A diamond is forever. It is also a woman’s best friend that can make her sparkle and shine. Diamond jewellery is a hot favourite among women who like to adorn themselves with exquisite pieces of ornaments that make them look radiant. Diamonds are also treated as symbols of status, as these precious stones are quite expensive and are worth a fortune. Diamond bangles have replaced the traditional plain gold bangles. These sparkling bangles come in a variety of designs to suit both daily wear and wedding occasions. Diamond bangles are handcrafted to perfection and are also paired with rubies and emeralds to make them look even more beautiful. This article helps you pick your favourite pieces among the latest design of diamond bangles.

Things to Consider Before Buying Diamond Bangles:

Here are some of the key points to keep in mind before investing in diamond bangles.

  • Firstly, ask your yourself the purpose of buying the bangles. For example, is it for everyday wear or for a special occasion like a wedding?
  • Once you figure that out, you can next move on to understanding whether you want a standalone bangle (like a bracelet or Kada) or as a set.
  • Depending on these two aspects, you can then set an approximate budget for your shopping.
  • Browse through the catalog and shortlist your favorite designs.
  • Pay importance to the number of diamonds used, diamond clarity and the carat weight.
  • The base metal purity is also important. You can opt for various metals like 14k Gold, 18K (ideal for diamond bangles), white gold, platinum etc.
  • Try the bangles to check the size and make sure they are not too tight or too lose. You must also ensure that the clasp is well secured for open bangles and doesn’t fall off easily.
  • Keep in mind the wearability and versatility of the bangles, as you are shelling out a big chunk of your savings to get them home!

Best and Fashionable Diamond Bangles Design with Images:

Check out some of these designs that are surely going to make you want to own them:

1. Uncut Diamond Bangles With Ruby Stones:

How a diamond is cut describes its worth and noticeably affects its loveliness, scintillation and clarity. This is why a diamond’s cut immensely affects how the diamond reasons to be lighted to dance. By the way, choosing the above designs of diamond bangles with uncut and ruby stones will be worth both for is work an elegant looking.

2. Diamond Cubic Zirconia Design Bangles:

Going for a traditional look and pairing up jewellery, especially the diamond bangles with Indian attire, going for the cubic Zirconia designs of bangles could definitely be a good and wise choice. These bangles are versatile, holding a precious place in women’s hearts, especially of Indian descent.

3. Floral American Diamond Bangles:

Floral Design Diamond bangles with American diamonds will like to spice up the look with semi-traditional attire that blends well into the modern look to show off both the sides to your playful self. Going with this bangle will be an easy choice as this looks pretty.

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4. Galaxy Broad Diamond Ruby Bangles:

Galaxy broad diamond bangles with ruby and Emerald stones will definitely be the easy choice of fashion. They have the complimented colours that are pretty well and remain subtle accessory when worn with fusion ensembles.

5. Broad Diamond Chic Bangles:

Chic bangles are the highly-searched models by women of all ages, while they preferred lightweight jewellery in the most novel designs. Be sure to refer to the size that fits you, as this will be the most important thing.

6. Exotic Collection Of Diamond Bangles:

A woman dressed up with this exotic collection of diamond bangles could feel elegant as these bangles with emerald studded diamonds would exponentially enhance the beauty of the entire attire that she is wearing.

7. Designer Diamond Bangles:

Designer diamond bangles will look extraordinarily beautiful and accentuates the beauty of your delicate wrist, and this is just can’t be substituted well one amongst others as it sparkles and glorifies the beauty of a woman.

8. Single Line Diamond Bangles:

Single-lined diamond bangles are the most adorable designs. Most women search for this simple yet elegant design with constant design with a single line diamond ststonerafted in a floral pattern.

9. Solitaire Cut Diamond Bangles:

Solitaire Cut diamond bangles made from diamond and ruby stones will result in two-tone and three-tone shades with the diamond and rubies studded on it. The stones have been neatly arranged with a pearl design on both the ends.

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10. Traditional Diamond Bangles:

Traditional diamond bangles with two lines of diamond stones are the perfect choice for women’s attire. No beautof other designs can substitute this timeless elegance allured by the traditional diamond bangles they have been used invariably since the ages.

11. American Styled Diamond Bangles:

American styled diamond bangles studded with diamond stones are superbly designed and attractive when worn and this has made loads of women gush with pride. This will be the perfect collection for weddings and any parties as this suit all kind of outfits.

12. Stunning Traditional Ruby Emerald Designer Bangles:

Wearing these Stunning Traditional Ruby Emerald Designer diamond bangles will be overlooked attracting a larger number of audience as this is a kind of solitaire design that suits all outfits of all occasions.

13. Studded Stones Diamond Bangles:

This bangle was made with diamond and gold in which zircon stones are set very beautifully in a floral design, and this bangle set contains 4 pieces of diamond bangles with various sizes like 2.4, 2.6, 2.8 and coated with silver gold and silver rhodium plating called Ganga Yamuna plating. These diamond bangles are of good quality, and this is one of the latest designs from pity diamond jewels.

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14. Surat Diamonds Traditional Two Tone Indian Style Designer Bangles:

Surat Diamonds traditional two-tone Indian style designer bangles are the best compliment or any outfit making the perfect accessory. Wearing these diamond bangles designs will make your look skilful and handsome either with traditional or trendy outfits.

15. Collaborative Kada Diamond Bangle:

Collaborative Kada diamond bangles are the latest bangles designs and the most the popular style of diamond bangles as this is wider and broader in design with two rows of diamond on the outside and studded ruby stones in floral pattern on the inside, thus making the perfect colour combinations giving the grand and elegant look.

16. Real Diamond Bangles:

These slim diamond bangles are best for daily wear. They have about 150 diamonds studded in the bangles and have a brilliant cut. They are set in 14k gold and look quite elegant. For every 3 diamonds, there is a small gold box that has a diamond-studded in it for a trendy finish.

17. South Indian Diamond Bangles:

Check out this stunning statement piece that comes in a temple style jewellery. The bangle is a single piece with rubies and emeralds studded in it, along with uncut diamonds. This brilliant piece of artwork is perfect for bridal wear when combined with matching bangles to make a set.

18. Single Stone Diamond Bangle:

Do you prefer simple yet stylish looking bangles? Single stones diamond bangles are perfect for everyday wear and look quite elegant. These bangles also come in bracelet models with a single diamond studded in them. The diamond has a brilliant-cut to shine and reflect light.

19. White Gold Diamond Bangle:

This exquisite white gold diamond bangle comes in a two-row model. The diamonds are studded in cross model alternating between medium and small-sized diamonds. These bangles are very classy and perfect for western wear. Even a small movement of the hand can make these diamond sparkle and shine.

20. American Diamond Bangles:

Want a pair of diamond bangles, but are not ready to spend so much? Worry not! Check out these American diamond bangles, which come close to diamonds in shine and radiance. They are set in alloy metal with gold plating. These beautiful pair of bangles have a unique mesh.

Today, most companies are coming up with customized collections of fashion jewellery sets. These sets come in gold and diamonds for high profile customers, who like to wear unique designs and never want to repeat the models. However, it is important to know a few points before investing in diamond bangles. The quality of diamonds is based on the cut, clarity and carats. You need to thoroughly check the parameters before okaying a model, as most diamond stores sell fake stones or low-quality diamonds. We hope you liked these fabulous models that are sure to sweep you off your feet!

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