Designer wallets are for men and women in leather. They have designs and imprints that are different from traditional wallets. The colours used are very attractive and make the wallet a stunning piece.

Fashionable & Beautiful Designs of Designer Wallets for Men & Women in Trend:

Let us look at the top 9 Designer Wallets Designs for gents and ladies.

1. Bloom Designer Wallet for Women:

This is a beautiful women’s designer wallet with a floral print. The company’s logo is seen printed on the base of the fabric, which adds to its luxury value. The wallet has a zip-around pattern that opens up in an accordion manner to store a lot of items.

2. Metallic Designer Wallet for Women:

Here is another zip around wallet that is highly fashionable. The wallet is made of black fabric that is lined with metal pieces. Two buckles are attractively placed on the front of the wallet. There is also an inner pocket that has a metal zip. The whole wallet looks very stunning and chic.

3. Snap Designer Wallet for Men:

Great as a gift is this leather designer wallet for men. The wallet is minimalist in design, but the superior leather quality makes it a stunning piece. The wallet has a zippered opening and a snap closure for added style. The brand’s logo is neatly fitted on a metal piece on the bottom of the wallet.

4. Quilted Designer Wallet for Women:

Here is a great leather designer wallet for a woman with a quilted pattern. The black leather is soft and is stitched in the quilting technique. The contrast of pink on the inner lining of the wallet brings out the gorgeousness of this wallet. This could be the best choice for a designer wallet.

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5. Basket Weave Designer Wallet for Men:

Get this striking designer wallet for men in leather. The wallet is made from strips of leather interwoven in the basketweave fashion to give a very tight-knit effect and a wallet that looks amazingly stunning. The weaving technique enhances the shine of the leather.

6. Image Print Designer Wallet for Men:

Here is a designer wallet for a man not made in leather but polyurethane. The design on the wallet is that of a dollar bill. The wallet comes in a gorgeous brown colour, with the print being engraved in black. The contrast makes for a very dazzling piece.

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7. Spiked Designer Wallet for Women:

This designer piece is a trendsetter and is loved by many fashionistas. The wallet comes in gorgeous macaroon red leather. It is then studded with metal spikes all over to give it a retro look. The wallet is a steal for its price because it is highly designer oriented.

8. Cutwork Designer Wallet for Men:

Get this striking designer wallet for your man if he loves the rock style. The wallet is made in leather with a star cutout in the centre of the wallet. The wallet holds up to 12 cards easily and bills too. The star attraction of this wallet is the metal link chain attached to the wallet that can clip onto the trousers.

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9. Belt Style Designer Wallet for Women:

Pink is the most loved colour by women, and this gorgeous pink and cream-toned designer wallet for a woman is the best buy. The wallet has a belt strap that closes it and a metal loop. This gives it a very sophisticated look. Choose this wonderful piece as your next wallet.

Designer wallets for men and women are the trendy upmarket styles that are in style now. Designer wallets in leather or even polyurethane are made with prints or metal attachments.

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