Modernization has changed about everyone and everything. From paddy fields to empty playgrounds, from postal services to electronic mails the world has not stopped spinning once and along with the world, the fashion taste and sense among men and women has changed. Just like gowns got shorter and tighter, the sarees went through a series of changes too. The authentic sari is a one piece garment wrapped around the body in a strategic manner to form a piece of clothing. Now with modernization it has been seen that the even the sarees has found varieties in them.

Best Designer Lehenga Sarees:

1. Baby Pink Embroidery Lehenga Saree:

The base or body color for this lehenga saree is in a peach bubblegum pink which is a sugary sweet hue that accentuates the heavy embroidery along its entire length. The saree is etched with the best embroidery in stone and zari embellishment, especially the beautiful pallu of this saree. Towards the end, the bubblegum pink transitions to a soft beige.

2. The Peacock Hues:

Colors make or break a look and it is here that this saree simply comes off as a strong statement piece filled with the natural peacock hues. If saree is the national wear for India, the peacock is its natural bird and therefore here is a beautiful lehenga saree made of blue chiffon and soft green with a thin strip of zari on the borderline.

3. The Humble Wedding:

If you want to be well dressed but not wanting to go all the way to make a heavy effort, this is the look for you. The saree is made in soft velvet white but it is the beautiful rose red with pink undertones that really steals the show. This lehenga saree has a wide golden borderline or embroidery that gels in well with the white and red.

4. The Pink Over Ran:

Pink is one of the newest colors that have seen a bloom this season. Now with people moving away from the safe black and experimenting with colors, pink is the new bright color for a festive mood and here is an awesome lehenga saree to fit the purpose too. The saree has a borderline of blue with golden zari work while for the lower end it has a hint of floral.

5. The Awesome in Black:

Black is a go to color for all the girls and I can bet all of us have that one clothing piece each of the color black to go well with any suit.  Now usually light shimmering color such as the golden and the frosted gold color suit really well with the dark black and here the perfect combination has been created by these very two colors.

6. The Embellished Look:

If you are still in a fix over which colors to flaunt this wedding season, nothing can beat this awesome lehenga saree in pink and olive. The lower end of the saree is a beautiful bubblegum pink with deeper under shades defining the floral and vine artwork. The upper part sports a brilliant olive chiffon with heavy detailing.

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7. Elegance Personified:

There are these certain clothes which elude elegance and this lehenga saree is one of them. Made from the best ox blood and mud red color, this sari sport a beautiful chiffon white pallu and upper half.

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8. The Beige Sobriety:

Nude colors are also a big hyped hue for this season and therefore don’t fall behind on the trend, try this nude, gold and black awesome lehenga saree and make your own trend speak loud

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9. The Sultry Mistress in Red:

The last to the list was this beautiful and sultry color, the red with a beautiful white under gown and a soft red chiffon. This is a lehenga saree with a detailed lace work in red that simply makes this sari look amazing.

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