Hanging clothes in a better way at times turn out to be a challenge. Finding a proper place, hanging it over there in a way that it could be used later, all these gets little complicated. So knowing little more about the hangers can help out with the practice of hanging. Clothe when taken off from the shoulders and left somewhere else other than the hangers supposedly has a clumsy look. The ‘Can be used later’ factor goes less probable owing to the creases in it. For a wardrobe to look pretty clean, the way the clothes are hung, and how it is arranged matters. Cloth hangers are designed in such a way to ease the efforts in keeping the clothes wrinkle-free. The shoulder-like shape of it aids in hanging the clothes and retaining the original shape of it. While wardrobes prevent clothes from dust, hangers safeguard it from getting creases. Wire hangers weigh less and are not suitable for heavy weighing clothes like coats and jackets. Saying so, each hanger is designed with a specific purpose. Hangers, in general, serve the purpose of hanging clothes; the aspect to be noted is the quality of the cloth hangers.

Different Types of Hangers for Cloths:

Hangers! No matter how it looks, if it could hang a cloth that’s fine; but to our surprise, hangers go on a range from simple wire or metal hangers to the classy and cozy looking designer ones. Material, design, and weight vary for each hanger to meet its purpose. Here are some of the popular kinds you can choose from…

Wooden Hangers:

Wooden hangers are sturdy enough to hold heavy weighing clothes. The design is made accordingly to hang coats and jackets. Designer ones are made even with wooden hangers, the color is altered and some additional features are added to enhance the look.

Wire Hangers:

Wire hangers are less weighing. It is made of thin metal cables and is plastic coated. The less weighing feature of it makes it capable of holding lightweight clothes. As the hanger is plastic coated, it causes no stain on the clothes. It is one of the easy made cloth hanger.

Plastic Hangers:

Plastic hangers are in a way more startling, the material is strong enough to hold heavy weighing clothes, but is not advisable for a long time use. It looks more startling because there is no excuse with the colors. The material is available in a number of colors and so the hangers will be. Not just white and black hangers even the fancy and designer hangers.

Clip Hangers:

Clip hangers look little different from the rest as it has got clips and the horizontally aligned structure. The clips take the role of holding those clothes that could not be hung; say, for example, skirts. Off shoulder clothes can be hung using clip hangers.

Metal Hangers:

Metal hangers are in a way stronger than those wire and steel hangers. It may not be dazzling to look and are not designers ones. Metal hangers meet the purpose but are not eye-catching.

Multi Hangers:

Multi hangers are designed with extra horizontal linings to hang all in one hanger, say; coats, stoles, pants, etc. Multi hangers can otherwise be said as the space-saving hangers; instead of hanging clothes on separate hangers and occupying more space, multi hangers are helpful in hanging many in one hanger.

Velvet Hangers:

Velvet hangers or the non-slip hangers are specially designed to hang easy slip velvet clothes. The silky and soft texture of the cloth slips easily from the hanger; velvet hanger prevents clothes from slipping with the dents on either side of it. Felt hangers and flocked hangers are designed in the same way.

Padded Hangers:

Padded hangers come with the soft satin pads over the hangers. The soft pads prevent clothes from folds and wrinkles. Clothes with creases are irritable, and that too on some serious situation, it turns down the entire state of mind. Padded hangers take the role of preventing clothes from creases.

Cedar Hangers:

Cedar hangers are scented hangers that absorb stinks from clothes and keep clothes fresh to wear. Cedar hangers are similar to the wooden hangers but are scented. Wet cloths when hung on hangers for a long time stinks, and that could be overcome with the use of cedar hangers.

Small Hangers:

Small hangers let small clothes to be hung on it. Toddler clothes when hung on normal sized hangers get stretched and lose the elasticity. Small hangers prevent clothes from getting spoiled.

Fancy Hangers:

Fancy hangers are those with some added features. Beaded, painted, ribbon wrapped, etc. Fancy hangers add some beauty to the place where it is hung. It is often not much purposeful but can be had for embellishing the wardrobe.

Space Saving Hangers:

Space saving hanger is designed with the notion to hang more clothes using a single hanger. A single hanging loop holds more than one horizontal lining with shoulder like structure. Each of the horizontal lining is capable of hanging on clothe. This noticeably saves space on the wardrobe.

Joy Hangers:

Joy hangers are those simple plastic hangers designed with a feature that prevents clothes from slipping. Joy hangers satisfy the use of felt and velvet hangers. The soft clothes hung on plastic hangers are more likely to slip off, but joy hangers prevent it from slipping.

Non-Slip Hangers:

Non-slip hangers are same as those plastic hangers, but the surface is little coarse that constrains clothes from slipping off easily. Sleeveless clothes with thin straps fall off more often and the usage of non-slip hangers can stop them from falling.

Heavy Duty Hangers:

Heavy duty hangers are those used for hanging heavy weighing clothes, say, coats, and jackets, wet and heavy clothes. Fire work jackets and the other leather jackets weigh heavy, and the heavy duty hangers are strong enough to hold it.

Slim Hangers:

Slim hangers are similar to those plastic hangers, but are vertically flat and slim. It is suitable for stiff clothes, while the other hangers can spoil the shape, slim hangers keep the shape.

Tips for Choice and Usage of Hangers:

Stability of any product is based on its quality and method of usage, same goes for hangers. If used on a proper scale it can last for a long time.

  • Wire hangers should be used to hang lightweight clothes like stoles, scarfs, etc.
  • Wet clothes can be hung on plastic hangers; metal hangers and wooden hangers can stain the clothes.
  • Clip hangers can be used for short time hanging because the clips can lay marks over the clothes if hung for a long time.
  • Clothes with elasticity should be hung loosely on the hangers; hanging it little tighter can spoil the elasticity of the cloth.
  • Design of the hanger is not as important as the stability of it.
  • Fancy cloth hangers might look dazzling but are not guaranteed to meet the purpose.
  • Slim hangers can be used for hanging ties.
  • Light colored clothes can be hung on plastic and wire hangers as the wooden and metal hangers can stain the clothes.
  • White hangers should be used for light colored clothes because the colored clothes when hung on white hangers can cause color stains on the hangers.

Clothes hung precisely on hangers in wardrobes, and clothes placed clumsily have got differences. It matters in a person’s persona to keep his place neat and tidy. Choosing right hangers and hanging clothes neatly end up having a good looking wardrobe. Folding clothes is a bit harder and takes quiet a long time, hanging them instead makes it easier and is of course time saving. So no more worrying about clothe care, just hang them on and hangout.

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