Diamonds a lifetime precious jewelry is a heart throb for all women. Women are very crazy about diamond jewelry as the diamonds and jewelry are a part of the femininity and a major part of it in the social status. Above all jewelry, diamonds have a special place in women’s heart. The fascinating thing of diamonds is the glorious never shading spark that glitters every time she wears.

Diamonds are considered as the ultimate statement of fashion. Today the latest fashion in jewelry world is enchanted with diamond jewelry. All women want to look great and stand out with her different dressing style, whether it is her clothing, shoes, or ornaments.

Different Types of Diamond Pendant Sets:

Here is a list of 15 latest diamond pendant designs for women and men. You can choose it.

1. Real Heart Shaped Single Diamond Pendant:

Real diamonds are the heart of men and women both, men for the price of a real diamond and women for the beauty of a real diamond. And taking about a large one piece heart shape real diamond, you better be ready to win several other hearts.

A real heart shaped diamond studded in pure gold is an eye setter in any occasion. No doubt a woman wearing a real diamond is considered as one of the happiest woman because she owns a real diamond and a lover who gets her the real diamond.

2. Simple American Diamond Pendant Set for Girls:

American diamonds or synthetic diamonds are basically made with glass or plastic. They are fake diamonds, but the shine and glitter of American diamonds are no less than real diamonds. In terms of cost, American diamonds are very cheap depending on their quality. And sometimes even equivalent to near the price of real ones.

The looks that the American diamonds gives to the jewelry have proven itself more beautiful than other diamond jewelry. The American diamond studded pendant set looks stupendous when worn. The entire gold pendant is covered with diamonds that attracts many eyes.

3. Custom Diamond Cartoon Pendant:

Custom diamond jewelry is something that is not commonly. Custom jewelry is made according to the customer’s choice. Here a cartoon diamond pendant is one of the examples. The beautiful pendant of tweety is studded entirely with colorful tiny diamonds. Only a tweety lover can order for such a pendant. But you can see people in craze of diamonds order for pendants of various designs that are studded entirely.

4. Teardrop Diamond Pendant:

A white tear drop diamond is studded in white gold making a beautiful pendant. Diamonds can be cut finely making beautiful shape such as this tear drop. A tear drop pendant looks very adorable hanging on a white gold chain. The silver glitter of the white gold makes it look separately hanging with a shine at its border.

5. Diamond Square Pendant with Single Stone:

Gem stones are connected to the sunshine of people. Many people love to wear jewelry made of gem stones. Citrine is also one of the sunshine gems and is considered one of the best of all. A pendant with a citrine diamond wrapped with gold rings inlaid with small white diamonds is a rich design of pendant.

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6. Diamond Ruby Pendant for Woman:

Talking about the ruby diamond and you think of the riches of the world. Celebrities and rich people of the society love ruby jewelry and are fascinated to wear it. If you present a ruby necklace diamond or jewelry to a woman she would keep it to her heart forever.

A ruby pendant covered by white diamonds will add breath taking shine to the pendant. Ruby diamonds are also available in different shapes and sizes. A ruby diamond on a necklace of a lady will surely make her feel special and precious.

7. Fine Cut White Diamond Pendant:

Keeping the precious stones and gems aside and when the name of white diamonds appear, you cannot resist glaring it once. The shine and glitter of a white diamond and cut in heart shape wins the heart of any woman. A pendant made in white gold baring a heart shape white diamond only looks fantastically awesome.

8. Heart Shaped Black Diamond Pendant:

A black diamond surely is a dark color to be praised, but its beauty is undoubtedly incredible. A gift of a black diamond pendant to your only love will make her feel awesome. She can wear the black diamond pendant on her black sleeveless gown on a beautiful lovely date with you.

9. Heart Shape Black Sapphire Diamond Tanzanite Pendant:

A heart shape dark blue sapphire diamond looks incredible surrounded with shiny white diamonds. Women would love to wear such a pendant on a special day with her love, dressed in a beautiful broad neck gown that shows the beauty of the pendant.

10. Four Round Sapphire Diamond Pendant for Men:

Four sapphire diamonds encircled with whit diamonds making a square shape pendant is a beautiful sober looking pendant. The blue shades of a sapphire diamond enchant the eyes looking at it. The glow of the diamond makes us feel a sense of depth. Sapphire diamond jewelry is also loved by men.

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11. Round Diamond Bezel Pendant:

A perfect round shape white diamond looks adorable on a white cold frame and inserted through a white gold chain. The only diamond shining on your neck looks lovely. The look of a single white diamond is adorable even on routine life.

12. Sky Blue Topaz and Diamond Pendant:

A sky blue topaz diamond pendant looks spectacular and lovely. The design made on the topaz diamond is very delicate and gives a feeling of a feminine look. A topaz pendant work on a broad neck dress will look amazing even in day light.

13. Opal Diamond Pendant with Chain:

An Opal diamond has a blur appearance but a pendant made with an Opal diamond is admired by many Opal lovers. Precious opal come in different colors like clear through white, gray, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, magenta, rose, pink, slate, olive, brown, and black. Black opals are very rare.

14. Purple Diamond Pendant:

A purple diamond is a very common colored diamond but jewelry made from purple diamonds is sure mesmerizing. The appearance of a purple diamond in pendant is awesome and looked by many women and men as well.

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15. Light Green Diamond Pendant:

A light green diamond looks adorable when studded with gold and beautified with white diamonds. The shine of the green diamond is amazing.

Diamonds have been in the hearts of the world from ages ago. Diamonds have been fascinating women and men in terms of its beauty and its status. Diamonds merely stones gathered from streams and rivers are found very rare these days but the value have been precious from the very beginning of creations of diamonds. It was considered earlier that diamonds are made for the rich people only, now things are different. Every diamond lover can wear diamond jewelry of his\her choice.

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