Sunglasses are an important accessory. Designer sunglasses are a class apart. They are a fashion statement. Each piece is made with style. Trendy, stylish and good quality sunglasses are the choice of women’s and men’s. A sunglass not only good looking but also it helps protection for your eyes. In summer season if any outing planned like beach then women’s and men’s first requirement is sunglass. Also it helps to attract the attention of your dear one or friends too.

As per your requirement you can choose designer sunglasses in market when you planned for shopping, try with some online shopping too. More varieties you will find in your budget. Choose those which suit your selected outfit. Choose any of these sunglasses to give you the edge. Never compromise on your look. No matter if you are professional or outgoing person, sunglass surely will give you unique n different look which you didn’t found in yourself before.

Designer Sunglasses for Men and Women:

Here is a latest designs and styles of Sunglasses from designers in india.

1. Designer Sunglasses for Men:

These designer sunglasses for men are quite stylish. The frame work is intricate. The metal detailing on the rims and the side frames is very classy. The frame itself is black in color along with some spots of gold.

2. Men’s Round Sunglasses By Designer:

The round frame sunglasses are very much in demand all over. These men’s designer sunglasses come with polarized lens. The intricate gold detailing on the side frames adds to a formal look.

3. Gold Frame Designer Sunglasses:

This oversized designer sunglass for men is classic as it has a flat top. The 18K gold frame is something that will catch the eye. This makes the sunglass in the expensive range. It is still something that will please any fashionable man. If you have a good budget and ready to pay for expensive then you must go with this sunglass. It helps you to become unique in between your friends.

4. Goggle Style Designer Sunglass:

For every man that loves his goggles and the look it imparts, this is the best kind of sunglass there is. Choose this style for a designer look that is cool and chic. The metal details in this sunglass give it a great feel.

5. Metal Frame Designer Sunglass:

This trendy designer sunglass with its metal frame gives a very stylish look. It can be paired with casual as well as formal look. The colors for the lens and the frame ends can be complemented to your outfits.

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6. Mirror Polaroid Sunglass:

Choose something that will keep you safe while driving or doing any sports activities. These mirror Polaroid designer sunglasses are best suited for outdoor activity. The wide frame lens provides ample coverage of the eye area and thus keeps the dust and glare away.

7. Women’s Pearl Designer Sunglasses:

For the party crazy women, there are a variety of designer sunglasses that make a wardrobe look chic. This pearl studded frame with lens is the perfect accessory for the fashion forward woman. The details on the frame make it an instant hit with the ladies.

8. Polarized Designer Sunglasses:

Among the exclusive designer sunglasses for women comes this gorgeous piece. The brand detail on the side frames is very obvious and makes it eye catching. A simple garment can be amplified by just the addition of this classic piece of accessory.

9. Dark Pink Designer Sunglass:

Women’s designer sunglasses will be incomplete without the inclusion of the color pink. This designer sunglass with its subtle hint of pink is a hot favorite among the fashion conscious women. The ample detailing on the side frames only adds to its exclusivity.

10. Baroque Designer Sunglasses:

This limited edition women’s sunglass is a class apart. The baroque style sunglasses are designer made and quite expensive. The curved frame edges are something that is considered very difficult. So this makes this limited edition piece a must have.

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11. Retro Goggles Sunglasses:

Ladies’ designer sunglasses that have a retro feel are very much an up market high fashion statement. This type of sunglass with its oversized semi frame comes along with a metal chain. The branded sunglass has intricate detailing in metal on the top of the frame lens.

12. Cat Frame Designer Sunglass:

This exquisite piece of accessory is to die for. The simplistic approach to making this sunglass is what makes it so special. The cat frame designer sunglass with its open side ends makes a fashion statement. The color of the lens adds drama to the entire piece.

13. Designer Touch Dior Designer Sunglass:

Considered to be among the best designers, Dior’s collection of designer sunglasses gives you a complete oomph factor. The fashionable detailing in the frame work is the best there is. You can see the touch of Dior in each of his work.

14. Fendi Branded Sunglass:

The Fendi brand is a big name in the designer sunglass industry. They make the best and most stylish sunglasses for both men and women. The sunglasses have a very eclectic feel and the retro look is also emphasized.

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15. Gucci Designer Sunglasses:

Another important designer for sunglasses is the Gucci brand. They are known for their subtle and clean lines and a hint of sophistication. The sunglasses will have minimal detailing with just a touch of oomph.

Depending on everyone choice, branded sunglasses you will find anywhere. Do not hesitate while you planned something with your friends for trip in this summer and of course in your budget you can buy any designer sunglasses for your bike riding too. Ladies, if you want to shine your face then go with this collection of designer sunglasses.  Select from this wide range of collection to give you an edge. Branded sunglasses will complement any outfit that you wear and be assured you are getting cool feeling and protection for your eyes too.