Are you planning to lose weight? Have you lost hope by trying different diet regime? Then you can now stow away the dumb bells and get your kettle on. There is no one best diet tea for weight loss. It is advised to try more than one tea per day, for each tea has its own nutritional goodness.

Best Diet Teas That Work For Weight Loss:

The Diet teas discussed below aid in quick weight loss, but also cleanse the colon and increasing your metabolism. They flush out toxins, block fat cells and help you reduce those extra inches around your waist.

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You should start the day with a fresh cup of tea, instead of coffee. Coffee contains higher amount of calorie than tea. You should have the tea without milk or sugar. Both milk and sugar contain fat stomping ability and increase the body weight.

Diet Iced Tea:

You can have unsweetened iced tea instead of soda, during lunch and dinner. Diet sodas or any type of sugary drink increases the weight of a body. The sodium content in diet soda makes the body retain water. So, it eventually increases weight of the body. Iced tea will offer you the same effect during the afternoon as that of hot tea or coffee.

  • Brew some tea leaves and prepare decoction
  • Add some cold water and ice cubes
  • Add honey, lemon and mint for taste

Diet Slimming Tea:

You can get packaged diet slimming teas, which contain a laxative ingredient. These teas also contain castor oil, aloe, rhubarb root, senna, buckthorn, and agarwood.

  • Just Add a tea bag to a cup of hot water and wait till the tea gets brewed

However, if you are consuming a diet tea, then make sure not to intake too much. This could result in developing nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, dehydration, persistent diarrhea, and fainting. So, you should not consume more than one cup of diet tea in a day. You should also consult your healthcare professional before drinking this.

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Diet Tea:

You should consume a whole glass of cool tea just before the dinner. This would fill your stomach and make you less hungry during the actual meal. Cold tea is preferred instead of warm ones, because the body spends extra calories to metabolize the cold tea, thus reducing weight.

Diet Herbal Tea:

You can have a cup of herbal tea before going to bed. This helps to relax your brain and body. A good slumber also contributes to shedding of a few pounds.

  • Boil tea leaves and add some ginger and lemon
  • Strain the liquid and serve hot

Diet White Tea:

If you are really fond of consuming white tea, then you need to intake it at a specific time of the day, in order to get the maximum weight loss benefit. White tea has the ability to block fat absorption, so drinking it before lunch would work for you.

  • Pour hot water over a white tea bag in a cup
  • Wait for it to release the tea
  • Serve hot

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Diet Bilberry Tea:

You can consume bilberry tea around dinnertime, in order to balance the glucose levels in the body. Bilberry teas come in teabags for easy preparation.

  • Just dip a Bilberry tea bag in a cup of hot water
  • Wait for a few minutes before you enjoy the drink

Diet Oolong Tea:

You can intake oolong tea in the morning to increase the metabolic function of the body. You can even this tea all through the day.

  • Add a few Oolong tea leaves to boiling water
  • When the color of the water changes, strain the liquid
  • Serve hot

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Diet Green Tea:

If you want to spend a little more on the choice of tea, then green tea would be the best. These come with antioxidant properties, and keep you healthy.

  • Add a few green tea leaves to boiling water
  • When the color of the water changes to light green, strain the liquid
  • Serve hot

Chinese Diet Tea:

Chinese diet tea is growing in popularity for its quick and effective results. This tea consists of laxatives to flush out the excess water and fat in the body. These teas, like the slimming diet teas, should be used no more than a week.

  • Bring water to boil and add a Chinese tea bag
  • Wait for a few minutes before the tea seeps in
  • Serve it with some honey

Top 5 Diet Tea Brand’s List India:

The best brands that are popular for diet teas are as follows:

  • Tetley Tea: One of the widely consumed tea brand, that comes in a variety of flavors like lime, ginger, lemongrass.
  • Lipton Tea: This famous tea brand produces a variety of diet teas for weight loss and body cleansing.
  • Yogi Tea: Yogi tea is popular for its herbal diet teas that are filled with antioxidants. They drive free radicals from the body and also support weight loss.
  • Organic India: This brand is renowned for organic teas and its Tulsi variety is highly popular among health enthusiasts.
  • 24 Mantra: Another Organic tea brand, that produces diet teas which are free from pesticides. They have a variety of flavored teas to suit every palette.

Side Effects of Dieter’s Tea:

While dieter’s tea is low in calories and aids in weight loss, one needs to consider the following side effects before beginning the diet program:

  • Diet Teas are diuretic. They make you urinate frequently and might lead to dehydration.
  • Excessive use of diet teas can lower down potassium levels in the body. This can result in muscle cramps and low blood pressure.
  • One might experience nausea, acidity, heartburn, refluxes due to diet tea.
  • Abdominal pain is the most common side effect of Diet tea.
  • Taking only diet tea, with no other diet can lead to malnutrition.

Tea itself is low in calories, so consuming frequent cups of tea would help you to lose weight. It works on the same concept of losing weight by drinking more water. The added benefit with tea diet is along with water balance in the body, it also keep you energized.


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