When it comes to women, footwear has also been an important part of their wardrobe. Having sandals with that form a colourful rainbow in your collection has been the dream of nearly every woman. However, designer sandals have been quite popular for giving their stylish appearance a unique charm. Whether you are looking for a festive look or an official purpose, they have a variety of new designs to carry.

New Designer Sandals For Ladies 2018:

Let’s move through some fantastic sandals designer that would surely make your surroundings jealous.

1. Pointed and Strips Designer Sandals:

Designer sandals for ladies in leather with strips look to give a shining look. The sandal is given a pointed heel which is attached the strips that surround your leg till the ankle with silver stones on it.

2. Sleek Ankle Boot Designer Sandals:

The new designer sandals collection has included a sleek ankle boots design that covers your leg from the toe to the ankle. Made with a velvet covering, the sandal gives a warmth experience.

3. Loafer Designer Sandals:

Loafer designer sandals for women have been a boon for women who love to wear something trendy yet simple. The sandal is made from leather with a velvet coating and slight heel, with a steel design covering at the end.

4. Vintage Designer Sandals:

Ladies designer sandals are given new crafting in leather known as the vintage collection. The sandals are given balanced heels with a strip shoe opening design and ankle locking buckle.

5. Animal Print Designer Sandals:

Women’s designer sandals that give them that desired wild cat look is popularly available as the animal print sandals. The sandals are given a leopard skin design texture in velvet with high flat heels. It looks a little funny but ok for your any celebration time.

6. Metallic Designer Sandals:

Metallic designer sandals women completely match the evening date look. Made from shining leather, the sandals are given a metallic look with stripe designs from the feet to the ankle in tied position. This style is mostly preferred by corporate girls; it uses on skirt dress or any jeans too.

7. Curvy Gold Designer Sandals:

Made in gold and black, the curvy designer slide sandals give a smashing look to the wearer. The sandal is made with a combination of leather, canvas and velvet that gives support to the complete feet till the ankle. This style comes with a golden-coloured layer and it surely catches the good reviews on your outfit.

8. Wavy Dual Designer Sandals:

Dual sandals pattern style, this is the design made in dark and light colour shades with an inner layer in leather and outer in velvet. The sandal is given a wavy look with triangular cuts in the sides with a thin pointed hill. It suits for your office meetings or any friends meet up.

9. Traditional Beaded Designer Sandals:

A traditional touch is given to the design of the modern sandals, where the navy-blue sandals are coated with velvet. To make them more adorable, the sandals are designed with colourful beads on the top and bottom strips. Mostly on Indian traditional season girls like to use this blue coloured designer sandal on traditional outfits.

10. Flip Flop Designer Sandals:

The women’s designer sandals in flip flop are given an enduring summer selection with floral designs. The front of the flip flops is given a floral design made in net with a silver bead surround the ankle portion as an opening. For any beach parties or any celebrations, then this type of sandal and design will catch the attention sure.

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11. Embroidery Designer Sandals:

Embroidery sandals have been a crucial part of sandals designer. The simple semi-heel sandals in leather are given golden background with pink and white stone embroidery on covering one side of the sandal. This kind of sandals used by housewives, they like to try this type of sandal for any wedding or party functions.

12. Butterfly Designer Sandals:

Yes, if you are fascinated by butterflies, these new sandals would surely win your heart. The sandals are made from leather with a regular front. The back of the sandals are given high heels with a butterfly wings design and similar pattern lowers. Mostly this type of design preferred by college girls or young girls too.

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13. Prada Tail Designer Sandals:

This kind of sandals for ladies comes in leather with red and black colours. The sandal is made with a covering front designed with a velvet flower, and the back portion is given a wing of Prada. If you want some unique look then get this designer sandal to grab the attention of your dear.

14. Leaf Designer Sandals:

Made from canvas, these sandals for women are given a leaf string design on the sides. The canvas is also given similar cuttings with a long pencil heel to make the look more sensual. You can try this sandal on your office outfit or any formal wear.

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15. Bubble Heel Sandals:

If you are looking for sandals designer for your wedding, the bubble high heel sandals are perfect for your occasion. The sandal in black is given various diamonds and white pearls bounded on it. You can use them as per your designer dress for your wedding; try this one design on any outfit which you will choose.

Designer sandals generally give a different look to your feet than the regular wear. Mostly worn for parties, weddings, evening dates, and other similar functions, the simple are now also emerging to be stunning official wear for the women. If you plan to make a good dressing for any function then only dressing is not essential you need a good choice of sandals. Get some beautifully crafted sandals as per your choice. Buy from the wide collection in designs and colours.