Love is the most overwhelming feeling. Loves come with a band and diamonds. This bond between two people is solidified with wedding. A wedding is marked by wearing a ring in the third finger of left hand. It is called engagement ring.

Giving someone a ring and accepting it is a sign of being engaged with him or her. It marks that you are taken and you belong to one and only one person. It is the most prized possession of any person.

Fashion Diamond Rings for Engagement:

Diamond engagement ring is the favourite most choice to propose someone. Selecting an engagement ring can be a task. The right cut, setting and size of the diamond has to be choosing well.

1. Diamond Engagement Ring Bands:

Band ring is the latest trend. It has same thickness and broadness of shank throughout. The diamond is studded in. It is simple and can be used for daily use. Since it has minimum design, the chances of getting stuck in hair or dress is less. It looks very smart and very elegant.

2. Platinum Engagement Diamond Ring:

Many a times, gold looks shiny and tacky. Hence men avoid wearing it. Platinum is the gold in rings. It is also called as white gold. It is the costliest metal. It is also rarest element. It is known for its long life. Hence engagement rings are made of platinum to mark the forever bond.

3. Pair Diamond Engagement Rings:

Mostly couple select their ring together. They are paired and have almost same design. The pairing is done wisely. Sometimes they are carved with initials or dates. Forever platinum diamond engagement pair rings are the most like type.

4. Designer Diamond Engagement Ring:

Since marriage is once in a life time, many people like to have their engagement rings to be special. They want it to be exclusive and one of a kind. Designer diamond engagement ring may be a little costly. These rings have customized fit and settings of diamond.

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5. Tiffany Diamond Engagement Ring:

Having Tiffany diamond engagement ring is every girls dream. It is the most premium brand of diamond engagement ring. The cut and versatility of the rings are best features of it. It is little costly, but it is totally worth it. Even Audrey Hepburn will agree.

6. Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring:

Men give special, family owned ring to their spouse and are given only when very sure. Now a day’s traditional design is more preferred. They are more exquisite and detailed. The shank is more intricate. It has work on it.

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7. Halo Diamond Engagement Ring:

Angel’s head has a floating circular ring, it is called halo. This concept is used in rings. The big diamond is surrounded by small diamonds all around. It is well suited for petite fingers. It looks good for regular use.

8. Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring:

Three stone diamond engagement rings have three diamonds around the shoulder. The centre diamond is slightly bigger than the side ones. This is perfect for those who don’t want to single diamond engagement ring.

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9. Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring:

Every girl’s heart will melt by seeing magnificent and amazing solitaire diamond engagement ring.  It is single diamond ring. It is loved by all. It is the safest choice to propose. It is an elegant option.

Diamond engagement ring is most important part of life. It is like carrying a part of your spouse. They are special and stay with you forever. When you look back after 20 years, your diamond ring will be still sparkling as your love.

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