A great way to lose weight is by following a particular diet chart. However, before you chose one for yourself, remember to be very careful. Most diet plans that come these days can definitely help you shed a lot of weight within a short period of time. But they have so many negative consequences. And the worst part is that you will put back on all the weight that you have lost.

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So why would you want to follow a diet plan chart that would prove defective in the long run? It’s time for you to make the right choices. We have come up with some of the best diet foods that you can incorporate in your diet to say goodbye to belly fat and live a life that is active, fit and full of fun. Pick the one you think you can use best and make full use of it. All the best!

Diet To Reduce Belly Fat:

Given below the best food items that are very useful for your diet plan for reduce belly fat.

1. Almonds:

A great way to shed your belly fat is by adding almonds to your eating plan. This one will definitely help you flatten your stomach. It is rich in fibre which helps you stay full for a longer duration of time. It boosts the quality of your skin and is full of Vitamin E and protein. So next time you are feeling hungry despite knowing that it isn’t your meal time, grab a handful of almonds and eat them. Doing this shall help you not only see a significant change in your body but also burn belly fat.

2. Apples:

The second best item you can add to your diet plan for reduce belly fat are apples. They are full of wholesome goodness. They fill your stomach and are very less in calories. It has a lot of nutrients and has been known among several experts and advisers. In fact, if you speak to a fitness expert, they will always tell you about the health benefits that apples contain. They will burn belly fat and give flat belly and will never make you feel bloated or lethargic after consumption.

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Avocados are truly magical fruits. They are full of richness and several other vital nutrients. They are very rich in fibre and keep your hunger at bay. It contains monosaturated fatty acids that will help you burn belly fat easily. The fruit is absolutely amazing and can be eaten at breakfast or as an evening snack. You can also add it for your flat belly diet in a fruit salad for dessert. This will add some good taste to your palate too.

4. 7 Day Belly Fat Diet Plan:

This diet plan is about cutting out caffeine, sugar and alcohol. You need to use fish oil instead of her unhealthy oils while cooking. You should have a proper and healthy breakfast and consists of fruits, oats, eggs or cornflakes. Also grab a few nuts. They are very filling. You should not be eating after 8 pm. This is because eating late in the night cause your body’s digestive system to slow down. However, you can have one cheat meal per week. This is when you can favourite ice cream or chocolate cake. Make sure you are not over eating. This is one of the best tips of diet to reduce tummy.

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5. The Indian Diet Plan:

To melt belly fat, you can try this simple diet plan that has been followed by several Indians. For this, you need to get rid of all bad habits such as smoking or alcohol. You should have oats or corn flakes for breakfast. If you love rotis or chapattis, you can eat two rotis with some vegetables. After two hours, have two cream cracker biscuit and a glass full of sugar free lassi. For lunch, you can two chapattis with some fish curry, some spinach and a bowl full of dal. You can have lassi and cream cracker for snacks again and end the day with brown rice and chicken. This is one of the effective diet plan to reduce belly fat.

6. The Military Diet:

To shed some fat around the belly, try the military diet. This one is effective diet to lose belly fat. Start your day with a brown bread toast, some black tea and grapefruit. For lunch you can have coffee or tea along with half a cup of tuna. Add a bread toast too. Next you will have to eat dinner straight. This is about eating an apple, three ounces of any meat, one banana and half a cup of green beans. This plan will last for three days a week and the rest of the days you can follow a healthy 1500 calorie diet.

7. Five Day Eating Plan:

The five day eating plan is great for reducing belly fat and weight loss. It is healthy and helps you lose a substantial amount of weight within three months. You can have steamed vegetable tortillas for breakfast, two cups of green beans and some soup. Mid afternoon you can some berries and at dinner have salad with some baked salmon.

8. The Healthy Meal Plan:

The healthy meal plan is something that you can definitely try in order to see significant changes. For breakfast, have a spicy burrito. End it with a glass full of fat free milk. For lunch you can have a brown bread chicken sandwich. Add potato wedges. For dinner have a cup full of broccoli, some broiled salmon and fat free milk. You need to follow this plan six to seven days a week. This is the perfect and ideal diet for reducing belly fat.

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9. Mediterranean Diet:

To follow the Mediterranean diet, you need to consume a lot whole grains, lean protein, fish, fruits, vegetables and pasta. This one has been inspired by the eating habits that have been followed in countries such as Spain and Greek. Not only is it effective, but also super healthy.

10. The Vegan Diet:

The Vegan Diet lasts for about two weeks and helps you shed weight within a small period of time. This one is great for the tummy. For breakfast have oatmeal, spinach salad for lunch and spinach lasagne for dinner.

11. The 4 Bad Food-Free Diet:

You can eat almost anything for maintaining a proper body. Well, not literally. Anything won’t allow you to maintain a flat belly. There are mainly 4 bad foods that you will have to avoid. Some of these are present in many other foods as well. These four bad foods are, alcohol, processed foods, artificial sugar and, processed food. Avoiding these 4 foods in your diet will allow one to shape and arrange their own diet plan filled with good foods containing minimum calorie.

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12. Foods With Fish Oil:

Foods which contain fish oil allow the fat burning process to work more effectively quickly. There is another way of doing this. That is by eating fish oil supplements after every big meal. This will allow the fat to burn more quickly.

13. Fish Diet To Reduce Belly Fat:

Maintain a diet with proper amounts of fish such as meals which contain salmon or other fish content. It has been proven that fish can effectively burn fat and this is one of the reasons why such diet plans are considered as some of the best diet plans for reducing tummy.

14. The Nut Diet:

Diets with good amounts of nuts are always beneficial for loosing weight. If you’re looking for a diet plan to reduce fat, then start adding some nuts (suitable ones) to your regular and day to day. In this way, you won’t have to arrange a new diet but you will be able to eat the day to day foods (which are calorie restricted) along with some nuts which can make the meals even more delicious.

15. Diet With Milk:

This point specifically emphasizes on milk. It can be said to be one those drinks that can make your day even better. Staying healthy is all that’s necessary. As at the end of the day all your have is your body and healthy is wealth. So start your day with a glass of milk or you can have in the intermediate hours as well. This will allow you to stay healthy throughout the day and also loose substantial kilos of fat.

16. Tart Cherries:

Diets with tart cherries are always awesome. They taste great, look great, and when you’ll eat them you will feel great as well. They are one of the best ways to loose excess tummy fat and that is why diets with tart cherry will be the ideal diet to reduce fat.

17. Diets With Zero Beverages:

Here beverages include the ones with sugar which might be the reason behind obesity. Such beverages are banned in many counties due to their excessive content of sugar and one should avoid drinking them as well. Sugar can be really bad for you, when you’re on a diet for reducing fat. Such a diet will be one of the best ways to reduce excessive weight.

18. Eating Good Amounts of Protein:

Diets with good amounts of protein will obviously keep you full for a long period of time and will act as fiber that will assist in reducing weight. As when you’re eating less food the chances of gaining weight are also reduced.

19. Less Carb Diet:

Carb means carbohydrate. Reduce the consumption of potatoes and foods with such high amounts of carbohydrate. Such are diets are the best ones to reduce belly fat effectively.

20. The Fiber Diet:

People with weight issues should eat foods with more fiber as that is probably the only and the most effective way to reduce weight and not to stop eating. Such a restriction of foods will obviously result in weight loss and is one of the best diet plans to reduce fat.

In this article, you are provided with some of the best diet for reduce belly fat and excess fat. Wit the help of diet plans discussed here, you will be able to make your own diet chart and follow that. Educating yourself about the food values and diet content will make your diet more effective.

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