Dice tattoos are the favourite designs for people who are daily involved with gambling and playtime. People believing in luck and faith generally loves the concept of rolling dice, and luck depends on the numbers that arrive. Numbers also play a vital role in gambling; hence lucky numbers on the dice are shown on dice tattoos on body parts.

Cute and Lucky Dice Tattoos With Images:

Several other designs accompany the dice in tattoos, for example, the cards, faces, numbers, stars, etc.; some extremely brilliant ideas are listed below.

1. Dice on The Wrist:

The wrist rolling dice tattoos are most common and largely known as the attractive ones among the dice tattoos. People often connected to gambling have their hands on the table for rolling the dice. The wrist dice tattoo looks cool when men are at the real gambling time.

2. Tied up Dice Tattoo:

Men and women both love the dice tattoos on their bodies. It’s not that people choose dice tattoos only if they are involved in gambling, but some people also relate it with the gambling that life plays. The unknown future and ups and downs also give a psychological meaning. Tied up dices also reflect any such psychological meaning that shows the wearer’s image.

3. Rolling Dice on Waist:

Rolling dice tattoo made on the waist is a kind of adorable tattoo design women like to engrave. The side bottom waist that peeps between the top and bottom looks attractive when decorated with tattoo designs. Women often loving gambling games can have dice tattoos engraved on their waist.

4. Gambling Dice Tattoo:

Gambling cards dice tattoos are made for men totally in love with gambling and experimenting on luck. Engraved with lucky numbers and stars and cards, people add the dice designs to make sleeve tattoos.

5. Lucky Number Dice Tattoo on Flames:

Lucky number and flaming dice tattoos are also one most common designs of dice tattoos. People have a deep belief in their lucky number in context with gambling love to make a lucky number with dice tattoo on their body; in a way, luck always remains with them.

6. Small Dice Tattoo:

Small dice tattoos are more preferable in cases of women. The cute looking dice can be accompanied by other designs like flowers, sunrise, designs and shapes to make it more pretty.

7. Poke Dice Crown Tattoo:

Poker crown dice tattoo flash can be made full sleeve or half sleeve. The design itself is large and can look cool with any gestures. People involved in gambling prefer applying such designs to get a spectacular cool image.

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8. Snake and Dice Gambling Tattoo:

Some people have a deep interest in their gambling activity. They have deep thinking and have foresight upon how the game will go. Such people are very keen on choosing a snake dice tattoo image related to their personality.

9. Meaningful full Sleeve Dice Tattoo Image:

Meaningful full dice sleeve tattoos look incredibly noteworthy when men and women roam around in the casino. The gambling images of cards and poker and the rolling dice, including photos of money, time, luck, looks brilliant in her work and the personality worth noticing.


Gamblers and players need not suggest the meaning of dice tattoos. The dice tattoos attract people towards it. The small cubes having numbers on them decide the destiny of a countless number of people all around the globe.

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