An emotion which has loads of affection for someone, that tenderness and deep passion, such a feeling is called love. It is a feeling where personal attachments happen out of fondness and a deep connection to the next. A feeling where desire and sexual passion also make it way inroads too, which isn’t the case with friendship, say many. Friendship happens when there is mutual admiration and fixation for one another.

Why are we fascinated with love?

1. As humans we are, let’s face it. Love is a need which we all have; we crave it and would turn the world upside down to have it. Check online, and there are many websites dedicated to love. Throughout history we have learnt about lovers and their ordeals, we have read stories and enjoyed poems on love. Some of us even write prose, sonnets and paint, keeping love as a theme.

2. Love in a capsule has human kindness in abundance; it also entails affection and compassion too. As an emotion it is benevolent and compassionate, it helps an individual express their feelings in the right way. Love in short is the birthplace of romance, and much more as well

Varied Feelings:

Love needn’t be defined as a culmination of two souls romantically. It can be a feeling that crosses all boundaries, castes, races, gender, orientation, and interpersonal attraction too.  Some look at love as desirous, some as a familiar, some in a platonic way, and some in the form of a religious outburst from within. In short, it is a concept that binds one another, with feelings that cannot be defined. However, when it comes to romantic love between two individual souls, the love here is distinct and one of a kind

Platonic Love:

a. Non romantic
b. Friendship
c. No sexual connotations involved
d. Friends, parents, siblings or your children
e. Pure and kind

Romantic Love:

a. Sexual element involved
b. Between partners
c. Across orientations
d. Across gender, caste and creed
e. Boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, live-in relationships etc.

The presence or the lack of it
No matter what, if there is love or the lack of it, we all want friends and a circle of them that too. Platonic love can be friendships too, especially if it is between two close friends sans romantic emotions for one another.

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Friendship Shows:

  • What is best for you and them
  • Empathy and sympathy
  • Bluntness and honesty
  • Compassion
  • Mutual understanding
  • Be there for emotional support
  • Enjoying one another’s company
  • Mutual trust
  • Positive
  • Strong
  • Deep
  • Reciprocity
  • Equality
  • Give and take
  • Being yourself
  • Sans judgments

Final Words:

Romantic love we can safely say is a notch up from what friendship is all about. You could even say from deep-rooted friendship, love can stem. Lovers emulate more or less all the traits and attributes of best friend’s syndromes. A romantic attraction for the next is just an added benefit to friendship, say many.

Take a look at all the lovers around or even the successful couples. Each of them began as friends, actually strangers first, people who met one another and got to know each other. So they began being friends, and then they went on to learn more from one another. When things clicked between the two, they took it to the next level, dating and courting, not necessarily romantic.

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A few dates later, romance blossomed, since the two of them understood each other better. This is where the demarcation between friendship and love came through. So if you thought someone being a good friend and polite was being romantic, you’ve got it wrong!!


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