Kurtis is always the best choice for women while attending functions and parties. One of the latest styles in kurtis is the designer long kurtis. Try out these styles and see what suits you the best.

Best Designer Long Kurtis Collection For Women with Images:

Here is presenting the top 15 designers long kurtis for your wardrobe.

1. Wide Slit Designer Kurti:

Here is gorgeous velvet straight cut designer long kurti that is made in two colours. The latest designer kurti collection has a nice round cut in the neck area bordered by orange. The stunning embroidery done on the bust and sleeves area is very rich and makes it stand out. Those girls who are looking for the latest fashion designer kurtis for their office party, then this one will be yours sure.

2. Silk Printed Long Kurti:

These taffeta silk printed designer kurti patterns are perfect for an evening out. The intricate print on the kurti makes it great for a summer’s day too. You will feel rich in the frilled bottom of the designer kurti as well with the fitted sleeve.

3. Front Open Slit Kurti:

Here is a nice variation in the designer kurti style—these front open best designer kurtis for women who are great, who are tall and slim. The slit in the front, along with the collar neck, looks awesome. The black colour kurti makes a statement when worn with white pants. This is a sleeveless kurti, and it looks good on heightening girls or tall girls; this is suitable for them while roaming at any party.

4. Crepe Plain Long Kurti:

Try out this stunning crepe red long kurti that is flared at the bottom. You can wear this kurti in style with a gold belt too. The rolled collar of the kurti is a great addition and makes it look like a nice gown. These designer wear kurtis are perfect for weddings and other occasions. Red-coloured long kurti attracts viewers’ attention because of its sporty colour; this is the best and highly rated choice among women.

5. Georgette Party Long Kurti:

You can always carry off a georgette green colour designer kurti that is long. These latest designer kurti designs are made party style with delicate embroidery on the sleeves and the neck. The neck area too is styled well with a look of an open collar. This one is the best choice in green coloured collections; this is useful for any occasion too.

6. Lace Open Party Wear Kurti with Buttons:

This is a new designer kurti collection and perfect for many occasions. The lace used is delicate and intricate and stands out against the plain bottom. With the addition of buttons on the top area, the designer party wear kurtis look nice. The long sleeves of the kurti are another great option. This comes under designer long kurti collections; get this for your dear one.

7. Jacket Style Long Kurti:

Here is the nice designer kurtis collection for women. The addition of a jacket makes it look chic. The plain black jacket along with the printed kurti is perfect. You can have the jacket cut short, or you could keep it long as in the picture. If you have a short hairstyle, then this one will be a good choice for your use.

8. Abstract Designer Long Kurti:

Among the designer long kurti designs, you will find the abstract ones quite attractive. The vivid colours used in the abstract designs make it very appealing. Here the use of black and orange with a white background is great. The check pattern in black and the plain orange sides are eye-catching.

9. Floral Print Designer Long Kurti:

Try out this shirt collar style designer long kurti for a change. The floral print of the kurti is bright and colourful. Using a contrasting shade for the collar makes it stand out as well. The same contrast shade is also used in the sleeve ends. It catches the attention of the party.

10. Long Sleeved Designer Long Kurti:

Here is a stunning red fashion designer kurti that has very long sleeves. The bodice of the kurti is printed with a floral pattern in gold that makes it look rich. The bottom of the kurti is flared and is regal. The long fitting sleeves of the kurti make you look like a diva. This comes in red-coloured, so it surely gives you a good look.

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11. White Boat Neck Designer Long Kurti:

There are the best designer kurtis for summer and perfect for any occasion. The boat neck design of the kurti looks good on all. Along with the stripes extending the neck, the strips joining the kurti make it look nice. The simple plain look is majestic due to the quality of the silk.

12. Layered Frill Long Kurti:

This georgette party wear kurti in peach colour is just right for you. The layered frill look is very chic. The two shades of peach look colourful and appealing. You can pair the kurti with the dark shade of peach as a bottom. Having the side embroidery done on the designer kurti designs makes it stunning too.

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13. Two Print Long Kurti:

Here is a nice Egyptian collar style kurti that has beads around it. The collar looks elegant and perfect. Using two colours for the kurti, this designer wear is great for parties. The centre floral print is bold and colourful, and the outer plain material looks regal.

14. Pocket Style Long Kurti:

Try out the indigo print long kurti that has an asymmetrical bottom cut. The pocket in the kurti adds character too. You will look stunning in this kurti.

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15. Plain Overlay Kurti:

Here is a blue plain overlay kurti that you can wear over jeans. The designer style of the kurti makes it look perfect. This is a casual style kurti. You can use them at college or office parties too.

Each of these kurtis makes a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. Try out the different styles today.

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