Tops are the most favourite and sought-after garment in the Women’s apparel section. They are simple, stylish and can make anyone looks stunning, without looking heavy. Whether it is a formal short or a simple t-shirt, a well fitting top can flatter any figure, when chosen to the right. Designer tops are extremely popular with women, who wish to stand out of the crowd and create a statement look. From college girls to corporate, tops come in a variety of fashionable designs, prints and colours.

While some patterns of tops are popular in a particular season, most designs can be trans-seasonal and can be stacked in one’s wardrobe without much thinking. Keep in mind that each top is designed to suit a particular style of a bottom and not all tops match with all bottoms. So, we shall discuss a galore of a few popular designs that can suit a dressy or casual look, based on the fabric and style of the top.

Latest Girls Tops in Designer Patterns:

Here are the 25 famous collections of fashionable patterns in designer tops for girls with images that are ideal for evening wear or parties.

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1. Floral Lace Designer Tops for Girls:

This mint green top comes in a delicate lacy fabric, that suits most petite figures. It comes with a small sleeve and is mid-length. A cute bow on the waistline accentuates the curves while keeping it chic. A hosiery lining is attached for extra coverage and comfort.

2. Gathered Neck Top in Prints:

This gathered neckline top is a sure winner. It highlights the neckline and is perfect for heavy women. It comes with cute sleeves and cloth embellishments on the neckline. The material used is light Georgette. It looks quite breezy and the extra elastic on the waistline creates a frilled look.

3. Cowl Neck Tops:

Cowl neck tops come with frills on the front, gathered to create a flowing look. Most cowl neck tops come in an elastic type material that can hug the figure to highlight the frills. Cowl necks are highly versatile and can be used for both 9 to 5 wear, and party wear. These are the perfect match for a pair of well-fitted denim.

4. Designer Indian Kurti Tops:

The Indian style embroidered Kurti can be worn with a salwar or a pair of jeans for a fusion look. The zip modelled kurta can transform the whole look and can make you look stunning without much accessorizing. This embroidered kurta is a perfect pic for evening parties, where one wishes to look cool, yet conform to traditions.

5. Kurti Style Designer Long Top:

This colourful top looks amazing with a pair of blue jeans. The V neckline with the collar can make you look semi-casual and is perfect for Friday office wear. It gives you the ideal ‘desi-girl’ look when paired with long earrings. This top can be worn with capris as well, for a very casual look.

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6. Designer Lace & Solid Top in Black:

This black designer top can make you look like a diva, with its feminine design. Near the neckline from a little above the chest region, there is black transparent lace. There is a belt around the waist and makes the lady look more elegant. The top is loose fitting and looks flared while resting above the white shorts. It’s great for parties and date nights.

7. Designer Indian Choli Tops for Girls:

This item has to be worn with Gagra because it is a Choli. The dress is complete with a dupatta. One can even sport them with a pair of trousers or a casual skirt for a fusion look. Adding an extra waist belt can take the look to the whole new level. This top can be worn for traditional gatherings and even weddings.

8. Striped Designer Tops for Women:

Women’s designer tops in the striped pattern are ever-green. They are a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe, for they never go out of fashion and always create a statement look. The vertical stripes can accentuate a figure and when sported with a contrast trouser or skirt, one can never go wrong.

9. Designer Polka Dots Top for Ladies:

Polka dots is another design that has always been popular, thanks to the Bollywood fashionistas. Right from the Retro era, until today, Polka dots have been a favourite pick of many girls. They look cute, girly, and ultra-playful. This black and white combo top are a must have in your wardrobe.

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10. Full Sleeves Girls Designer Top in Pink Colour:

This salmon pink full sleeves top can be used for both semi-formal and casual wear, depending on the bottom. They are ideal for winters and fall climate. One can also choose a light fabric for humid Indian conditions. Long sleeved tops can help you dress up or dress down, depending on how you wear it.

11. White of Ochre Top:

This white top comes in a messy neck for a unique necklace kind of look. It comes in a flowing material, with a small ruffle in the centre. This pattern of the top is ideal for beaches, small get together and parties. They are sported usually with shorts or mini skirts. Wear it with a beautiful hat, and you are ready to conquer the world.

12. Designer Sea Green Collar Neck Top:

This top comes in sea-green in colour, with a collar. The sleeves are very short and made with frills of the same material. There are about six bows stitched. This designer top can be worn with western clothes such as shorts, miniskirts, jeans, trousers, and skirts. This top can be used in summer because of the lacework at the back.

13. The Sweater Top:

It’s just the beginning of winter when you feel the chills, yet not freezing cold. The sweater top is the perfect pick for this season, where one wants to cover themselves warm, without compromising on the style element. Sweater tops, as the name suggest, come in thick woollen or faux woollen material, that provides the essential warmth, without looking too bulky. They are usually full-sleeved tops and can be embellished with lace and frills for a feminine and graceful look. Great for chilly outdoor parties.

14. Zebra Print Designer Tunic Tops:

Add a new twist to your wardrobe with the zebra printed designer tunic tops. This pattern is taking the fashion world by storm, due to its simplicity, yet elegance. The top comes with a scooped neckline and is mid-length. The elbow length sleeves add a different look to your attire. This can be worn with either a pair of denim or a simple, cotton black or white trousers. One can also add a little splash of colour with some accessories.

15. The Blouse Top:

If you own a lovely pencil skirt, the blouse top is a perfect partner in crime. It creates a sleek look to your outfit. One can sport it with a cardigan or even keep it simple for an effortless look. They are great for formal meetings and brown bag lunches when you wish to rock that presentation and grab all the attention.

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16. The Leopard Print Top:

Among all animal prints, leopard print tops are the most popular. They can make you look extremely casual and spiced up. Care must be taken not to chose extremely fitting top, as a tightly fitted leopard print, can make you look extremely gaudy. They are best worn in loose, flowy fabrics and are ideally matched with a simple skirt or a solid colour trouser. Accessories are to be kept minimal on this one.

17. Asymmetric Waistline Top:

This red t-shirt is not your regular, boring t-shirt. It’s cute, it’s bright, it’s sexy. The asymmetric waistline reveals your midriff and ideal for teens, who love to fault their figures. The heart print symbolizes the millions of hearts they can grab while wearing this beautiful red designer top.

18. The Basic White Lace Top:

This is a must-have for every wardrobe. The white lacy top creates that perfect feminine and graceful look. For someone who loves to don the look for a beautiful bride every day, this is a perfect pick, without having to walk the aisle with a heavy flowing dress. When embellished with stones and pearls, the white lacy top can make you shine in any party. It’s best matched with a black skirt or trouser.

19. The Star Printed Top for Girls:

Rock like a star in this star printed top. The gathered neckline with a star print can make you look out of this world. This top comes in an extremely light fabric and is perfect for sporty affairs. Pair it with a white cotton trouser, you are set to win the game.

20. Crossover Top:

This beautiful black and white crossover top come with a V-neckline and a collar. The black and white stripes create a stunning visual effect. This top comes in a flowy material and is ideal for hot summers. It is best matched with a pair of cotton trousers.

21. Printed Top:

Printed tops and t-shirts are the most popular patterns. They can be extremely creative in the use of designs, colours and even captions. Printed tops are perfectly matched with solid trousers or skirts and need no accessories. They are ideal for people who love to wear their attitude and keep their style sky-high.

22. 3D Designer Tops:

This top adopts modern technology and is made of 3D print. The design resembles minuscule beads arranged to form a pattern. Below the neckline and up to the chest there is mirror work that is arranged to form a creative pattern. This designer 3D print top looks elegant when worn over a skirt and are best worn for evening parties. They are usually not available in the market and are mostly custom made.

23. Crochet Work Top:

This Persian blue colour top is beautifully knit in Crochet work. The broad round neck with a thick border highlights the collarbone. Sleeves are kept loose and flowing. Crochet worktops can make you look ultra-feminine and delicate. They are to be worn with contrast or same colour inner, depending on what look you wish to sport. They are best worn with trousers.

24. Loose Fit Ornament Top:

This item is black in colour with a U shaped neckline. The neckline is bordered with an ornament of silver. This ornament has small round balls on the top and bottom rows and they are held together with thin criss-cross design in silver. There are no sleeves at all. The material covers the chest very subtly. This top need no extra accessorizing, as the top itself serves as a necklace.

25. Noodle Strap Top:

This item is very trendy and stylish. The neckline is very deep. This has a V-shaped white border. A speciality of the white border is that it is made of white crochet. The pattern is net with flowers. There are no sleeves. There are very thin straps that hop the top over the shoulder. The top clings to the body all over. These tops are perfect for summer beach vacations for that relaxed holiday look. They can be sported with a pair of shorts or leggings.

While there are hundreds of models available in the market, it is important for one to keep in mind the following points while choosing a top. The fit must be right, so always try the top before buying, else measure yourself if bought online. The fabric needs to be durable. Cheap fabrics can break the look. The pattern should suit your body type. Not all tops match everybody. So try it well before you blindly follow the trends.