Wedding Ring is a finger ring worn by a married person. Generally, in marriage, spouses gift ring to each other. It binds them both to a single thread. It lets them get connected to each other for lifetime. Usually, wedding rings are chosen with diamonds. Diamond has always been special for ladies. Mostly, wedding rings are worn in ring finger of either left or right hand. It is believed that ring finger directly touches to heart. And diamond wedding ring tie knots of both hearts.

Stunning Wedding Rings with Diamonds:

Wedding ring will stay precious for couple till eternity. Here we enlisted below the most beautiful diamond wedding rings for women and men in india.

1. Two Heart Shaped Diamond Wedding Ring:

This diamond wedding ring has two hearts attached with each other. It has white and yellow gold together. There is diamond in between each heart and both sides there is a line of few diamonds. It is just the best.

2. Side Line Diamond Wedding Ring:

This diamond wedding ring is for men gifted by her spouse. It is having three diamonds in side lines. It will really look amazing on men’s hand. The design is not that delicate that man feels shy to wear ring. It is appropriate for men to wear.

3. Small Diamonds Wedding Ring:

This diamond wedding ring is made up of rose gold with small diamonds attached on interval. It is looking so pretty. The design is really cute and suits well on her hand. It is best for those ladies who like delicate designs.

4. Designer Diamond Wedding Ring:

This is really awesome designer diamond wedding ring. It must be expensive too as it is especially designer piece. In this there is purple color diamond which is shining like anything. The design is such an unusual one and stunning.

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5. Pink Diamond Wedding Ring:

This diamond wedding ring has pink color big diamond. Flower pattern has been done with gold around the big pink diamond. It is heavy in design and classy too. This ring will look unique and rare in ladies’ hand.

6. Crown Design Diamond Wedding Ring:

This is an amazing diamond wedding ring with three round diamonds and beautiful hearts. The design of this ring is like a crown of princess. This will make your spouse feel pride because of crown design. People will see the design with amaze.

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7. Lotus Style Diamond Wedding Ring:

This is a unique design in diamond wedding ring. It looks like a diamond is embossed in between a lotus. The pattern of lotus is done so beautifully that it looks like real. Each diamond is shining brightly. It is just the best.

8. Peacock Design Diamond Wedding Ring:

This gold ring has peacock engraved on it with few diamonds. This is really a classic piece of art. With this ring, finger of ladies will look heavy. This design will cover half of her finger. The ring is looking gorgeous with peacock pattern.

9. Adjustable Diamond Wedding Ring:

This diamond wedding ring has gorgeous tree design with many small diamonds. It is adjustable ring. It gets adjust with the size of your finger. It will look fancy in ladies hand covering almost half of her finger. It is eye-catching design.

Diamond wedding rings are in so many varieties and patterns. They help in tying knots of two hearts and merging two souls. Some designs of diamond wedding ring are delicate but it looks so nice on finger. Ladies love to wear diamond wedding ring because it is gifted by her spouse. Wedding ring becomes so precious for couples that they don’t like to remove it. It denotes the right they have on each other.


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