The Dharmavaram sarees are silk sarees made in Andhra Pradesh and are considered one of the South Indian style sarees of all time. The sarees come with an alluring design, and the all-over pattern these sarees sport is worth mentioning. That won’t be a bad choice if you are looking for cool sarees and select the right ones. Along with a variety of colours, these Dharmavaram sarees come in handy for almost all occasions.

Attractive and Traditional Designs of Dharmavaram Sarees With Pictures:

Dharmavaram is very famous for silk sarees and other sarees also. In this article, we will discuss some seriously good-looking Dharmavaram sarees with photos, mainly silk sarees that you haven’t probably seen before.

1. Dharmavaram Pattu Saree:

This saree comes with an awesome design done on it. It is a pure pattu saree, and you will find this suitable. It has a small traditional pattern on the portion that will be in the front. If you want something alluring this season, this can be the best Dharmavaram saree. The red-based floral pattern is probably the best feature of this saree, and anyone who wears it will love this design about this saree. The cream pattern on the top is another awesome feature that makes this saree special.

2. Dharmavaram Pure Silk Saree:

Pure silk saree sports a very cute pattern on the edges. Women will love the fabric sported by this saree and the designs done on the middle portion. A lot of detailing and hard work has been put into making this designer saree, which is why we can use it for special occasions such as weddings. Do you want to look the best with Indian ethnic clothing on? This is something for you, then.

3. Handwoven Dharmavaram Saree:

This is, again, one of the best-looking Dharmavaram sarees of all time. The pattern that this saree sports in the front is why people prefer this saree so much. It will be perfect for sporting such a saree at a wedding or a special event. If you know about sarees and their quality, you can easily identify how special this saree is. It is something that almost every woman wants to sport in their life at least once.

4. Latest Designer Dharmavaram Saree:

Are you looking for the latest trends in the Dharmavaram saree category? This is something all women will prefer wearing. It will suit all women willing to look their best by sporting something new in the market. One of the best and most beautiful designers is Dharmavaram silk sarees with red colour.

5. Red Handloom Dharmavaram Silk Saree:

This handloom Dharmavaram silk saree sports a dark red, one of the most famous sarees. Many designers are sporting it, and you will be amazed by how this saree looks from the front and the back.

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6. Yellow Dharmavaram Saree:

This yellow saree is probably one of the finest displays of Dharmavaram sarees. It sports an awesome colour displayed along with small yellow and gold aari work designs on that saree.

7. Big Pallu Dharmavaram Silk Saree:

Here is a saree that comes in a colour you have never seen before. The design is so alluring that everyone will prefer wearing it. The navy blue silk saree from Dharmavaram is also very beautiful and attractive.

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8. Dharmavaram Cotton Silk Saree:

Here is something different in the Dharmavaram saree category. This saree is made with cotton fabric and is probably one of the most comfortable sarees of all time with such an alluring colour. The pattern that this light pink saree sport is unique and incomparable.

9. Dharmavaram Jacquard Saree:

This particular cotton saree sports an alluring design done on the whole body. The jacquard machine prepared this design. The saree is so attractive that almost anyone will sport it at all occasions and events.

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Along with a variety of colours, these Dharmavaram sarees come in handy for almost all occasions. This article has discussed some seriously good-looking Dharmavaram sarees you haven’t probably seen before.

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