Designer jewellery has always fascinated women, whether it’s crafted in gold, silver or any other metal. Piercing the nose has been considered important since ancient times as believed it that the sixth human sense is located just above the nose end. Girls wear nose rings as it gives them an exotic and beautiful look and makes them appear complete. It’s believed that nose rings connect even to romance, sexuality, and fertility and enhance emotional feelings in a woman. That’s the reason in Asian culture wearing nose rings is important for almost every woman.

Stunning Designs of Nose Rings by Designer:

The designer has contemplated the looks and pattern of nose rings and gave them a new perspective and appearance. Let’s have a glance at the top 9 designer nose rings.

1. Designer Diamond Nose Ring:

The most popular type of ring is these diamond nose rings. The designer has given this nose ring a new and charming look. The nose ring has four petals made in white gold with small sparkling diamonds towards the edges and a dazzling white diamond in the centre, thus giving a classy and royal look to a woman.

2. 14 K Solid Gold 4 Layer Designer Nose Ring:

Young girls like to experiment with their looks with the help of nose rings. This nose ring is made of gold in 14 k and is crafted in 4 layers giving a new look to the wearer. This type of ring enhances the attire of young ones and gives them a hip hop look.

3. Sterling Silver Nose Ring with Blue Stone:

Some women prefer to wear nose rinds that are pretty small but look fascinating when worn. This ring type is a good choice as it’s made in sterling silver and has attractive blue sapphire stone-studded, adding a more stunning look to teenage girls.

4. Designer Gold Hoop Nose Ring:

This type of trendy looking designer hoop nose ring in y when around shape looks extraordinary and gives a new look to every woman. The nose ring is crafted in gold and is a good pick to be worn daily and good college wear. This nose ring could be teamed up with any outfit you wear.

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5. Designer “Om” Engraved Silver Nose Ring:

“Om” engraved pendants and rings were very popular, but the designers have designed a nose ring on which “Om” is embossed, thus giving young girls a fabulous and unique look when worn to any walks of life.

6. Designer Nose Stud Ring with Small Stones:

Many women appreciate wearing studs on their noses. So this type of stylish designer stud would be a good choice. The nose ring is made of gold, and a small colourful stone is fixed, giving a brilliant look when worn.

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7. Designer Kundan Nose Ring:

This type of designer kundan nose ring lends a woman a traditional and classy look when worn. This nose ring can be worn to any special and auspicious occasion, thus giving you a classy look.

8. 18 K Gold Designer Nose Ring with Bells:

These 18k solid gold nose rings appear sensational and give a happening look. The nose ring is crafted in a flower shape, and below it, two small bells are hung, giving every woman a fashionable look.

9. Designer Bridal Nose Ring with Chain:

Every bride wants to appear the most beautiful girl on her wedding day; the designers have designed an awesome and traditional nose ring with a chain that can fit above the ears. The ring is quite big, giving the bride a heavenly look.

Designer nose rings have always been fascinating for decades because of their extraordinary designs and completely change the person’s look. The nose is the most visible and attracts the attention of others very easily, so a designer nose ring could completely change her attire when worn to the office, collages or any parties.

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