When it comes to regional cinema, we often miss out on the beautiful faces and talents hidden in the smaller movie industries just because we aren’t aware of them. In our series of cover actresses from different regional cinemas, today we have the Gujarati actress. The Gujarati film industry, also called Dhollywood, has beautiful and talented actresses famous for their glamour and skills. They have won our hearts and carved a niche in the film industry.

Today, let us learn more about the Gujarati glam industry queens. These actresses are famous for their hot and appealing looks and are ruling the screen.

Famous Gujarati Film Actresses List 2023:

First, to begin with, we have the Gujarati movie and show female industry actors who are from their own native state of Gujarat. While some film and series actresses entered the industry recently, others have been there with their talent and are famous by now. So, let’s learn all about them here!

Latest and Trending Gujarati Actress:

Let’s begin with the most recent and trending Gujarati movie and tv actress. They are famous for their looks, flaunting their perfect style and alluring sizzling-hot appearances. They are young and bright faces in the cinema industry.

1. Aarohi Patel(28):

2. Monal Gajjar(32):

3. Janki Bodiwala(28):

4. Prapti Ajwalia:

5. Neha Suthar(29):

Popular Beautiful Gujarati Actresses:

We also have a list of beautiful Gujarati actresses who are already experienced and have been excelling in the glam industry for quite some time. They have gorgeous looks and are a powerhouse of talent. So, take a look at them too!

6. Kinjal Rajpriya(34):

7. Esha Kansara(31):

8. Netri Trivedi(29):

9. Niilam Paanchal(38):

Popular Dhollywood Actress from Other States:

Not just those born in Gujarat, there are also actresses from other states coming into the industry with talent. We have compiled a few such names. These actresses have established their position in the Gujarati industry with their sense of style, looks, and stunning beauty.

Latest and Trending Actress Working In Gujarati Movies/Films

How about checking the latest and trending actresses working in the Gujarati industry? They are an actress in movies and serials or shows. Their alluring looks and glammed-up looks often mesmerize us. See who they are!

10. Apoorva Arora(27):

11. Jinal Belani(31):

Old Famous Actresses Working In Gujarati Films:

While there are newcomers, other actresses who entered Gujarati films were born from outside Gujarat and yet have their names carved in the industry. We can’t take our eyes off them with their glamorous, edgy, and hot appearances. Do you know any of them?

12. Prinal Oberoi(36):

13. Sonali Kulkarni(49):

14. Priyanka Panchal(33):

15. Khyati Madhu(38):

This list of Gujarati actress female in the movie and television industry has excelled to top positions with their talent, impeccable looks, and style statement. The actress is famous for their edgy and sleek modern fashion sense, besides flaunting their hot and beautiful self. How many of these did you come across?


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