Anklets are that most stylish and fashionable accessory which appeals to both men and women equally. Diamonds are that most precious stone flaunted in almost all accessories. The classic combination of gold with diamonds never goes out of fashion. One can flaunt anklets with diamonds, gold, white gold etc. These can be a bit on the expensive end, but nevertheless it can be one’s prized possession in the jewellery trousseau.

Diamond Anklets for Men and Women with New Designs:

We will check the top 9 designs for diamond anklets here. Select your loved one and pick it.

1. Heart Shaped Diamond Anklets for Men:

This is a lovely diamond anklet for men. The anklet is a gold chain with heart as the charm. The heart is studded on the outer side with diamonds. The heart charm can have symbols or any inscription engraved on them.

2. Solid Diamond Anklet:

This is made of 10 carat fine gold with solid diamond cuts. The chain of the anklet is designed with cut rope chain pattern. This is a daily wear anklet. This is not very elaborate and hence looks perfect even for a formal work setting.

3. Diamond Anklet for Men With Rose Gold:

This is made of rose gold for men with black rough diamonds. This is a combination of golden beads too. The golden beads and diamonds look elegant on a man’s hand. This is made of rose gold which appeals to a man an d adds to his majesty and grandeur.

4. Solid Gold Unisex Diamond Ankle Bracelets:

This is made of 14 carat solid gold. This is a personalized diamond anklet bracelets for both men as well as women. The name is crafted and fixed in the solid gold anklet with diamonds.

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5. Gold CZ Diamond Anklets for Women:

This is a dainty anklet that can be worn in a daily basis for a woman. This has a tiny round CZ diamond in a delicate golden chain. This can be a perfect gift for a young woman or a teenage girl who would love flaunting this anklet.

6. Crystal Anklets for Women:

This is a perfect crystal diamond anklet for western outfits and high heels or stilettos. This is not in a usual gold chain but is like a band and studded with brilliant diamonds.

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7. Black Diamond Anklets for Women:

This beautiful black diamond anklet is made with black diamond roundels beads. This is made of yellow gold chain. This is very delicate and since made of black diamonds can match any outfit. This even goes with traditional outfits too.

8. White Gold Diamond Anklets:

This is a simple, delicate white gold diamond anklet. This anklet has a thin white gold chain and has a five petal floral pattern with a white diamond in between. This is a perfect gifting option for women.

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9. Austrian Diamond Anklets for Women:

This is a delicate, lovely looking Austrian diamond anklet for women. This has a traditional appeal and is made of silver alloy studded with Austrian diamonds. The diamond anklet has a nice rhodium finish and can be ideal one for festivals and weddings.

Diamonds look elegant and classy. It may be expensive to buy diamonds and diamond accessories. But there is a great emotion attachment when one wears diamonds. Diamond anklets in amazing patterns and designs are the most important thing which is the great highlight in these anklets. These anklets in diamonds are perfect for any special occasion or are the best gift one can give to our loved ones.

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