Dhoti’s for men have traditionally been the most popular Indian look for men, especially in traditional family events such as weddings and other festivities. With the trends evolving every day in the fashion industry, we have a much more popular and stylish variant within it: the all-new Dhoti pants with kurta sets. These sets come with the traditional dhoti paired with kurtas to give a plush and polished look for anyone who wears it. Today, we will customise and revisit the most popular dhoti kurta pyjama designs trending in the market to help shortlist your favourite looks in the latest fashion.

Best Dhoti Kurta Designs for Gents and Boys With Images In India:

Here are a few top 20 dhoti style kurta collections with images you will like.

1. Yellow Pathani Dhoti Kurta:


Pathani look is already widely popular in recent times. It delivers a manly and casual look effortlessly yet with contemporary style trends. This Yellow and Beige coloured solid Kurta with dhoti pants combo looks super cool and ideal for men who prefer a simple yet classy vibe. The luxurious style is hidden behind the simplicity yet delivers a supreme style statement. It is one of our favourite and unique designs for the man we have come across.

  • Design: Yellow Plain Solid Kurta with Beige Dhoti Pants and 3/4th Sleeves
  • Fabric: Cotton Blend
  • Body Type: Muscular To Plus Size
  • Occasion: Festivals and Functions
  • Wear With: One’s personal choice of footwear is a versatile outfit and a big dial watch.

2. Black Silk Dhoti Kurta:


Black is the favourite colour for men. Those across age groups and preferences love this vibrant colour, and this solid black kurta with dhoti pyjama looks classic and vintage with the right modern style. With a mandarin collar, the solid black outfit looks best for men who are tall, excellent built and have an eye for manly style.

  • Design: Black Solid Kurta Dhoti Pajama Suit
  • Fabric: Pure Silk
  • Body Type: Muscular, Athletic and Well-Built Body
  • Occasion: Any Family Gatherings Functions
  • Wear With: Tan-Brown Shoes or Traditional Footwear.

3. Striped Kurta with Dhoti:


We have witnessed enough striped shirts, styles, and outfits for men trending. But did you ever imagine having a striped dhoti kurta? This particular navy blue stylish kurta with matching dhoti pants looks exceptionally stunning. With intricate, vibrant design and work pattern near the neck, which comes with a mandarin collar, this stylish dhoti kurta for men is ideal for those who love simple yet statement styles.

  • Design: Striped Navy Blue Long Sleeves Kurta with Dhoti
  • Fabric: Silk Blend
  • Body Type: Anybody size, from lean to athletic to plus size
  • Occasion: Festivals Celebrations
  • Wear With: White Traditional Footwear and Neck Chains.

4. Plain Short Kurta with Dhoti:


Who said you could not look stylish and handsome with simple and usual routine kurtas? Here is one such mix and match style. This short red kurta can be added to silver-toned dhoti pants to give an ethnic and traditional look. This pair is an example of how simple clothes can also be played to deliver an enhanced appearance.

  • Design: Plain Red Short Kurta with Silver Dhoti Pants
  • Fabric: Silk and Cotton
  • Body Type: Thin and Athletic Body
  • Occasion: Simple home celebrations and festivities
  • Wear With: Casual Men’s Footwear and Watch.

5. Blue A-Line Solid Kurta with Dhoti:


Well, blue has become a popular and most sought after colour. With the vibrant and plush bright looks, this A-line blue solid kurta looks excellent when paired with cream dhoti pants. The kurta looks stylish and unique, with long sleeves, a mandarin collar, and a different curved hem. This gents dhoti kurta is excellent for contemporary modern wear with a loose sized look.

  • Design: Plain Navy Blue A-Line Kurta with Cream Dhoti Pants
  • Fabric: Dupion Silk
  • Body Type: Plus Size and Bulky
  • Occasion: Weddings, Celebrations, and Functions
  • Wear With: Cream or Beige Footwear.

6. Manyavar Dhoti Kurta for Men’s Wedding:


Manyavar is among the most well-known brand in India for men’s fashion wear. Their intricate styles and designs are trendy and contemporary with the latest touch of style. This pleasant looking green Manyavar kurta with pyjama dhoti comes with a beige-coloured jacket on the top. This outfit is undoubtedly among the most trendy with the striped shaded pattern, exceptional design, and looks.

  • Design: Green and Cream Coloured Kurta Dhoti Pyjama With A Coat With Full Sleeves
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Body Type: Athletic and Lean Men
  • Occasion: Weddings
  • Wear With: Traditional shoes/juttis and a good watch will suffice.

7. Designer Dhoti Kurta for Men:


The craze associated with designer wear is never-ending and will remain timeless forever. This men’s white and red printed best dhoti kurta design set is one of the most alluring designs we have come across today. The kurta comes with side slits with full sleeves, and the dhoti has a plain solid red colour with stripes near borders. It is best for men who prefer an ethnic and complete desi look.

  • Design: Printed White And Red Kurta With Dhoti
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Body Type: Medium Body To Muscular And Bulky
  • Occasion: Festive Wear
  • Wear With: Traditional juttis for men would be ideal.

8. Fancy Indo-Western Dhoti Kurta:


While the Indian looks get popular, there is always a segment of men who prefer to have a stylish and more contemporary look than going totally into desi style. This indo-western dhoti kurta is customised, especially for such tastes and preferences. This Men’s green and pink dhoti kurta looks super stylish with a sleek and elegant touch. It has an asymmetric hem at the ends and a stylish neck design.

  • Design: Plain Green Asymmetric Hem Kurta With Pink Dhoti Pants
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Body Type: Athletic and Muscular Body
  • Occasion: Wedding Receptions And Family Festivities
  • Wear With: Modern shoes or traditional beige colour juttis would suit well.

9. Brocade Jodhpuri Dhoti Kurta:


Among several variants and styles of dhoti kurta, the Jodhpuri style has received a wide range of popularity due to India’s different cultures. Our favourite brocade is plain jodhpuri kurta dhoti in off white and maroon. With a Chinese collar, full sleeves, and stylish asymmetric cut near the hem, it looks best for men wishing for a fashionable outfit for special events.

  • Design: Brocade Jodhpuri Off-white And Maroon Kurta Dhoti With Full Sleeves
  • Fabric: Silk Kurta and Velvet Dhoti
  • Body Type: Any Body Type
  • Occasion: Weddings and Functions
  • Wear With: Traditional Rajasthanijhutis can be the ideal pair.

10. Dhoti Kurta with Floral Jacket:


While the dhoti kurta is already a popular trend, this particular navy blue and white printed kurta with Nehru jacket in floral trend is a new style. Those who love vibrant and bright looks, style statements, and ideal contemporary designs best prefer this look. This male dhoti kurta elevates one’s style statement to a whole new level and effortlessly adds a handsome appearance.

  • Design: Floral Navy Blue And White Dhoti Kurta With Nehru Jacket
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Body Type: Any Body Type
  • Occasion: Weddings, Festive Wear
  • Wear With: Men’s casual footwear or shoes, as per personal wish.

11. Silk Blend Kurta:

Here is a cool silk blend kurta perfect for all parties and occasions. Men can wear this for weddings, ceremonies, etc. The colour of the kurta is deep and pairs well with the muted colour. This is useful for any marriage ceremony or worship time in the temple.

12. Punjabi Dhoti Kurta Wedding Dress:

At this wedding, wearing a Punjabi dhoti kurta for men is what you need for a special occasion. The band gala of the kurta looks very dapper, and the pocket is neat too. The kurta has a good layered effect that tapers at the bottom. Texture and finishing on kurta are well, and it gives a nice look to men’s.

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13. Zari Border Dhoti Kurta Suit:

You can wear this Zari border dhoti kurta for the wedding as the Zari looks rich. The border makes it very elegant, but it is not over the top. The single line of the Zari continues even in the dhoti, making it look elegant. This comes under white-coloured kurtas; it has a rich look and gives soft comfort after wear. This is the best dhoti kurta for men’s weddings or other functions.

14. Embroidered Kurta:

This designer dhoti kurta for a wedding is just fascinating. The lovely embroidery done on the kurta looks very elegant on the red colour silk. The kurta is also made special with a matching embroidered patch on the border. If you want to select a designer dhoti kurta for men, select this since it was embroidered; men can try this one for their office traditional day.

15. Jodhpur Jacket Kurta:

Here is a one of a kind Rajasthani dhoti kurta that is made with the signature Jodhpur jacket. The dhoti is flared, and the jacket is tight-fitting. This gives you a regal look. Those tall men must try this outfit for their occasions, this looks nice, and it surely catches your loved one’s attention.

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1. Checked Dhoti with Kurta:


While the checked shirt has received wide popularity worldwide, this gold and white self-design children’s dhoti kurta comes with checked dhoti pants. It delivers a premium Indian desi look with quality dhoti pants and a comfortable style for kids. The snap button placket kurta with side slits and jacket is ideal in this design and pattern, making anyone feel best at their appearance.

  • Design: White and Gold Self-checked Dhoti With Orange Kurta
  • Fabric: Art Silk
  • Body Type: Anybody
  • Occasion: Festive Wear and Weddings
  • Wear With: Traditional shoes and chain around the neck.

2. Kid Boy Kurta with Dhoti:


The fancy modern age trends have even entered the kid’s fashion world. The new fashion town talk is this fancy green and orange solid kurta dhoti pants with a Nehru jacket. With intricate embroidery work on the jacket and rest plain solid kurta and dhoti set, this kid’s outfit is sought after the most in recent days. It looks contemporary, modern as per the tastes and preferences and yet very comfortable for kids.

  • Design: Green and Orange Dhoti Kurta Set With Nehru Jacket
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Body Type: Anybody
  • Occasion: Wedding Guests Look
  • Wear With: Boy’s traditional footwear.

3. Ikkat Print Kurta with Dhoti:


Ikkat handloom print is popular across India, and they have entered even the kid’s fashion world. This cute little blue and white Ikkat kurta comes with dhoti pants which are a perfect fit for adorable boys. With asymmetric hem, designer neck pattern and straight stitch wear, this kurta dhoti set for kids are best for easy and comfortable day-long wear yet gives an Indian look effortlessly.

  • Design: Ikkat Handloom Kurta And Dhoti Set In Blue And White
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Body Type: Anybody
  • Occasion: Festivals
  • Wear With: Traditional kids juttis.

4. Plain Kurta with Printed Dhoti:


If you want a fun variant in kids’ wear, this lovely blue and red boys’ kurta dhoti set is super attractive yet stylish. With plain blue kurta in embroidery work near the neck, the dhoti pants are fun and with little elephant prints. This is good for boys at a very young age for having simple yet easy ethnic wear options. You can even find the same set for size in dhoti kurta for baby boy.

  • Design: Blue and Red Dhoti Kurta Set
  • Fabric: Silk
  • Body Type: Anybody
  • Occasion: Family functions and birthday parties
  • Wear With: Any comfortable shoes.

5. Dyed Marron Kurta with Dhoti:


Do you know that the Kurta with Dhoti fashion has been trending even for younger age boys? This little cute pink and black dyed version of the outfit looks super cute and unique for such younger age kids. With ease and comfort and a stylish, adorable look, this is best for boys who prefer comfortable wear.

  • Design: Pink and Black Dyed Kurta And Dhoti Pants With Long Sleeves And Mandarin Collar
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Body Type: Anybody
  • Occasion: Casual family outings and gatherings
  • Wear With: Comfortable footwear as per the kid’s preferences.

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How to Style Mens Dhoti Kurtas?

With several such designs and patterns in these sets, we have some tips on how best you can enhance your overall appearance and a style statement by wearing these dhoti kurta designs.

  • Most of the dhoti kurtas are intricate in their work detail or patterns. One can effortlessly look smart and handsome quickly in these outfits, needing minimal styling requirements.
  • Add traditional footwear to both kids’ and men’s with dhoti kurtas. They look much lovely and perfect fit with these outfits.
  • One can wear chains around their neck and style their hair as per their personal preferences. Brushed up style with hair gels and waxes can be an idea.
  • Add on a big dial watch to match well with the outfit.

Dhoti with a kurta is the perfect Indian wear for all occasions and ceremonies. Variety of materials we can find in the dhoti kurta pattern; we need to choose as per our demand. You can try out the simple silk ones or the heavily embroidered ones. Try asymmetrical styles for a change.

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