It time to hit a party and searching for the perfect sleeveless jacket clothing which matches with your attire. Then it’s definitely a simple single-piece clothing accessory which is called the “Vest”. For boys and girls, its time to update the recent trendy top 9 designer vests which will make you feel to buy one immediately!!

Latest Designer Vests Designs for Gents and Ladies in Trend:

Let we have to look at the best designer vests for boys and girls.

1. Bird Designed Oversized Denim Women Vest:

Denim is the favourite cloth material used by girls in their day to life. When you get bored of wearing them as pant or shirt than its time for the change. Adding them as a layer on top of a shirt or a tank top with oversized designed vest, the embroidery work portraying bird and surrounded with stones around the seam line is definitely an outstanding designer vest.

2. Double-Breasted Knitted Men Vest:

For men who want a change from the usual single-button jacket, here is the best change for you. Try this wide flap vest which overlaps each other with parallel rows of the button. The button can be the single column or double. To add a beauty more flavour to the design, a vest is made from knitted cloth.

3. Crepe Long Designer Vest for Women:

This casual wear designer long coat made from Crepe material which has two long pockets on the side. The vest is usually sleeveless which makes it different from the normal jacket. The collars of the vest are not stiff making different from another casual vest. The colours are available from plain black to bright yellow colour.

4. Patch Work Cropped Women Vest:

The size of the vets is what makes it more famous among young girls. The upper shoulder is designed with stonework or ripped jean effect with faded colour added on it. The vests are buttoned up with side metal buttons.

5. Sequin Designer Vest for Men:

This shiny vest is worn commonly by men for a party. The colour of the material makes it shinier due to the sequence work of the glittering light circular metal button. The vest is combined with a white shirt and a black suit.

6. Designer Zip Vest for Men:

This slim fit designer vest with side zips makes it look fashionable and trendy. The fitting is usually body-hugging with the button attached to the corners of the vest. The size of the button is round and big which makes it look more prominent.

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7. Multi-Pocket Leather Vest for Men:

This pure leather jacket speaks beauty through the design and texture of the leather material. This vest is designed with a minimum of four side pockets which not is a fashion statement but also makes it very comfortable to carry along things in it.

8. Fur Designer Vest for Women:

This vest which is made completely of fur is the best costume to be worn along with a long sleeve t-shirt during the spring season. The fur gives warmth and yet gives a remarkable trendy outlook. This vest just fits onto the body without any side button attachment.

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9. Crochet  Designer Women Vest:

This woolen material vest can be easily made at home with only a pair of needle and woolen thread, but in stores, there is Humpty number of designs, which make it simple for ladies to pick up and wear. The colour of thread can also be combined to form a vest. This is best suited to t-shirts or dress.

Wear “the” cloth which suits you and makes you feel comfortable. That feeling of wearing a comfortable cloth is definitely felt by wearing a designed vest. Who you are is definitely reflected by what you wear!!

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