The Gems and jewellery industry encompasses vast varieties of diamond jewellery and accessories which are available in plenty of attractive designs for all purposes and occasions. Indeed, diamond accessories will fulfill the requirements of people both modern and traditional and they have become popular due to their beauty, rarity and endurance.

One such familiar and notable accessory is the “Diamond nose pins” which are valuable just because of its sentimental value than that of its market value. Diamonds have transcended the boundary set by nose pins as these were an old type of body modification that started around thousands of year ago.

The nose pins were brought in the 16th century from middle east and left nostrils were the common place for wearing these nose pins but, piercing in both nostrils was also met. This habitat came in to existence as a result of belief that piercing nose rings was literally associated with the females which let them giving the child birth more easily. Today, the nose pins are commonly worn for the sake of beauty and style.

Latest Indian Nose Pin Designs in Diamond:

Diamond nose pins work very well with several metals such as gold, silver, titanium and so on. The availability of these fascinating diamond stones, cut and set with new techniques have broadened their appeal in developing markets. As an almost endless array of accessories, diamond nose pins were available today as breathtaking designs with the combination of several other gem stones as enlisted below.

1. Diamond Nose Pin Stud With Blue Sapphire in 14K Yellow White And Rose Gold Design:

This piece of diamond nose pin is a new addition to the diamond nose pin collections and this was comprised of six 0.005 ct round shaped diamonds which are 1.3 mm in diameter each. The set measures all around size of 0.01 blue sapphires in the center.

2. Diamond Nose Pin Studded With Blue Stone Design:

This is yet another wonderful piece from the collections of diamond nose pins that has been created with several Ceylon sapphires all around and a quality diamond in the center. Thee diamonds are usually colorless and look very sparking.

3. Diamond Nose Pin in 14K Yellow White And Rose Gold:

This is the beautiful nose pin design made from 14k yellow seven stones cluster that setting on a 20 gauge wire surrounded with six diamond stones in the center. Wearing this pin design, women will look so adorable and never fails to get the compliments.

4. Diamond Nose Pin stud in 14K White Nose Pin Design:

This diamond nose pin design will come with the twister at the end which will allow you to twist either in the right side or the left side. This is cluster set where the twister is made out of 20 gauges. It can be customized with a bone setting and L shaped design at the back for the user convenience.

5. Handmade Diamond Nose Pin Stud in 14K White Pin Design:

This handmade nose pin consists of six diamond stones around the design and if you are a person wanting a new and trendy design, going with this nose pin style will be the best choice as it gets matched for all types of outfits and dresses.

6. Adjustable Beautiful Diamond Delicate Nose Ring:

This adjustable and beautiful diamond nose ring is the one having many additional benefits as this can be adjusted with their pins based upon the user needs. This is available in all the sizes.

7. Solitaire Diamond Nose Pin With Diamond Studded Design:

Solitaire diamond nose pin is the familiar one with the stones studded on amongst the jewellery market as this will be the adorning design that captures the attention towards the viewers. You can get the tones studded in different colors based upon your taste and desire.

8. Stunning Fiery Diamond Nose Pin Stud in 14K 18K And Platinum Nose Pin:

This is one of the favorite designs of nose pins for women and this is very simple yet elegant. It will be stunning absolutely with its fiery and sparking look. This is the design that the entire nose pin lovers must have as wearing this will never fails to get the viewers’ attention.

9. Gorgeous Sparkly Canary Green Diamond Nose Pin:

Gorgeous sparking Canary Green diamond stud nose pin is beautifully handmade that features for a sparking look. Genuine green color diamond has been used in this design and amazingly the light color has been implemented. This will be a perfect choice for the one who likes some intense sparkle to add a dazzling shine to their outfit and style.

10. 18ct White Gold Diamond Heart Nose pin:

Diamond nose pins are coming in variety of stunning designs that attracts woman of all age. Wearing this type of nose pin will get commenced from the olden period when the habit of wearing nose pin was originated. Start wearing this design if you are a fashion conscious.

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11. 100% Natural Diamond Nose Pin Design:

This 100% natural diamond nose pin was made with the 100% natural diamond stones having a longer life. This is one of the designs that lasts for a longer duration without any fading of other stones used.

12. Gorgeous Diamond Cut Nose Pin:

The gorgeous single diamond nose pin in diamond cut design is a new arrival to the market of diamond nose pins that adds beauty by the way it has been worn. Going with this design will be traditional giving a lovely look.

13. 14K Yellow Tiny Heart With Diamond Accent Nose Pin:

The above show nose pin diamond is made with the 14k tiny yellow hearted shaped diamond stone which will accentuate the appearance of the wearer. Today, people are trying this design as it gives an elegant and good look.

14. Beautiful Rajasthan Style Peacock Nose Pin Design:

This peacock design nose pin was made in the Rajasthani style and this will be worn at the wedding ceremonies as this is considered to be something special. Rajasthani women keep trying this nose pins as this is based upon the design of traditional Indian culture.

15. Diamond Nose Ring Yellow Gold Solid 14KT 3mm Nose Pin:

The diamond nose pin in yellow solid color with 14 karat gold was beautifully made by the well expected artisans who are coming with a twister made form 2 gauge gold hard wire.

As already mentioned above, the nose rings were widespread throughout the world, and piercing of these rings on the left nostril was believed to make childbirth easier. Today, plenty of diamond nose pin designs were available which helps you to show the status, religious reference and for many other reasons. Getting a diamond nose pin designs will be very compatible with casual gatherings, special events and can make great holiday gifts. Prices of diamond nose pins will get vary significantly based upon their color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. These nose pins made from diamond will be used in jewellery set will be more expensive as it can be used for special and valuable occasions.

Elegant and wide choice of styles were available for you on the indian market and with the best search, you can get the best style that fits you. In general, there is no world markets for diamonds was established but the standardization of the 4C’s along with pricing reports will be available and don’t forget to get it while purchasing. Take a review to get high quality nose pin diamond designs that adds beauty to your face.


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