Most of the modern couples prefer greenery and plants as a decorative item to enhance their living spaces. This is because, greenery is known to bring in peace of mind, calmness and relaxation to one’s life and these new plants are best pieces of décor one can ever have. But are you wondering what can be different plant pots in order to suit the different plants?

Well, if you are wondering that all the indoor or outdoor or large plants, even hanging plants, can be kept under one similar variant of pots, then you are entirely wrong! Any florae require the right fit of the pot to have a good and long life. So here we are today, to give you a glimpse of our favourite and well-known fancy pots which not just fit different plants, but also add brightness to your homes!

Plant Containers: 9 Different Types of Pots for Plants

If you think casual colour plastic pots are the only one which is prevalent and available everywhere, here are other fancy options to lit up your atmosphere at home!

1. Coir:

Given the damage caused by the environment around, with plastic and related materials, most of the modern youth are seen to shift to coir pots. They are all new eco-friendly, biodegradable and long-lasting plants which come in different shapes and sizes. They are made with coconut husk, making it environment-friendly.

  • Suitable plants: Flowers or garden plants fit very well with coir pots. Most prefer to do indoor gardening as well with these pots.
  • Perfect place: Indoor gardening or terrace gardening

2. Ceramic:

Also known as stoneware, the Ceramic pots are finely textured and are made with light-colored clay. They are outcome of firing in high kiln and then shaped to bring in the desired outcome. Often, one can notice the ceramic pots to be attractive, as they are painted and decorated well with waterproof and paint-like substance.

  • Suitable plants: Indoor plants are the best-suited plants for ceramic pots and containers. Be it Aloe-vera or a beautiful fancy bush; they will surely look great in them.
  • Perfect place: On tables, and as decorative piece.

3. Terracotta:

Terracotta is quite similar and near to ceramic pottery. It is made with special terracotta clay, which are water-tight in nature and is porous. Given that the issue of over watering can be resolved quickly with these pots, they are great for dry soil plants. They are great pots to prevent soil diseases and root cot issues.

  • Suitable plants: Those plants which prefer dry soil like cacti or tulsi are the best fit for terracotta plants.
  • Perfect place: Indoor, at pretty corners of home. Outdoors for dry soil-plant gardening.

4. Plastic:

As the name describes itself, plastic pots are most commonly found and are inexpensive to buy for many. Hence, it is most preferred and sold item in nurseries, although we all know the disadvantage and adverse effects of using plastic. However, these are still commonly used as nursery pots and easy to maintain.

  • Suitable plants: Flowers, and any florae can be planted in plastic pots. They are commonly suited to most kind of plants.
  • Perfect place: Outdoor is the ideal place to place these pots. Balconies and verandahs can be a great fit.

5. Wood:

We all love to have a fancy and beautiful look at our homes and wood is a common material which attracts us all. Any piece of wood can be transformed and altered into a décor piece easily. But one must note that given they are known to deteriorate quicky due to adverse environmental conditions, it is best to have them for indoor use.

  • Suitable plants: Container small plants can be pretty in the small wooden plant pots.
  • Perfect place: It looks best when placed on table tops, and desk-tops.

6. Metal:

Given the bright and fancy colour with shine, metal pots are getting glamorous around. Especially, copper and brass metal pots are great to add into our living spaces, with a pinch of sophisticated look and modern accent. However, given that they may heat up quickly when put outdoors, they are best as indoor plants.

  • Suitable plants: Any indoor plants can be the best fit for copper and brass metal pots. These can fit both small and big plant pots.
  • Perfect place: Pretty corners, near to walls and tabletops can be the best place to fit them well.

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7. Concrete:

If you are a sucker for succulent plants, then the concrete pots are the best fit. These are porous in nature, where water can be absorbed or evaporated quickly. Besides these, they are quite durable, reliable, long-lasting too. They can make a great décor piece.

  • Suitable plants: Cactus and similar variants are best fit for concrete pots.
  • Perfect place: They are great decorative pieces indoor in homes.

8. Stone Pots:

Most of us haven’t heard about stone pots, and why not! They aren’t quite widely prevalent, but they are coming into fashion today with their new shapes and colours. They are again great indoor decorative piece, which are very strong and durable. They are resistant to water and are suitable for tiny plants.

  • Suitable plants: Small plants, indoor and outdoor; bonsai plants are also great option to these pots.
  • Perfect place: Decorative plant pots, indoor and outdoor. Best if kept on shelves.

9. Baskets:

Hanging pots like baskets are the new trend today. We often spot the scene in most homes, and they surely add great décor and bring in creativity inside living spaces. The unique hanging plants can be great option to choose for these spots.

  • Suitable plants: begonia, tassel fern, and other hanging plants are best in these basket pots
  • Perfect place: They are great as balcony hanging pots and in verandahs.

Recyclable and Sustainable Homemade Pots:

Why buy when you can recycle? If you believe in sustainable living, then these recyclable home DIY plant ideas can be your best friend.

1. Teapot planter:

If you are creative and are looking for an indoor tiny plant idea in a fashionable way, then you can try this teapot planter. Take an un-used teapot, clean it thoroughly, fill with soil and add in the excellent tiny home plant.

2. Pots planter:

Kitchen pans and pots can be a great way to add in a home planter too. Especially, if you have cooking pots with good inner depth, try bringing home-friendly plants like cactus, aloe vera and so on in them!

3. Alarm clock planter:

Well, we are sure you haven’t imagined this possibility of alarm clock planter as yet! Though this can get a bit tricky and challenging, try bringing in short creeper on the clock with your creativity. These are good as small plant pots.

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4. Basketball planter:

For this, all you need to do is cut down basketball into half and fill it up with soil. Use this for hanging plants and also hang in the basketball with a support. This can be an excellent DIY wall hanging pot too!

5. Painted tire planter:

Well, this is among our favourite. Take a tire and wash it with the color you like. Place a surface at the bottom and keep the painted tire on it. Add soil inside and thus, the pot is ready. You can use this just like any other plastic pot for flowers or vegetables.

6. Plastic bottle planters:

If you want an easy trick with the unused plastic bottles lying around the kitchen, instead of throwing them away, fill them up with soil and plant small flowers or indoor plants in them. You can also hang them with colourful ropes to make it turn into an art piece!

We hope this guide has given an idea of what best can be great indoor and outdoor plant pots for lighting up your living spaces. Now discard the usual mud pots and try these out. They surely are going to add in colour into your home! Tell us your thoughts!


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