Diamond is one of the rarest metals and the hardest metal to be found in nature. Diamonds have always been considered a symbol of prestige due to its high monetary value. Diamonds are expensive since they are rare. Diamond jewellery has been worn by the elite crowd since the time they have been discovered. Diamond rings, pendants, lockets, earrings, bangles and nose rings are some of the common diamond jewellery.

Indian Diamond Locket Designs in Gold and Silver:

Diamond lockets have become really famous in the past few years. Here are some of the best designs for diamond locket for women:

1. Gold Diamond Locket for Women:

The combination of two precious metals, gold and diamond, is one of the classiest diamond locket designs. It has a flat round shaped gold locket studded with diamonds. It has a gold chain too. This can be worn with traditional as well as western attire.

2. Silver Diamond Locket for Girls:

This locket is an epitome of diamond locket designs. It has a silver chain along with a locket that has diamonds carved in the shape of a flower. It is a beautiful piece and it goes well with heavy attire. It can be worn to an official party or a wedding.

3. Diamond Heart Locket in Silver:

This pretty locket has a double silver chain and a heart shaped diamond-studded locket. It has space for two photographs. This can be a nice gift for your loved ones. It is simple and can be used on a regular basis. This looks good on teenagers too.

4. Lettered Diamond Locket:

This locket has a gold chain attached to a diamond locket that is in the shape of a letter. One can customize it according to whichever letter they want. This type of locket can be worn on a daily basis. It looks simple yet attractive.

5. Star Shaped Diamond Locket:

This cute locket has a silver chain with a diamond studded star locket. Kids as well as adults can wear this type of locket. It looks simple and elegant. It looks best on a plain black top.

6. Diamond Locket Sets for Women:

This diamond set has a rich and gorgeous look. It has a square shaped diamond studded locket with an identical set of earrings. It is more on the traditional side and the gold chain gives it a heavy and rich look. These are great examples for diamond lockets Indian designs.

7. Designer Diamond Swan Locket:

This gorgeous locket has a silver chain with a swan shaped locket. The swan is studded with diamonds and looks really quirky. This looks simple and can be worn with all kinds of attire. It also looks good on teenagers.

8. Gold and Diamond Locket Necklace:

This gold-chained necklace will make you go WOW. It is different from general necklaces. It is universal and goes well with western or Indian attire. It is a small ball studded with diamonds but when worn, gives a sophisticated and classy look.

9. Simple Locket Diamond:

This is one of the simplest diamond locket designs. It has a gold chain attached to a solitaire, giving the perfect look for a diamond locket. It can be worn on a regular basis.

10. Small Diamond Locket:

This Small Rose Gold Necklace is intertwined rings in the necklace represents inseparable togetherness of two sweethearts. The “Together Forever” engraving reinforces its imagery of symbolism and the power of bonding.

11. White Gold Diamond Heart Locket:

This Disney Children’s Cinderella White Gold Diamond Heart Locket is a perfect gift for a little princess. The magic of Disney is beautifully crafted on white gold and diamonds and the heart shaped locket is just mesmerizing.

12. Gold Heart Locket with Diamond:

This brilliant and delicate, yellow gold heart is set with white diamonds. The rich yellow gold covers with diamonds and makes this piece the most elegant addition to any collection. Can be worn on gold chains or the pendant holder necklaces.

13. Platinum Diamond Locket:

Platinum pendants are not only perfect for young professional women; it can also be worn everyday with comfort and elegance. The sheen of the white metal is long lasting and matches with various attires. The contemporary design of this pendant can be matched with all kinds of outfits, from traditional to western. Women like to don universal designs such as this one.

14. Single Diamond Locket:

The simple, elegant, reminiscent shape of an open-heart design celebrates the true essence of love. The stunning diamond accentuates this pendant’s heart shape making this the perfect gift for your perfect special someone.

Diamond locket sets are trendy and high in demand due to its snob appeal. It has a classy look and can be worn by teenagers as well as adults. Common types of such lockets are diamond heart locket necklace, gold diamond locket, silver diamond locket and many more.


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