As no girls want to repeat their dress, the same is the scenario with the hairstyles these days. Be it formal look, night out with friends, wedding ceremony or the casual hang out with friend’s, the hairstyle is the change you should never ignore. A different hairstyle that suits your dress, jewellery and makeup can be an eye catchy personal enhancement for every girl. You can surely be the same dress at different places and occasions, but If you try these hairstyles you get up would 99% turn to be a fresh one, no one would be able to recall the last time you looked the same.

We have a list of 100+ different hairstyles for girls. No matter whether you are 15 or 50 keeping in mind all the styling aspect we have pinned here, a wide range of different hairstyle to make you look fabulous and stand out in the crowd. Be it the western or ethnic wear, make sure every flip of your hair perfectly defines your beauty. Have a look below at the 100+ amazing hairstyles.

100 Recommended Simple Hairstyles for Girls with Long, Short, and Medium Hair:

Whether you do a braid styling, bun styling or leave your hair open in a wavy style, it is sure to look elegant. Some people follow fashion styling. Some have their style, and some follow the local style. So let’s begin.

  • Buns With Loose Sections.
  • Puffed Bun Hair Dos.
  • Front Fringes.
  • Fishtail Hairdos.
  • Rolled Up-Dos.
  • Crown Braids.
  • Retro Touch Haircuts.
  • Low Bumped Hairstyles.
  • Bubbled Ponytails.

If you are trying to change your hair look different from past days, then you have bumped on to the right place. Here we present 100+ latest looks in hairstyles for girls with long, medium and short length hairs. You can choose your favourite style as per your requirement for occasions and festivals.

Long Hairstyles for Girls:

1. Curly Long Hairstyles for Girls:

Long hairs along with curls are usually truly classy. We can say that the women who possess long curly hairs are a brave and bold one. This hairdo is more suitable for round shape faces. The long hairs always give you a scope to experiment your hair with many hairstyles. To execute this simple hairstyle in grace, you might need a curler around, so it’s best if you avoid this look if you are afraid of the damage that heat would do to your hair.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Shapes: Long hair with wavy structure and round, long type of face structures are best for this style.
  • Perfect Occasion: Outings with friends and school or college going, parties are a good option in this look.
  • Best Season to Try: The winter season is the best for this one.
  • Matching Outfits: This hairstyle goes with western and ethnic wear.

2. Long Curly Hairdo Hairstyles for Teenage Girls:

For those who have long curly hair, it is one of the most recommended and glamorous hairdos. To get your define curls to brush one side of the hair and apply some amount of mousse on your hair. This is one of the best girl’s hairstyles suitable to who have long hair. The hair clip on top is essential to keep the bangs in place while letting the curls rule in grace and give a look a total chic vibe.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Shapes: Long curly hair, and round face structure are best for this look.
  • Perfect Occasion: Casual hangouts and wedding ceremony are good for this.
  • Best Season to Try: Best to try this style in winter season only.
  • Matching Outfits: Preferable outfits for this style is western and ethnic wears.

3. Straight Long Girl Hairstyles for Round Faces:

To have this kind of hairstyle, you have first completely to straighten your hairs. This simple hairstyle will keep the edges of your hair straight too. It is mostly suitable for round faces. But don’t forget to check your face type first, although straight hairs suit one and all.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Shapes: Long straight hair, round, heart and diamond face shapes are best.
  • Perfect Occasion: This style is suitable for official parties and casual outing.
  • Best Season to Try: This style is best for all seasons.
  • Matching Outfits: It goes with casual wear and modern western wear.

4. Cute Loose Long Hairstyles:

Take the top layer of the hair and all the hair from both sides of the ears tie them up with the help of with bobby pins. Leave the rest of the hair open. The tiara in place makes this one a beautiful pick for the bride on her wedding day, although it is equally suitable for bridesmaids who want to flaunt their style in perfection.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Shapes: Long hair type, round, oval, diamond face shapes are good for this hairstyle.
  • Perfect Occasion: Wedding ceremony and family parties are best for this one.
  • Best Season to Try: Winter season is only best for this look.
  • Matching Outfits: Long gown and western wear are suitable for this style.

5. Long Braided Hairstyles for Girls:

Long braided hairstyles are quite simple and elegant as well as famous for all occasions. The braid is wrapper up with flowers of two colours, looking a very casual look. So, if you are off to the beach later, this is one hairstyle you can pick. It’s the best and beautiful hairstyle.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Shapes: Long thick hair, oval and diamond face shapes are best for it.
  • Perfect Occasion: Wedding ceremonies and beaches parties are the right choices to try it.
  • Best Season to Try: To try this one only the summer season.
  • Matching Outfits: Ethnic and short western dresses are perfect pair this look.

6. Plait Hairstyles for Long Hair Girls:

The long and plait hairstyle is very popular in fashion weeks, and it’s best for the red carpet also. This hairstyle is maximum follows by celebrities and popular models. This one might seem difficult, but we hate to break it to you, it is a little hassle involving. So, keep your stylist or parlour appointment planned to get the look perfectly.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Shapes: Long wavy hair, and round face shape is best for this one.
  • Perfect Occasion: Wedding ceremonies and family parties are best for this.
  • Best Season to Try: Summer season is only good for this on.
  • Matching Outfits: Long flared western and ethnic dresses are best for this style.

7. Long Hairdo Hairstyles:

One who wants to maintain this hairstyle they first have to straighten their hairdo. The straight super smooth hair is suitable for the straight waves. Oval faces can take this, but the curls need to be more prominent, and a few bangs in front would be a welcome sight. This hairstyle is the best fit for long length hair. It gives an elegant look.

Suitable Hair and Face Shapes: Curly and long hair, an oval and diamond face shapes are perfect for this style.

Perfect Occasion: This style is best for casual parties.

Best Season to Try: To try this one only the winter season.

Matching Outfits: Ethnic long gown and western wear are suitable for this style.

8. Long Layered Girl Hairstyles:

One thing you need to keep in mind before you begin is to have your hair all straightened to give your look a boost. The longer layered hair gives an oval shape to your face and helps to decrease its width. This easy hairstyle for girls is mostly suited for all formal and casual look. You can use some bobby pins to tuck the front hair to create a sober look.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Shapes: Straight long hair, round and heart face shapes are preferable for this style.
  • Perfect Occasion: You can try this hairstyle for all casual occasion.
  • Best Season to Try: This style is perfect for summer and winter seasons.
  • Matching Outfits: It goes with western and modern Indian wears.

9. Long Layered Hair Dos:

If a girl likes to keep longer sectional lengths, she can try cuts in step shapes to give a different hairstyle for girls like the above image. These can be done easily with some other accessories or kept flowy and open to give this a girly feeling. The hair looks greasy here, but you can easily skip that bit by choosing hairspray instead of hair gel to keep the look in place.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Shapes: Long curtly hair, round and heart face shapes are apt for this one.
  • Perfect Occasion: Casual time and simple parties are suitable for this.
  • Best Season to Try: Only winter season is perfect for this one.
  • Matching Outfits: Wester and casual wear like jeans are best for this one.

10. Messed Up Long Ponytail:

If a long ponytail is something that a person wants to wear, then these can be worn easy, like shown in the image above. These are quite easy to sport for parties. These cute hairstyles for girls turned in to another hairstyle like, it can be clipped into a high back pony or can roll it up to create a messy bun. A tiring thing to do. Are they?

  • Suitable Hair and Face Shapes: Medium hair, Square face shape are good to this hairstyle.
  • Perfect Occasion: Suitable occasions for this style is casual parties and regular gathering with friends.
  • Best Season to Try: Summer and winter seasons are perfect for this one.
  • Matching Outfits: All kind of regular wears are suitable for this hairstyle.

11. Wavy Long Hairstyle:

These can be done in waterfall hairstyles. These are often easy to create if a person takes professional help from salons. These can be done before parties and sport at proms or other gatherings. Accessories can also be clipped to these.

12. Long Hair Curl Looks For Girls:

These can be done with help from some parlour professionals. A person who has a party or a disco to go to, they can easily do these on themselves. These are also quite easy to sport. Long earrings can be worn with these.

13. Long Length Straight Hairs For Girls:

These are easy to style and also easy to wear. A person can take professional help for making the sections like shown in the image above. These are also easily managed with serums.

14. Long Wavy Tips Hair Dos for Girls:

These are good when a person wants to keep the sections open. These can be shaped in an edgy fashion. These can be kept open and flowy. Fresh makeup is good for teaming these. How about this new look.

15. African Full Head Long Hair Dos for Girls:

These can be made into perm with the help of heat and other styling equipment. These are good for regular wear and also for college wears. Maintenance is required. For maintenance, branded products can be used for these.

Short Hairstyles for Girls:

1. Short Hairdo Hairstyle for Girls:

This is the easiest and simplest way to carry a stylish hairdo hair cut for girls, for those who want to make it short and crisp. In this hairdo, hairs have been cut around the neck and keep some long hair then straiten the hair. This is an impressive hairstyle in girl’s fashion. Before opting for this hairstyle, you must also consider you face cut. There are side bangs, but they are of considerable length, resulting in a beautiful hairstyle. You don’t need to worry about your hair being all over the place at all with this beautiful hairstyle.

2. Short Hairdo Girl Hairstyles For Round Faces:

There is one problem with short hairdo to round shape faces is most of the short haircuts are end at the chin area of the face. This highlight the roundness of the bottom of the face. In this hairstyle, you can overcome this and make a difference.

3. Short Choppy Bob Girls Haircuts:

In the present fashion world, maximum girls follow the short choppy and bob hairstyles. While it is trendy, it is also easy to carry with very less maintenance required.

4. Curly Hair Short Hair Cut:

These types of looks are very stylish. The side fringes can be shaped with some chopped pattern. These are good for sporting during summers to keep the sweat off the neck region.

5. Straight Short Girl Hairstyles:

Women with round faces can try sporting shiny looks which are straightened. These can be shortened with frontal sections like shown in the image above. Try out this cool hairstyle for girls today!

6. Short Plaits Hair Dos:

These are short and are done with some normal techniques. A person does not need to go to parlours for getting these done. Some headgears can be worn for these. Leave them like them and walk-in style.

7. Short Asian Hair Looks:

Asian looks can be done in a short fashion. The images of hairstyles for girls shown above has been done with the frontal in horizontal forehead covering type, and the rest other sides are kept in a textured pattern.

8. Short Asymmetric Hair Looks:

When the length of tresses is short, is it easier to sport a variety of looks. These can be done easily with rollers or Velcro. Heat is often required with equipment. Make sure your hair is gelled so that it does not fall on your hair or eyes.

9.  Short Fishtail Hairdo:

These can be done quite quickly. Sections from the sides can be made more manageable with some sprays, and then those can be made into a thick fishtail. It might look complex, but it is easy and classy. Like this?

10. Short Buns Girls Hairstyles:

These are the least problematic to create. Small clips can be used to make these look stylish. These are good for summers and also for sporting at college when a person does not want to keep the sections flowy. Invest some time to do this and get it perfect.

11. Bob Haircuts for Oval Faces Girls:

This look is one that Victoria Beckham adorns every now and then and looks like it is perfect for oval face. So, now you know if your face type’s just that, more reasons to pick this look. It is totally diverse than other types of hairdo. It gives a special look. The bob hairstyle is yet should be one of the following stylish trends. So many young girls are also following this hairstyle. It is one of the rocking hairdos. The bob hairstyle is suitable for all oval-shaped faces. The sharp edges give a sexy and unique look.

12. Shoulder Length Bob Hair Cuts:

The shoulder-length bob hair cut style is the best suitable for medium and short length hairs. One who doesn’t want to experiment with their short hair can simply follow the shoulder length bob hairstyle. You can add side swept bands for your hairstyles. This hairstyle gives a youthful look.

13. Bangs Bob Cut For Girls:

This ladies hairstyle can be sported easily with other types of choices of fringes. These are boyish and can give a messed tomboyish effect. These can be shaped in a variety of patterns like symmetric. A parlour professional can help you with this.

14. Asymmetric Bob Cuts:

These can be done on short to the moderate length of sections. These are also quite easy to sport for colleges or schools. Give some blower effect to create the airy feel. See the numbers of heads turn your side.

15. Shoulder Length Layered Girl Haircuts:

Here is one more hairstyle for girls with medium length hair. The classy feathered bangs are very attractive and striking part of this hairstyle. It is suitable for long and oval type shape faces. There is no reason for you to think only blondes will look in this hairstyle. Although, having some highlights do help the cause and make you look equally perfect in case if you have darker shades of hair like Indians.

Medium Hairstyles for Girls:

1. Medium Layered Hair Cuts:

Natalie Portman looks stunning in this hairstyle, and you can deduce that an oval-shaped woman or girl can rock this look quite right, although it might make her look a little mature for her age quite precisely. Medium layered hairstyle is one of the hairdos which we want to have easily and can carry it without any hustle. It gives a great look for all kind of hair. This hair cut for girls is suitable for straight or wavy with curls. Most of the celebrities have been using this hairdo.

2. Medium Wavy Hairstyles:

The medium length wavy hairstyle got crazy in the fashion world. This hairstyle is suitable for long faces. This beautiful hairstyle is a ramp walk style.

3. Medium Braid Hairstyle With Open Hair:

This single braid style with open hair is best suited for the shoulder to medium hair. Different types of hairstyles like these are a sign that people are looking for novice styles every day. Get creative with your hair, and you can set the trend too!

4. Medium Layered Hairdo Girl Hairstyles:

This is one of the nicest and sweet best hairstyles for girls with medium layered hairs. One perfect hairdo that can be easily maintained and efficiently carried on throughout the day.

5. Wispy Medium Hair Dos For Girls:

These are suitable for hiding the breadth of your face. Long lengths of hairs can be done in a different pattern with heat and blowing. These make these airier. The look is very retro, and the curls are easy. This easy hairstyle for girls adds look and grace.

6. Wavy Medium Girl Hair Dos:

These are popular summer looks. A person can sport these for parties, and some brushing will be required to give this waviness. The shine can be given with the use of serum. This is actually one beautiful hairstyle preferred by many.

7. Funky Medium Hair Do:

These are a popular trend these days, and many girls sport these chopped and coloured formats. These can also be the sport for a girl night party. Try out some funky colours on the tip of your hair for an added effect.

8. Puffed Medium Curls Look:

These are quite popular for those who have longer moderate length and the volume that is required. These days a person can buy products and can be made to look airier and are easier for sporting for colleges and other days out occasions.

9. Side Shifted Medium Cuts:

The hairs can be shifted to any side of comfortability of the person sporting these. These can be cut in steps which will give a more airy feel to this. Walk the ramp with this beautiful hairstyle.

10.  Easy Low Pony For Medium Hair:

These are casual looks and are easy to create on moderate length and thickness. These can be a sport without many products and with any type of outfits. It doesn’t look to have any effort to get these done. It is simple and casual.

Ponytail Hairstyle for Girls:

1. Ponytail Girl Hairstyles for Curly Hair:

To make this different hairstyle for girls, you have to straighten your hairs at the top of the head. Grab all the curly hairs like a pony and tie them up with a bobby pins up to the end of straightening hair. The front bangs are all stacked up together neatly, so it doesn’t fall on your face. Therefore this is a good hairstyle for girls in the hot summers where bangs are a mess.

2. Ponytail Wavy Hairstyles for Girls:

One of the simplest reason why people like ponytail is because it is easy to do. This hairstyle is very beautiful, particularly for long and wavy hair. You can use this hairstyle at the leisure time or at the time to go to bed. This also a perfect gym look. It recommends for women with long hair who want to look perfect and in control of their modern and trendy hairstyle.

3. Pony Braid Girls Hairstyles with Bobby Pins:

This hairstyle for girls has set as a trend! Divide the total hair into two parts. Leave the front section and tie the remaining part should like a high ponytail. Then take first part start braid until to the end. And tie the braid at the root of the ponytail with bobby pins. The braid is fascinating, while the wavy ponytail is on point.

4. Long Ponytail Braid Hairstyles:

This type of pony hairstyle is ideal for all girls, one who have thick and long hair. First, divide the hair into two equal parts, then again divide nine equal parts. From these builds three individual braids and then from these make one braid with these three braids. Apply the same process on the other side. It is one of the best beautiful hairstyles for girls which makes them very pretty. The look might not be neat and easy to achieve if your braiding skills are on the low, so before choosing this hairstyle, think it through.

5. Bubbled Pony Hairstyles:

This easy hairstyle for girls can be easily achieved and a classic one for party goers who want to finalise the outfit without worrying too much about their appearance. This hairstyle is ideal for one of those with long hair. You should tie the low ponytail like bubbles for a gap of three inches continually with elastic bands.

6. Vintage Pony Hair Dos:

This is another easy to do style. These are properly worn with party outfits. They give a very stylish effect when the sections are clipped at the top back and then serums are used to make these shiny.

7. Messed High Pony Hair Looks:

This look will only suit women with high amp curls, since a curler cannot quite lead onto the same effect for your straight hair, but the look itself isn’t entirely bad to implement even with small waves. Try to see for yourself! They are also easy to recreate and can be the sport for various occasions. Sprays and some elastics can be used for recreating them. These can be done with some bobby pins. As simple as that!

8. Top-Notch Pony Hair:

Many celebrities sport this. These are also easy to wear if the length is not very long. These are very easy to manage as these do not require many products. Match it with some light makeup and mild accessories.

9. Side Clipped Afro Pony:

This is good for sporting on dry sections. It is clipped to aside, and the person can sport very long earrings with these. It is easy to manage when the serums are applied to make these manageable. Walk-in true style and flaunt your hair.

10. Newfangled Fishtail:

Day by day, the fishtail is getting more and more popular. Presently, the fishtail can be styled in numerous ways. Girls with long hair can sport this look by curling the hair around the nape which will provide the upper part of the hair with a suitable texture. Almost all faces are ideal for this hairstyle.

Bun Hairstyles for Girls:

1. Cute Curled Bun Haircut for Girls:

This hairdo is best for v shape face to get accurate curled bun hairstyle. First, straighten the hair on the top of the head. After that, take all the curled section hair by using the elastic band. This one is ideal for days when you wake up and realise you have a party to attend but forgot to book an appointment with the parlour. The bun is easy to make, but only if you have a curler, so plan accordingly.

2. Braided Messy Bun Haircuts for Girls:

The braided messy bun hairstyle is blended of two hairstyles out of one which is a braid hairstyle and the second one is the bun hairstyle. To make this hairdo divide your hair into two parts then make a thin braid with one part then make a bun with the second part. Just put the braids into a bun without moving and tie them up with bobby pins. This hairstyle is suitable for round shape face.

3. Messy Bun Hairstyles Look:

You can let some side bangs and pin them back for a more sophisticated look, whatever suits you. But, do ensure your hair has a better look at bragging of in the end-all. For the best and glorious messy look first back comb-out your hair and swap over at the crown. While you are brushing the hair, don’t use any serum for the dry look. Then twirl some parts of the hair and put them into the bun. Keep two thin parts of bangs on both sides of your face for a full striking look.

4. Classy Side Bun Girls Haircuts:

If your hair is not in step-cut fashion, you can easily go in for this classy, no-mess look. Part hair from one side, and brush them to the back of the head. The front bangs are quite the welcome sight, isn’t it?

5. Chic Up-Dos Bun Hairstyles:

A chic up-do is the fastest way to easy sophistication. Get some instant hair-inspiration from the catwalks with our round-up of the buns & topknots we love. A smile is all that you need to carry along with this hairstyle.

6. Conch Buns for Girl:

These are the sport for parties. The length should be moderate for these looks. These can be brushed out with serums and other sprays. This beast hairstyle will go well with formal clothing.

7. Vintage Top-Notch Bun Look:

These are very stylish for parties. These also keep sweat-free. These are easy to create, and also false extensions can be used for increasing the length and the thickness. They look pretty and neat while maintaining your style on parties.

8. Side Casual Buns:

These are casual, and these can be worn with almost any form of outfits. The sections can be made messed and then these can be clipped to a low side to create this type of look. It will keep you moderately dressed and at the same neat.

9. Pressed Top Buns for Girls:

It looks like buns never go out of fashion! These are quite showy, and these are also easily done without many products. If the head is not washed properly, then these can be tried with nude make up to make this into a celebrity type look.

10. Crunched Buns with Loose Sections:

A person can keep sections loose at sides and then roll them with rollers to get this type of effect. These are easily done without professional products or heat appliances. Try it out, and it does not matter if it is messy, because the mess is the new cool!

Curly Hairstyles for Girls:

1. Half Up and Half Down Curly Hairstyles for Girl:

This easy hairstyle for girls is for those who like a half up and half down hairstyle with curly hair. Just clutch all the curly hair of the top layer of hair and tied with bobbed pins. You can define curls on top of the head. You can also design the hair with small clips. This is simply attractive and suitable for all types of faces. While the look is made for the bride, the tiara and veil in place are the two things that are keeping the look from becoming a perfect beach one.

2. Loose Curls with Braid Hairstyles:

You know how the messy side bun is a hot cake in the fashion hub. This hairstyle is mostly preferred by girls. Put all your hair to one side and separate the hair from reversely then arrange loose messy side bun to equal to the ear. You can fix this hairstyle by either loose braid or curling the hair.

3. Side Braid with Curly Hairstyles:

The hairstyle is messy and ideal when you want to look different for a beach day. However, it can also be ideal for simple hangouts and family dinners. One who has curly hair or straight hair those are suitable to maintain this hairstyle with a great look. It is suitable for broad shape faces. By taking two stands and then twisted them like a braid shape. After wearing this hairstyle, the side braid you can get very stunningly by following a small technique.

4. Girls Poofy Wavy Hairstyles:

One of the admirable hairdos is poofy wave’s hairstyles. It gives a smart and stylish look. This hairdo takes less time for makeup. Medium length hair or long length hair is a must for this hairdo; otherwise, it might look wide. You can get the waves or keep your hair straight as you will, but make sure the parting from the front looks just as great, else it spoils the whole look for no reason at all in the end, and we can most certainly see why you would not want that.

5. Full Head Curls:

These are good for those who like the length very short. The volume is often increased with the help of heat and blowing; these types of looks can be a sport. They sit as curls throughout the day and add vibe.

Hairdo Styles for Girls:

1. Braid Hairdo Hairstyles:

Most of the girls follow this usual braid hairdo. It is very easy, as well. Divide the total hair into three equal parts. Cross the right part over the middle part and then left part over it. Do this process to complete the braid. The braid is a classic fishtail one, but a messy one instead It’s easy! Just get trying.

2. Hairdo Hairstyle with Bangs:

One who has shaggy hairdo they can try to get frozen outward layers and front hanging bangs. The parlour is the right place to get appropriate front bangs and layers. Remaining style frozen halfway is possible at home with repeated testing out ward combing. This is suitable for oval faces.

3. Crown Braided Hairdo for Girl:

These are quite popular, and often many girls sport these at parties. Some of these can also be tried with the help of some friends or family members. Floral clips may be used or fresh flowers for a fresher effect.

4. Asian Frontal Hair Dos:

If a person is not used to wearing very short cuts, then they can try these lengths for looks. These are also good for summers and hides the breadth of face. The short fringes on the side make this a cute haircut for girls.

5. Horizontal Volume Hair Dos Girls:

These are punk and also quite trendy. These can give a person a rocker type look. These are good for parties or discos. Nude or dark eyes can be good with these. This type of modern hairstyles for girls contains great exposure.

6. Puffed Bun Hair Dos:

Normal volume can be bumped with some padding insertions at the top back. These can be done for regular wear or on a day out occasions. With nude makeup, these can be good for parties. This type of girls’ hairstyle photos shows how it is so simple to carry and make up and how effectively you can combine a bun with a puff!

7. Puffed Top Hair Dos for Girls:

These are quite stylish, and these can be done even on some special occasions. The sections can be clipped to a top-notch creative clipping. These are often quite ramp-like.

8. Easy Hair Up-do Hairstyles:

This hairdo is suitable for all type of faces. When you don’t have time for wash the hair at the same time you feel your hair is oily then also you can go for this hairstyle. You can comfortably wear up this hairdo with less effort and low time.

9. Braided Up-do Hairstyles:

These can be good summertime looks. These are often sport with fresh makeup looks. They can be done with extensions if a person does not have enough thickness for the thick back look. This ladies hairstyle is truly a choice for many.

10. Rolled Up-do for Girls:

These are often sport at parties. These are also good on medium lengths. These can be clipped with floral pins and used with some products which give a stiffer effect. The product build-up is helpful for these.

Braided Hairstyles for Girls:

1. French Braid Hairstyles for Girls:

The French braid hairstyle for girls gives a beautiful look. To make French braid at first braid into plaits the top layer of hair. Do these processes until the end of the hair. This hairstyle is suitable for one who has a round and oval face. It is famous in international platforms as well.

2. Crown Braid Hairstyle for Girls:

This hairstyle is also ideal for women who are afraid of tying their hair up high because of their broad forehead. The braid in front keeps your hair from being too tightly packed, which is a good thing to maintain. The crown braid is similar to a Swiss Braid. While it can be time-consuming, it nevertheless is a good one, worth trying. It also goes well with curly hair. If you have crown braid, then your head should be neat and well maintained.

3. Double Braid Girls Hairstyles:

The double braid headband hairstyle is unusual than other hairstyles. It is very easy to wear and take less time. You can find the right headbands are available at reasonable costs at any places. This type of hairstyle has two braids. These braids are on both side of the head and tie-up with bobbed pins at below the ear. This hairdo is idle for all ages for girls.

4. Milk Maid Hairstyle:

This hairstyle for girls is particularly showy. These can be done with the sections of hairs from a side then these are made into a plate, and these are then clipped on the other side. These can be a sport when a person wants something that will not make her sweat.

5. Dutch Braided Hairstyle:

If you have an oval face and long hair, you should try this look. This celestial look can be attained by braiding the ponytail over the top and attaching it to the other side. You can adjust the hair with the help of an elastic or rubber band. This look is suitable for all face shapes. However, wavy hair is recommended for this look as such hair will assist in braiding the hair.

6. Braided Up Mohawk:

Being one of the hottest hairstyles at this moment, the Braided up Mohawk can be worn almost anywhere. You can wear this at night out or if you’re going out with the family for a picnic. It comes with restless waves which are combined with the perfect voluminous hair. Braids are tied from the sides, which are the key features behind its unique look.

7. Micro Braid Headband:

It’s a simple hairstyle which comes with a braid wrapped up over the head and looks like a headband. The hair is very well secured and can be styled quickly and easily. School goers can style their hair in this fashion as it looks very decent and peaceful. Most of the hair is set loose, which makes this look ideal for a windy day out.

Different Hairstyles for Girls:

1. Funky Girl Hairstyles By Using Bangs:

By using strong gels or fixing sprays, you can get set your hairstyle on the place. This hair design for girls is funky and set on place using bangs. To get this funky look put on some of the strong gel on your forehead. Wet spray your hairs to make the funky look. While it could also be alternated by women who have long bob haircuts, your wavy strands need to be kept in check.

2. Emo Good Hairstyles For Girls:

Emo is a rock music style of 80’s era. Look different with this hair cut! This type of haircuts for girls are totally different from all hairstyles having different colours as well. This hairstyle created a trend in below 2000.

3. Punk Hair Styles For Girls:

Everyone wants to maintain a unique and rocking hairstyle. The punk haircuts for girls’ hairstyle is the best choice for who wants unusual and exclusive hairstyles. You can also go for highlighting for your hair’s while opting this hairstyle. If you aren’t the hippie kind though, we’d want you to avoid this hairstyle, since it isn’t quite the look for everyone as you must know for certain there. It solely depends on your choice.

 4. Loose Waves Girls Hairstyles:

This hairstyle is easy to maintain since it has one long strand of all the hair together, curled light to get a wavy texture. We have some of the hairstyles suitable for all face cuts out of them the loose waves is one of the best. Almost every young girls like this type of stylish hairstyles for girls. It gives some lively look and energy for your overall look. Can this be your next party hairstyle?

5. Simple Straight Hair Looks:

Whenever you wear a heavy dress, then you have to maintain simple and easy hairstyle for a hot look. For the simple hairstyle, just follow the straight hair hairstyle. You have to straighten your curly hair with the help of a flat ceramic iron. When you feel get bored to this hairstyle of yours, you can change your hairdo by twisting the one part of the hair to the opposite side and locked it with the help of bobby pin. It gives an incredible look.

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6. Hairstyles For Heart Shape Face:

A heart-shaped face has a lengthy forehead. So, in order to cover this, add fringes to your hairstyle, that will hide the shape of your face. It’s the another recommends for the best hairstyle of heart shape faces. Trying it out tonight?

7. Low Bumped Hairstyles:

One of the awesome hairstyles is the low bumped hairstyle. The low bumped hairdo never goes out of fashion. Allow some fringes to fall on your forehead and gently brush them to keep in place. You can also try this on your medium length hair.

8. Retro Touch Hairstyles:

The retro touch hairstyle is well designed and adorned. This gives an attractive look if you have with bumpy pits. It may need some patience to walk around with this. But it doesn’t fail to give you a retro look. Try this on a classy day!

9. Bridal Hairstyles For Indian Girls:

The classic Indian bridal hairstyle never goes out fashion. You can decorate the braid with some fresh mogra flower. You can wear this hairdo for all traditional functions like marriages. The hairpins are neatly stacked in the braid, and the hair colour is dark, the pins are highlighted with the look drawing attention on the bride even when her back is facing you. The look is classy all in all, and needless to say very popular down in the south where women love dressing up for weddings the simpler way. This is one of the different hairstyles suggested for the Indian bride in you.

10. South Indian Bridal Hairstyles:

Most of the south Indian women like braids hairstyle. This hairstyle has more decoration all over the hair, with pins and flowers that highlight the length and volume of your hair. This is a perfect hairstyle for women if you truly intend to represent the Southern side of India.

11. Casual South Indian Hairstyles:

South Indian looks are quite popular. Usually, metallic clips and other fresh flowers are used to create these looks. These can be done with padding as well if a person does not have much length of the sections at the back.

12. Wedding Bohemian Hairstyles:

This Bohemian style is perfect for western marriage special occasions. It gives you an Egyptian diva look. This kind of a haircut for women is also offered, that leaves your hair layered, but not in a particular fashion. Maintenance can be tiring. But if you truly love, then you go get this style!

13. Winter Straight Hair Cuts:

Apply some wet-look gel spray at the roots and brush straight back for a Balmain-inspired finish. This one features among the cool hairstyles for teenagers. Set it right, and it will look perfect.

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14. African Hairs For Girls:

These need the shape and the styling from the parlours. The hair is given heat, and then these are made into tight shorts. These require natural dry texture which is difficult to manage. But doesn’t it look relaxing?

15. Pun Bangs:

These are very colourful ones. However, the choice of colours or the brands should be kept in mind when a person wants to add colours. These are also popular for girls who like to stay in trend, targeted specifically for teenagers.

16. Rocker Girl Haircuts:

These are often sport with short and fringed tresses. These require the use of some colours and also these can be a sport with dark eyes and nude lip colour. Set the temperature soaring high with this beautiful hairstyle.

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17. Ombre Hair Styles:

These are quite colourful, and these can be a sport for colleges. These are also good when these are creative. A person can also take the help from parlours to get these coloured as per sporting requirements. Colour them on the middle patch of your hair and allow it to contrast with the tips of your hair.

18. Bohemian Nice Hairstyles For Girls:

These are easy to sport. Various bohemian looks are getting very popular these days. These can be tried with some half-up style. These also require some heat to be applied.

19. Step Cuts Casual Hairs:

These should be done on moderately long lengths of hairs. These can be cut accordingly. These are also easy to style using some blowing and some volume sprays. It is the best hairstyle for girls that is stylish and easy to do.

20.  Crunched Long Hairs:

These are good for regular wear. These can sport with Smokey eyes and a nude lip. These can be the sport for parties and other functions. This type of hairstyles gives a bubbly look.

21. Back to Front Fringes Hair Styles:

Here the sections are shifted from the top back, which is quite trendy. These can be properly worn with dark lips and Smokey eye makeup. Take in some breath and pose for pictures!

22. Centralized Sectioned Wavy Tresses:

These are very ramped like to sport. These can be done for regular wears and can be adorned with traditional kundan Maang tikka to make this into a traditional style. This is including some fashion to the traditional look.

23. Rumpled Pixie:

This style is a short hairstyle which is still in fashion. You can wear this look easily at your school or college. The hair should be soft and well maintained. You can improve the feminine look by using a headband.

24. Sugar and Spice:

This look comes with long layers and sides sweeping bangs. The strands of the hair are coloured suitably with a chocolate touch. Girls can style their hair in this way easily. Oval and round faces are most suitable for this look. To style your hair in this manner, first, blow it dry and then smooth the strands. Lastly, finish it with a glossy spray to provide it with the ideal shine.

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25. Top Curls:

This hairstyle is one of the best ways to get the hair up to keep it off the shoulders. This trendy look can be styled on long and oval faces. Girls can even moderate this look with several small twists instead of the braids. Accessories will make this look a bit more appealing.

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26. Master Volume Hairstyle for Girls:

It is one of the trendiest hairstyles that you can try at this moment. The look will provide your hair with sufficient density and an attractive edge. This hairstyle proves that short hair does not have limited styles.

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27. Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Girls:

In this look, the hair flips at the bottom and does not let the hair go below shoulder level. It comes with long layers and elongated side bangs. If needed, you can pull the hair back and use a band to secure the hair. This won’t ruin the texture of the hair.

And that’s how you astonish your friends every day with the range of hairstyles. The different types of hairstyles are suited for many, while others may still have to keep trying to find the right one. Nonetheless, we are sure you would have now umpteen ideas to try, at least for many days to come!


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