Dhanu Rashi, or Sagittarius, is the ninth Rashi of the 12 Zodiac signs in Indian Vedic astrology. Dhanu means “bow”, and the symbol of this Rashi comprises a half-human and half-horse creature with a bow and arrow. Children born in the Nakshtras – Moola (all 4 padas), Purvashada (4 Padas) and Uttarashada (1st Pada) belong to this Rashi. Now, if you believe in naming your child with the exact Nakshatra and Rashi alphabets, check out these 60 Dhanu Rashi Baby Names for boys and girls.

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Here are the starting letters (or sounds) for each Nakshatra:

  • Moola – Ye, Yo, Ba, Bi
  • Poorvashada – Bhu, Dha, Da
  • Uttarashada – Be, Bo, Ba, Ji

60 Best Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius) Baby Names for Boys and Girls:

Astrology experts say that naming a baby using the prescribed set of Rashi letters attracts success and positivity in life. It is also an easy way to remember their Nakshatra and Rashi details for future predictions. To make matters easy for you, we have listed a mix of traditional and modern names for babies born in Dhanu Rashi.

25 Dhanu Rashi Names for Baby Boys:

Dhanu Rashi born baby boys are known to exhibit a great deal of enthusiasm for learning and adaptability. They also grow up into confident individuals and spread positivity around them. Here are some of the names that can amp up these qualities in boys born under this Rashi:

1. Bhargav:

‘Bhargav’ is one of the popular names for Dhanu Rashi baby boys. It is also one of the many names of Lord Shiva. Many people prefer to add suffixes like “ram” to add more meaning and value to this word.

2. Bhadrak:

Bhadrak is a powerful name for a baby born in the Sagittarius Zodiac sign. There are many meanings of this word, like “good”, “virtuous”, “brave”, and “one who is worthy”. You can use “Bhadra” as a nickname for your child.

3. Bhairav:

Bhairav is another name for Lord Shiva, and the true meaning of this word is “one who vanquishes fear”. However, it is associated with tantric worship, and many people think twice before picking this word for their kids.

4. Bhivesh:

Bhivesh is a unique name for baby boys, which means “Brilliant”. It has a very close resemblance to “Bhavesh” or “Bhavish” in terms of spelling and sound, but the meaning is different. The word comes from the Hindi language and is commonly found in North Indian communities.

5. Bhupen:

If you want to name your little prince a nice and meaningful name, try “Bhupen”. It is a Sanskrit word which means “King of the world” or “supreme leader”. Isn’t that a desirable title to earn?

6. Dhanvanth:

Dhanvanth is a Hindu baby boy name, which is made of the words “Dhan”, and “Vanth”. When combined, the word means “the possessor of wealth”. It comes from the Sanskrit language and is ideal for those born in Purvashada Nakshatra.

7. Dhiren:

The name ‘Dhiren’ comes from the word “Dheera”, which means “brave” or “strong one”. This is a great pick for baby boys who wish to see no fear in their lives and face all adversities with courage.

8. Dhanush:

Dhanush is a Sanskrit derived word which means “Bow”. Interestingly, adding the word “Indra” can make it into a “rainbow”, which means colorful. You can also try other extensions like “Sree Dhanush” to make it sound complete.

9. Dharmik:

Dharmik has many meanings and interpretations. According to Hindu mythology, Dharmik is considered to be one of the many names of Lord Ganesh. It can also mean “One who gives chariy” or even “one who is religious”.

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10. Bhuvan:

The name “Bhuvan” comes from the Hindu religion, which it means “Lord of three worlds,” i.e., Lord Shiva. There are other meanings of the same word, like “home”, “palace”, etc. It is also ranked as one of the most popular Indian names for Dhanu Rashi baby boys.

11. Darsh:

Many parents prefer naming their baby boys after Lord Krishna. One such unique name of this beloved Hindu deity is “Darsh”, which comes from the word “Darshan”. Lord Krishna has the power to see all at the same time, and hence he was named “Darsh”.

12. Dhruva:

Dhruva is the name of a mythological Indian Prince who was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. He was immortalised as the famous “Dhruva Nakshatra”, or the pole star. As it symbolises eternity and stability, many people prefer this name for their baby boys.

13. Dhairya:

Dhairya means ‘bravery’. It is one of the most apt names for little boys who grow up into courageous men. It is believed that boys with this name exhibit quality like the calmness of mind, sensibility and patience.

14. Yeshas:

Yeshas is a stylish and meaningful name for Dhanu Rashi baby boys. This Sanskrit derived word means “Fame”, or “reputation”. People with this name are usually considered due to having leadership qualities that made them stand apart from the crowd.

15. Yeshwanth:

Yeshwanth is another popular name for Sagittarius born baby boys, which means “one who attains fame or glory”. It comes from the Sanskrit language and is suitable for those born under Moola Nakshatram.

16. Yodha:

Yodha means “Warrior”. It is a Sanskrit word used for referring to people of heroic qualities, particularly in wars. People with this name display certain traits like fearlessness, loyalty and quick refluxes.

17. Yogan:

Yogan is a rare name for baby boys, which means “one who teaches yoga” or “one who has yogic qualities”. It is also one of the very few names which are derived from the professional title of a person.

18. Jiva:

The word “Jiva” has a contemporary sound to it. It is short and has just two syllables. The meaning of this Sanskrit derived name is “living” or “existing”. It can also represent “immortality” or “foreverness”.

19. Jiaan:

Jiaan is a unique name for Indian boys, as it is derived from the Persian language. It means “strong” or “one with life”. This is suitable for those who are looking for a meaningful name with a modern sound or spelling.

20. Jithin:

Jithin is another widely used name in cultures like Hinduism and Christianity. It means “conqueror”, “undefeatable”, or “infallible”. The name is quite popular in regions of Kerala state.

21. Yajin:

The word “Yajin” means “Religious Sacrifice”. It is derived from the Sanskrit language and was used as an alternate word to describe “Hawan” or “Yagna”. The name is suitable for baby boys born in Dhanu Rashi.

22. Yajur:

The name “Yajur” comes from the Yajur Veda, one of the 4 sacred Vedas of Hinduism. The literal meaning of this word is “Heal”, and the holy text contains information about the formulas of sacrificial prayers. Due to its religious importance, many parents pick this name for their baby boys.

23. Yatin:

Yatin is an Indian origin name which means “Religious Devotion” or an ascetic who has devoted his life to prayers. It is picked by parents who wish to see the qualities of worship and devotion to God in their little boys.

24. Yayin:

Yayin is one of the many names of Lord Shiva. It is derived from the Sanskrit word “Atyayin”, which means surpassing or exceeding. It is a suitable name for baby boys who wish to maintain a sky-high graph in their life.

25. Yedhant:

The word “Yedant” is a relatively new name for baby boys that are drawn from many languages and cultures. The closest translation of this word is “brightness” or “glowing”.

25 Dhanu Rasi Names for Girls:

Dhanu Rashi born girls are known to have strong emotional connections with their loved ones. They also word maintain harmony in the family. These individuals are also known to work hard to achieve their goals and earn success in all their ventures. So, it makes perfect sense to name your little princess as per the Rashi rules to attract these qualities.

26. Bhavya:

Bhavya is a meaningful name for baby girls born in Dhanu Rashi. It means “grandeur”, “magnificent”, “elegant”, “large” etc. It even has a mythological association, as the word is said to be one of the many names of Goddess Parvati.

27. Bhakti:

Bhakti is a beautiful name for girls, which means “devotion”. It can also imply “discipline” and “focus and is one of the most preferred names among Hindi speaking communities.

28. Bhumi:

As per Hindu mythology, Bhumi is the name of the Goddess of Earth, who is also the wife of Lord Varaha. The name symbolizes the stability, patience, endurance, and strength of a woman. This is why many parents pick this traditional name for Dhanu Rashi born baby girls.

29. Bindu:

Bindu might be a commonly found name, but its popularity has not vanished. This sweet name for girls means “water drop”. Many people prefer adding the word “Hima” as a prefix to get the meaning, “drop of the Himalayan mountains”, which signifies purity and innocence.

30. Benita:

If you are looking for a nice name that also has an international sound to it, try “Benita”. This lovely name comes from the Latin language, which means “blessed”.

31. Bodhana:

The name “Bodhana” comes from the Sanskrit language, which means Teacher, wise, clever, and enlightened. It is also associated with Buddhism, where the word is used to describe Buddha’s teachings.

32. Bhoomika:

“Bhoomika” has two different meanings associated with it. It refers to Earth Goddess, Bhumi. The other meaning is “character” or “role”. It has three syllables and is suitable for Sagittarius born girls.

33. Bhuvana:

Another Earth-related name for your baby girl is “Bhuvana”, which is a Sanskrit word for Earth. It can also mean “the entire world” or “large palace”. The male variant of this name is Bhuvan, which is one of the many names of Lord Shiva.

34. Bhupali:

If you are looking for a music-inspired name your baby girl, try “Bhupali”. It is one of the many ragas of Indian classical music and is known for its soft and melodious nature.

35. Bhuvika:

Bhuvika is a three-syllable name for Dhanu Rashi babies, which means “Heaven”. It comes from the Sanskrit language and represents godliness and bliss.

36. Dhaani:

Dhaani means “light green color”, which symbolizes nature, greenery and prosperity. It is a rare name for girls and is picked by parents who want to try something fresh and unique for their offspring.

37. Dhanvi:

Dhanvi is one of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi. The literal meaning of this word is “one who is wealthy” or “rich”. Pick this name for your little girl to attract prosperity in her life.

38. Dhatri:

The word “Dhatri” has several meanings and inferences. It refers to Goddess Parvati and even Goddess Earth. The spelling variant of this name can be “Dhaatri”.

39. Dhanika:

Dhanika means “A wealthy woman”. As per Hinduism, Dhanika refers to Goddess Lakshmi, the deity of wealth. This name can be used as an alternative to other names with the same meaning.

40. Yeshvika:

Yeshvika is a modern name for baby girls, which means “Success” or “one who attains fame”. It is derived from the word “Yesh”, which means “fame”, and “glory”.

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41. Yatika:

Yatika is another Hindu name for Sagittarius born baby girls, which means Goddess Durga. It has a divine sound associated with it and has three syllables for easy pronunciation.

42. Yemaya:

The unique name “Yemaya” comes from the Afro-Caribbean culture. It means Goddess of Ocean and is rarely found in Indian communities. Parents who want to venture beyond the borders to name their daughters can pick this one.

43. Yojana:

The literal meaning of “Yojana” is measurement. It is also used as a female baby name to symbolize planning and meticulousness.

44. Yoshita:

Yoshita is a suitable name for your girl child, as it refers to the multiple roles played by her, including a daughter, young girl, wife and a grown-up woman. Isn’t that an interesting word to name your sweetie pie?

45. Yogita:

Yogita is another popular name for girls born in Dhanu Rasi. It means “one who is enchanted” or “one who possesses supernatural power”. The name is also associated with discipline and concentration.

46. Yeshna:

The word “Yeshna” has positive vibes to it. It means “Happiness” and “contentment”, “cheerfulness”, “satisfaction”, “joy”, etc. This is also one of the popularly used modern Dhanu Rashi baby girl names.

47. Yeshvini:

Yeshwini is a girl name that is often confused with “Ashwini” because of its similar sound. The meaning of Yeshwini is “To succeed” or “one who is successful”. A spelling alternate for this word is “Yashwini”.

48. Yesha:

The word “Yesha” means fame and reputation. It is often mixed with other letters to make names like “Yeshas”, “Yeshvika”, etc. However, many parents prefer using the root word alone for the name, as it lends a complete meaning by itself.

49. Yeetika:

Yeetika is a suitable name for girls who are princesses to their parents. Why? Because this Sanskrit derived word means “Princess”. The name is popular in Hindi speaking communities.

50. Yeshaswini:

The word “Yeshaswini” is one of the traditional names used in the South Indian states of India. It has its origins in the Sanskrit language, and the meaning is “one who is successful”.

5 Unisex Names For Dhanu Rashi Babies:

If you are looking for a gender-neutral name for your child, take a look at this list of 10 popular unisex names:

51. Bilwa:

Bilwa, or Bael, is the name of a sacred tree, mainly used for worshipping Lord Shiva. It is mainly used by Shiva devotees for naming their boy or girl. The spelling variant of this name is “Bilva”.

52. Daruka:

Daruka is a Sanskrit word which means “Tree”. Because of its gender-neutral meaning, most Indian parents pick it for their girls or boys.

53. Dhanu:

Dhanu is a perfect name for Sagitarrius born baby girls and boys. It is derived from Sanskrit, which means “Bow”. Isn’t that an interesting name for Dhanu Rashi babies?

54. Yongari:

Although rarely found, Yongari is chosen as a Unisex name for babies, because of its neutral meaning. Yongari means “God” or “Goddess”. This makes it suitable for both genders.

55. Yagna:

Yagna means “Sacred Sacrifice” performed by Hindus to please God. It is often used as a medium to reach the heavenly spirits. This is why many parents pick this word for naming their babies.

5 Twin Names for Dhanu Rashi Born Babies:

If you are blessed with twins – boy-girl, girl-girl or boy-boy, you can try one of these combinations to name your Saggi-born babies.

56. Dhanik and Dharavi:

This is a beautiful name combo for a twin baby girl and boy born in Dhanu Rashi. The boy name “Dhanik” means one who is wealthy, and the girl name “Dharavi” means “Goddess Gayatri”. Together they make a perfect pair of wealth and happiness.

57. Babita and Baduri:

Here is a set of two names for twin baby girls of Dhanu Rashi, which have contrasting meanings. The word “Babita” means pleasant and soft-spoken, and the word “Baduri” means bravery and courageousness. Don’t they complement each other so well?

58. Jiyali and Jiyara:

Jiyali and Jiyara are lovely names for twin girls. They have similar sounds and stylish pronunciation. “Jiyali” means beautiful, and “Jiyara” means beloved one or someone close to heart. Aren’t they the best match for your adorable daughters?

59. Jiyaan and Jiaansh:

This set of names starts with “Ji” and has a similar sound, and pronunciation- just like your identical twins. “Jiyaan” means “One who is close to the heart”, and “Jiaansh” means a “part of the heart”.

60. Yogit and Yojita:

Here is another set of names of twin baby girl and boy. They start with “Yo” and have associated meanings. “Yogit” refers to Lord Shiva, and “Yojita” refers to Lord Brahma, who is the God of Planning.

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We hope you like this list of 60 Dhanu Rashi Names for Boys and Girls. We have compiled them based on the popularity and preferences of new-age parents. However, if you think we have missed any of your favorite names in this Rashi, do let us know.


It is important to note that these names might have different meanings in different countries, cultures and languages. So, make sure to fully understand the symbolism of a name in your local culture before choosing it for your baby. You should not rely upon the material provided in this article as the information is not backed with extensive research or expert opinion.


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