Best Diet To Help In Natural Height Growth

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Height has always been a concern for most of us. A good height can not only enhance personality it also makes you confident. Even though height is dependent on genes, diet and nutrition can also play positive role in the aspect. In our body HGH, Human Growth Hormone, is responsible for height gain. An imbalanced diet can hamper the functioning and result in slow or limited growth. The market is flooded with products that falsely promise height increase. Instead of relying on artificial sources, it is recommended to try consuming a diet for height growth, that includes plenty of fresh natural food.

A balanced and nutritious diet can promote height gain and is also essential for maintaining healthy physique. Check out this article to know more.

How Diet Plays An Important Role To Increase Height:

We need a healthy and balanced diet to be fit and to perform our day to day activities. Certain foods help in better production and secretion of HGH, to increase height. Sufficient amounts of HGH when produced, can aid in natural height gain. These foods also supply the body with vital nutrients that are essential for good functioning of organs and well-being of the body.

Best Diet To Increase Height:

If you are looking for a diet to grow taller, it is important for you to read through the below information. This diet comprises of all the essential sources that can boost your HGH:

1. Proteins:

  • Being the building blocks in our body, consuming proteins is the best way to increase height naturally.
  • The amino acids in proteins assist the growth hormone and are important for maintaining healthy organs, muscles, bones, tissues, teeth and skin.
  • A diet rich in protein helps in building and repairing body tissues that result in height gain.
  • The recommended dose of protein in the diet is 45-55 grams daily.
  • Some of the protein rich foods that must form a part of your diet are milk, green beans, oatmeal, pulses, lentils, lean meat, fish and seeds.

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2. Vitamin A:

  • Vitamins are essential for normal body functioning and growth.
  • Of these Vitamin A plays a crucial role in enhancing height and healthy functioning of body organs.
  • Besides it also required to maintain the vision process, skin and mucous membrane.
  • Vitamin A also preserves calcium in our bones and keeps them healthy and strong.
  • In order to promote height growth it is necessary to consume 4000-5000 IU Vitamin A in your diet.
  • Green vegetables, cantaloupe, papaya, spinach, tomatoes, beetroot, peas, chicken and apricot are good sources of Vitamin A.

3. Vitamin D:

  • Just like Vitamin A, it is also important to consume a diet rich in Vitamin D to witness substantial height increase.
  • Vitamin D plays an important role in the formation of strong and healthy bones.
  • It also aids absorption of calcium and boosts the immune system.
  • The minimum daily dose of Vitamin D in the diet should be 400 IU.
  • UV radiations are the natural source of Vitamin D while good dietary sources are cereals, tofu, soy beans, mushrooms, egg yolk, liver and fish.

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4. Minerals:

There are nearly 80 different minerals that are essential for production and growth of body organs. Minerals also enhance blood circulation, nerve transmission, fluid regulation, energy production and cellular integrity. Of these calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc are extremely important for growth of bones.

Calcium is crucial for healthy bones and can be abundantly found in dairy products, broccoli, cabbage, kale, soy and salmon. The minimum dietary dose should be 800 to 1000 mg.
Iron rich sources of food include meat, vegetables and cereals.
The dietary sources for magnesium are dairy products, nuts, legumes, cereals, avocado, meat and chocolate.
Zinc is found in sea food, eggs, chicken, whole grain products, nuts and cereals. The recommended daily intake should be around 15 mg.
Antioxidants and Fiber

  • Free radicals hamper the functioning of body organs and are also responsible for premature aging.
  • This disrupts body growth.
  • Incorporating antioxidants in the diet helps in eradicating these.
  • Therefore, adding more antioxidants to your daily diet by consuming pecans, walnuts, blackberries, cranberries, blueberries, artichoke and beans.
  • Fibres on the other hand detoxify the body and help the immune system to function efficiently.
  • Dietary fibre can be obtained from wheat germ, rice, cereals, barley, millet and most of fruits and vegetables.

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A diet with healthy dose of vitamin and minerals can undoubtedly help you grow taller. A nutritious diet assists in the functioning of HGH hormone resulting in height gain. It is important to understand that factors like age and genetics play a major role in gaining height. Usually, after the age of 18, secretion of HGH slows down and hence, growth doesn’t occur after puberty. However, following this diet can help in boosting HGH levels even after puberty to increase height. Besides, exercising and following a healthy lifestyle are other essential criterions that boost height increase.

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