9 Best and Latest Designer Skirts

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The Skirt is a type of garment which covers the lower half part of the body. It is hanging down from the waist and can be of any length, short or long. Designer skirts for ladies are more versatile dress up; it can be worn on any occasion formal or casual. When you are going for a formal occasion, you look conservative with colour like black, brown or possibly white. For casual you can experiment with any colour, which suits you.

Latest Designer Skirts india

Designer skirts can be the foundation of any women’s wardrobe. When selecting skirts are sure to select some neutral colours, so they can mix and matched with different apparels. Skirts are available in a variety of styles and lengths, that’s why this has now become more popular apparel of any average wardrobe.

Simple and Stylish Designer Skirts for Women:

Apart from mini a short skirts, here are some different types of designer long skirt with images,

1. A Line Designer Skirt:

A Line designer skirt

This A-line skirt is narrow at the waist, touching the hips and broader at the hem, just like making the letter ‘A’. It can be a knee, calf or ankle length. This designer jacquard skirt draws attention to the hips and very popular among curvier women.

2. Asymmetrical Designer Skirt:

Asymmetrical designer skirt

It is designed in a way that has different length at the hem. It looks like that you holding down a handkerchief. These designer skirts are commonly known as high-low skirts. It is the best option for an evening out and perfect for dancing as they are vertical panels at the hem.

3. Bubble Designer Skirt:

Bubble designer skirt

It gives a bubbly effect, it has an elastic band at the bottom of the hem for tuck back under. It looks puffy and well for those who want a voluminous and playful look. It is always made in soft material like satin.

4. Wrap Designer Skirt:

Wrap designer skirt

These designer skirt can wrap around the waist and the leg part. This is a one piece skirt, overlapping to the other part and fastened with the help of a tie and button. These designer skirts are usually made with the cotton fabric which is useful for both thinner and curvier women.

5. Yoke Designer Skirt:

Yoke designer skirt

This skirt made in two parts, one is a yoke above and the skirt below. The Yoke may be of different types like rectangle, asymmetrical or round. The skirt gathered with the pleated. This pleated yoke hugs your hips and the long pleats give it an elegant look.

6. Mermaid Style Designer Skirt:

Mermaid style designer skirt

The design is similar to a mermaid tail, fit from waist to knee and flares down from knees to floor. This long designer skirt is also known as fishtail skirt. Muscular and heavy bottom women can frankly wear this skirt. These designer skirts are made with linen and georgette fabric and would be best for parties and formal wear.

7. Broomstick Designer Skirt:

Broomstick designer skirt

This long designer skirt may be ankle or knee length. It has many vertical wrinkles. It gives you slimmer look and team up with crop top, t-shirt and pair with heels, boots and flats.

8. Layered Designer Skirt:

Layered designer skirt

This women designer skirt is made up of different layers of fabric. One layer is stitched over above the other layer from hem to waist. This adds lots of volume to the outfit. These designer skirts are teaming up with halter tees, tank tops and hats. It gives an elegant look to thinner women.

9. Trouser Style Designer Skirt:

Trouser style designer skirt

This latest designer skirt is a perfect blend of trouser and skirt. It has wide flares and divided into two legs like pants. These designer skirts can team up with shirts, tees and flat sandals.

Women’s designer skirts are the cornerstone of women’s fashion. It is the flexible outfit of clothing and can be fitted in any formal or informal occasion. It can be worn in those days, when you feel that you have nothing to wear. For selecting skirts, remember if you are a curvier body shape than avoid the voluminous skirt like tutu and layered skirt and if you are thinner than you can go with various styles like a mermaid, tulip and bubble skirt. Designer long skirts are also in vogue, like pencil skirt and straight skirts.

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