Necklaces are the very important in the females jewel box as it completes the attire of a woman. Necklace adds charm to a woman personality and gives her look an extra edge. Designer is the people who designs different and unique jewels and add more beauty to it. They mix and match different metals, stones and pearls to create an exclusive necklace, which can be appreciated and worn by girls and woman’s on any occasion and any outfit also.

Different Types of Designer Necklaces for Girls & Women:

There are innumerable innovative designer necklaces are there which can drive any one crazy by looking at it. Here let’s have a look at top 15 designer necklaces for women and girls:

1. Latest Designer Ruby Leaf Necklace Set in Gold:

It’s difficult to resist this yellow metal, gold and the necklace made of it metal is always very charming and beautiful. With this precious ruby is embossed, thus making the necklace look authentic and designer. The necklace is artistically shaped in a form of leaf making the necklace look exclusive as well the wearer neck also.

2. Multi layers kundan and Ruby Designer Gold Necklace:

Some females in particularly like necklace to be layers form, thus this designer necklace is the perfect choice for them. The designers have designed them using all precious metals like gold, ruby and kundan, giving the person a royal and a classy. These type of necklace can be worn on cool parties as well can be wedding wear also.

3. Antique Red and White Designer Necklace for Womens:

As the name displays antique, the necklace design is inherited decades ago. These types of necklace look fabulous on ethnic wear and even complement the bridal look also. The stunning necklace is made in gold in combination of red and white kundans. These deigns are goes outdated and remains always in fashion.

4. Designer Crystal Rhinestone Bridal Necklace:

Rhinestones are small stones and appear to look like diamonds and have a lusted look which is made of glass, or gem.  The crystal rhinestone necklace looks remarkable as the necklace is shaped in pattern f leaf and is perfect for any bridal to wear it on her wedding day. The necklace would give the bride an exclusive look and making her look pretty in eyes of everyone.

5. Yellow and Gold Designer Pearl Necklace:

As the necklace look very simple, the elegance of the gold can be captured in simple necklace only and if pearls are hanged on the edges it makes it look a marvellous piece. The necklace doesn’t require any more designing it appears to be perfect. This type of necklace can be worn by young girls even thus making them look charming and appealing.

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6. Simple Designer Gold Plated Pearl Necklace:

The combination of gold with pearls is exclusive. Pearls with diamonds look royal, grandeur and very beautiful. Here the white pearls are studded in a specific pattern and shape thus making it look very appealing to eyes and the wearer of this necklace would be loaded with compliments.

 7. Spellbound Designer Necklace for Girls:

Here comes a marvellous designer necklace which can be worn on different walks of life making you appear exclusive and unique in the crowd. This type of designer necklaces are would look pretty on young girls also as it can be teamed up with western or casuals outfits also, hence making you appears cool and stylish.

8. Blue Sapphire Designer Necklaces:

Diamonds are always sparkling and if it’s blue sapphire then the necklace has to look out of the world. The blue sapphire has wide variety of blue, like dark blue, indigo etc and in this necklace wide various colours of blue sapphire is used this making it look stunning and exclusive. The necklace has a rich look and gives a person a complete look.

9. Latest Designer Gold Necklace for Wedding:

Here comes a latest designer necklace designed in gold. The appearance of the necklace is very trendy and makes the wearer look stylish, fashionable. The artistic pendant embossed in between the necklace enhances the beauty of necklace many folds thus making it look grand  and outstanding.

10. Designer Kundan Necklace in Gold:

Kundan jewellery designs are very much in demand since ancient time as it looks fabulous and gives a persona a royal and classy look.  The craftsmanship in the necklace make it looks fantastic and can be a good wedding wear as well you can wear it on cool parties also.

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11. Designer Enamel Coated Butterfly Shape Necklace:

The beautiful necklace has a broad gold chain on which gorgeous, beautiful butterfly is embossed with dazzling effect. The butterfly has a sparkling enamel coating and at the end small pearls is hanged making it difficult for anyone to say no this designer necklace. This type of necklace can be worn by small and young girls also.

12. Deer Shaped Gold Designer Necklace:

Deer is graceful to look at and has the beauty of form under the freedom. Deer symbolizes love, grace, beauty and fertility, all the characteristic which is beneath the woman. The deer shaped Designer necklaces looks cool and trendy on young girls and makes them appear stylish in front of their friends and colleagues.

13. Choker Designer Necklaces for Bridal:

Chokers are the heavy looking necklaces which are crafted with precious or semi-precious stones with diamonds or kundans to give the necklace a heavenly and royal look. These type of necklace is perfect for a bride to wear it on her wedding day and they are even worn by celebrities to give them a goddess look.

14. Designer Peacock Shaped Necklace:

The vibrant use of stones and the amazing bright colour concept makes this necklace look heavenly and making it difficult to say no to this type of exclusive necklace. The craftsmanship of this necklace is brilliant and leaves people speechless.  In the necklace entire designing is done of frost gold thus making it look a gorgeous piece of designer necklace.

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15. Designer Traditional Pearl with Gold Necklace:

The combination of gold and pearls is absolutely exclusive, as yellow with white makes you feel pure and divine. The design and the pattern of the necklace are heavenly and the way pearls is studded make in a specific pattern enhances the visual of necklace. The small pearls hanged on the edges make the necklace charming and traditional.

The most important ornament in women’s grooming is the necklace, and if the necklace is a designer one then what else anyone can demand of. By wearing designer necklaces you can create an impression in front of your friends and look classy, different from others. You can rock the party and have an own style statement. It times to change your wardrobe and add some stylish designer necklaces to it.

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