Good things are always comes in a small package and this phrase seems exactly correct when it comes to a solitaire ring. The diamond solitaire ring has been preferred for the engagements rings for many years; especially the designer solitaire diamond rings are very popular among the both men and women. A stunning solitaire rings only requires a solitaire stone of diamond setting at the center of the ring.

Solitaire Diamond Ring Designs:

The solitaire ring perfectly enhances the glamour and elegance of the wearer. There are so many designs are available out there in solitaire rings, but here we have a list of top 15 best diamond solitaire rings designs for you to choose from. Let’s have a quick look.

1. Heart Shaped Diamond Solitaire Ring Design:

A heart shaped solitaire is a best way to express love and affection to your beloved.  Having a heart shaped solitaire in your ring can be the symbol of your deep love. If you have found someone special in your life whom you have give your heart then this heart shaped solitaire can be the perfect for him or her.

2. Platinum Solitaire Ring for Men and Women:

Add a solitaire with the royal feel of platinum. Platinum solitaire rings are widely being used in the solitaire engagement rings for both men and women. A center solitaire diamond perfectly sits at the top of the platinum makes you an eye catching personality in any event.

3. Yellow Gold Ring with Solitaire Diamond:

The gold ring has its own importance when it comes to the rings. Wearing a gold ring can add a touch of elegance and charm to the personality of the wearer. Adding a solitaire diamond with your gold ring can complete the entire look of your ring. This yellow gold diamond ring will be an ideal choice of solitaire rings for mens.

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4. Pearl Solitaire Ring:

Want to add a classic touch in your per solidarity with the support of the ring, then you can go for this solitaire pearl ring. The small solitaire stones are studded around the pearl gemstone enhances the beauty of the ring and so it does to the personality of the wearer. So, if you are in a mood to get ready with your classy style choose the solitaire pearl ring for you.

5. Square Cut Solitaire Ring:

Square cut diamond solitaire ring never goes out of trend. The large square cut solitaire holds the power to catch the attention of the peoples towards your large diamond. The square cut solitaire ring can add a rich glamour to your style.

6. Oval Shaped Solitaire Ring in Platinum:

Oval shaped solitaire ring is widely famous design in the category of diamond solitaire rings. Giving yourself a regal look with this oval solitaire will be a great idea in any event. This oval solitaire ring can be worn by the men and women’s also.

7. Filigree Solitaire Ring for Engagement:

Filigree rings are considered to be traditional rings, but adding a solitaire diamond stone with the filigree designer ring can give you a touch of ethnic and traditional look. so if ever feel like to look traditional, wearing this filigree solitaire ring will definitely help you.

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8. Simple and Colorful Solitaire Ring:

It’s time do some experiments with color of the clear solitaire and here we bring the colorful solitaire ring for you. The champagne color solitaire stone is quite unique in its own style.

9. Emerald Cut Solitaire Rings for Mens:

The emerald cut diamond solitaire rings are very popular among the men. Wearing a emerald solitaire ring with the double shanks can perfectly reflects the boldness of your style. This high shine emerald cut ring can be the perfect solitaire rings for mens.

10. Mens Row Beaded Solitaire Ring:

Let’s make the whole structure designer of the ring and the row beaded ring perfectly shows this statement. The edges of the rings are beautifully designed with the small beads with the heart shapes can be the best solitaire engagement ring for men’s.

11. Pave Solitaire Ring:

The pave solitaire ring effectively highlights the center stone pop which adds an extra sparkle in your personality. So, grant yourself some extra spark with this beautiful pave solitaire ring.

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12. The Halo Solitaire Ring for Wedding:

The halo solitaire ring has a stunning center stone which is surrounded by the little solitaire stones which make the center stone appear larger. So, if you want to draw the attention of the peoples towards to your center stone then this halo solitaire ring can be the best choice for you.

13. Bezel Set Diamond Solitaire Ring:

Bezel set solitaire ring is very famous ring setting because of its modern and sophisticated look. The thin metal tightly encircles the solitaire so that it always gets suitable with your active lifestyle. If you want to wear solitaire ring as a daily wearing ornament then you must go for the bezel setting solitaire.

14. Bar Solitaire Setting:

In the bar setting there are multi stones and each stone is perfectly separated with the bars of metal. Wearing a bar solitaire ring on any occasion can make stand out of the crowd.

15. Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring:

The cathedral solitaire ring is one of the most classic and elegant engagement rings. The cathedral setting diamond solitaire used to raise high above you finger which is powerful enough to grab the eye of anyone towards to your finger.

Here we have all the designs of the solitaire rings from simple to trendy. You can choose a simple solitaire ring for your or for your beloved because sometime the simplest statement can be more powerful to express your feelings. Diamond Solitaire rings are timeless jewelry ornaments and whatever the occasion is they always give a complete look to the wearer.

Hope you have liked the all solitaire ring designs and now you can find it easy to choose a one for you. We promise you that our top selections of the rings are able enough to highlight the diamond of your finger.


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