For all occasions that are Indian and ceremonial events, it is always good to wear Indian outfits. The traditional dhoti kurta is the perfect fit. Different patterns of this kurti really help to give a party look to the wearer weather it is men or women and it will be a good eye-catchy. Most of the parents in India are preferring to get this kurtis for their baby’s birthdays and other functions.

Best Dhoti Kurta Designs With Images In India:

Here are a few top 15 dhoti atyle kurta collections with images which you surely like,

1. Silk Blend Kurta:

Here is a cool silk blend kurta that is perfect for all parties and occasions. Men’s can wear this for weddings, ceremonies, and etc. The colour of the kurta is deep and pairs well with the muted colour. This is useful for any marriage ceremony or worship time in the temple.

2. Punjabi Dhoti Kurta Wedding Dress:

This wedding wears Punjabi dhoti kurta for men is what you need for a special occasion. The band gala of the kurta looks very dapper and the pocket is neat too. The kurta has a good layered effect that tapers at the bottom. Texture and finishing on kurta are well and it gives a nice look to men’s.

3. Zari Border Dhoti Kurta Suit:

You can wear this Zari border dhoti kurta for the wedding as the Zari looks rich. The border makes it very elegant but it is not over the top. The single line of the Zari continues even in the dhoti and this makes it look elegant. This comes under white-coloured kurtas, it has a rich look and gives soft comfort after wear. This is the best dhoti kurta for men’s wedding or any other functions.

4. Embroidered Kurta:

This designer dhoti kurta for a wedding is just fascinating. The lovely embroidery done on the kurta looks very elegant on the red colour silk. The kurta is also made special with a matching embroidered patch on the border. If you want to select designer dhoti kurta for men, then select this since it was totally embroidered; men’s can try this one for their office traditional day as well.

5. Dhoti Kurta for Kids:

Dhoti kurta for infants is another great wear to make kids wear Indian style clothing. The kurta is made from royal blue silk material. The embroidery done on the kurta is great for occasions and wedding ceremonies. This one blue coloured kurta catches the attention of others, you kid will enjoy this dress up and he is ready to impress his friends too.

6. Asymmetrical Kurta:

The asymmetrical kurta is very rich and great for the very special occasions in your life. This is a dhoti kurta for the groom as well as the embroidery done on the kurta is majestic. You will look dapper in this outfit and be the talk of the town. If you want to give a gift to your friends and cousins this one will be the best choice to surprise them.

7. Dhoti Kurta for Boy:

Little boys will look special in this kurta. The kurta here is simple and straight cut so it is easy for boys to handle. The kurta has some good embroidery done on it. If you are looking to gift your son then get this kurta for your son on his next birthday.

8. Dhoti Kurta With Jacket:

You can look stunning in a simple silk kurta that also pairs a jacket with it. The contrasting colour of the jacket makes a great statement. You can keep it simple without any embroidery done. This comes in your budget too so no need to worry and get this kurta for your ceremony.

9. Jodhpur Jacket Kurta:

Here is a one of a kind Rajasthani dhoti kurta that is made with the signature Jodhpur jacket. The dhoti is flared and the jacket is tight-fitting. This gives you a regal look. Those men’s who are tall then they must try this outfit for their occasions, this looks nice and it surely catches the attention of your loved one.

10. Dhoti Kurta for Ladies:

Make your next outfit traditional with a twist. This dhoti kurta for a girl is made of brocade material that looks very regal. The kurta is short and sleeveless. The dhoti is made of sheer material and so the flow is perfect. Girls who want to try a unique idea for a traditional day then this dhoti salwar with kurti will be good choice sure.

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11. Designer Dhoti Kurta for Women:

Go in style to your next occasion with this designer dhoti kurta for women. This purple dhoti kurti has wonderful embroidery done on it. The dhoti part is flared but not made it into two parts so it is easy to move around. College-going girls prefer this style in a pattern for their college days, this is suitable for all girls and women too.

12. Kurta with Shawl:

Here is another dhoti kurta style that you can wear as a groom or for any occasion. The plain white kurta has a shawl with it too. This makes it look rich. Rich look catches the attention and receives the good comments too, get this one for your dear one.

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13. Bengal Style Kurta:

This is the Bengali dhoti kurta for the wedding as well as for religious occasions because of the work is done on it. The Bengal silk used to make the kurta and dhoti are pure and shiny. You can pair it with a Bengali shawl as well for that complete look.

14. South Children’s Dhoti Kurta:

This South Indian dhoti kurta for kids is so perfect that it can be worn on occasions as well as ceremonies. The size of the dhoti is right for kids and the silk kurta makes a nice outfit. The kurta can be shirt style with short sleeves as well.

15. Fancy Dhoti Kurta:

Give your kids something fancy to wear for special occasions. The fancy kurta range has embroidery done on them along with asymmetrical cuts. The colour combinations are also bright and wonderful for ceremonies.

Dhoti kurta is the perfect Indian wear for all occasions and ceremonies. Variety of material we can find in dhoti kurta pattern, we just need to choose as per our demand. You can try out the simple silk ones or the heavy embroidered ones. Try asymmetrical styles for a change.

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