the Kurti is given woven balls in thread material.

22. Batik Sleeveless Designer Kurti:

Batik Sri Lankan designer Kurtis for summer has given a new definition to the Kurti collection. Made from cotton material, the Kurti is in the printed pattern with a sleeveless design. The Kurti carries dual strips that are tied forming a different neckline. The Kurti is available in various lengths to carry on, for beach vacations or summer picnics.

23. Short Shiver Sleeves Kurti Design:

Short Kurti designs are mostly adopted for that wow appearance on palazzo, pants or even harems. The Kurti is given a simple look with golden round dots on off white Kurti. The long sleeves are given a shiver design in the end with golden lace border matching the dots. The lower portion of the Kurti is also given similar lace design in pinch work.

24. Cotton Wings Kurti Design:

Made from cotton, this kind of designer Kurti designs is a combination of two different patterns. The centre and backside of the Kurti are given a black and white batik style design, while the sides are given long plain feather-like design which is given length till the ankle. With semi neck design, the Kurti is also given a chiffon net attached on the lower portion for a fab look.

25. Classic Floral Designer Kurti:

Black colour has been the main colour when it comes to the designer Kurtis collection. Made in a combination of cotton and georgette material, the long Kurti is given long flaws with a good measure of the circular portion from the waist. The bottom of the Kurti is given three different lace works with floral pattern decorating the neckline of the dress. The neck is also given a semi collar to give it an attached look.

The designer Kurti patterns are now days inspired by the traditional designs, and hence, they are decorated with thread work, embroidery, Kashmiri work, bead work, etc. to give the modern look a traditional taste. Mostly given length till the ankle, the Kurtis is now also available in various lengths which are decided according to what you would be wearing down it. There are some designer Kurti tops that are also carried for picnics over jeans, that are given short length and designer sleeves too.