Edgy, punk, stylish, and ultra-modern! These women’s shaved hairstyles are indeed creating news these days for their unique and fascinating looks. They are bold, trendy, contemporary, and all things hot! Are you too looking for some fun hairstyles and bold looks? If so, you must not miss out our today’s round-up on shaved sides haircuts and hairstyles for women.

Right from celebrities and models to young modern women, everyone loves to try this one out mainly. Here we go!

25 Trending Women’s Shaved Hairstyles for Short and Long Hair:

Let us now go ahead and check out the most lovely and gorgeous trending looks in girls’ and women shaved haircuts and hairstyles. These include the perfectly unique shaved sides haircut and style looks! So, let’s check them out!

1. Mohawk Shaved Sides for Women:

Mohawk is among the popular hairstyle among both men and women. The women’s and girl’s mohawk are gaining trend in the fashion world given its contemporary and ultra-bold modern looks. This short hair-length mohawk hairstyle for women with one side shaved look in black hair is perfect for younger and middle-aged people.

2. Punk Side Shaved Hairstyles Look:

Do you love punk hairstyles? The punk trend is gaining importance these days among the sect of women, and this particular punk side shaved hairstyle for women is trendy and stylish. It is bold, and this look is ideal for blonde hair or colored hair women with medium to long hair length. We love this among long hair one side shaved hairstyle trend!

3. Asymmetrical Shaved Side Haircut:

How about the asymmetrical haircut for women in the side-shaved look? While asymmetrical hairstyles are trendy these days, we have this perfect blend of one side-shaved appearance. Here we see the gorgeous beauty in purple hair color and short hair length, flaunting the trendy modern style statement. What do you think?

4. Crochet Twist Hairstyle With Shaved Side:

The braids and crochet look with shaved hairstyles are gaining importance these days. This is afro inspired hairstyle right here, in crochet twist and sides shaved look. This gorgeous one on black hair and long hair length half-shaved is exceptionally mesmerizing and gives an ethnic look. We love this one among shaved sides hairstyles for black hair.

5. Bangs with Shaved Look:

Well, bangs are trendy. We all know that. How about a completely shaved look with bangs? Here is one such crazy combination. If you love bold experimenting styles, this full shave haircut with bangs for women is absolutely unique! What do you think of it? It is ideal for women in the long and oval face shape only! You can alternatively also go for shaved sides with bangs look.

6. Dreadlocks with Shaved Sides:

The dreadlocks and shaved hairstyle combination are another trend famous around us. We have this black dreadlocks with long hair look right here. This haircut style is ideal with shaved sides and any hair texture, be it straight, curly, or wavy and frizzy. This side shave style helps flaunt in the best and right modern looks seamlessly!

7. Box Braids with Shaved Sides Style:

Like other braids hairstyles, we have a box braids hairstyle with one side shaved look too! This perfect black hair box braided haircut is ideal for women who prefer ethnic and feminine style statements. It indeed appears natural and excellent, with cute looks and timeless trends in hair. The tint of contemporary hues from a shaved sides is indeed a perfect match.

8. Mullet with Sides Shaved:

If you love super bold looks, this mullet hairstyle can be ideal. Not just the mullet, add on the sides shaved on the two areas, with medium to short hair length and in hair color, we bet you can look extraordinary easily! We love this among ladies and female haircuts.

9. Women’s Short Pixie with Side Shaved Hairstyles:

Pixie is one such rising look and style statement for modern women. The short hair pixie hairstyles indeed are mesmerizing and sleek. How about rising the trend above the limit? This among haircuts is an example. The short pixie here with both sides shaved and undercut is absolutely fascinating and stunning. What do you think of this half-shaved pixie cut?

10. Bold Bob Haircut with Shaved Style:

We have a shaved bob haircut look for women! The modern-looking bob hairstyle can experiment with one side shaved haircut and hairstyle and an angular trim on the other side to give it an exquisite appearance and edgy look. It is perfect and apt, suitable for women across age groups to provide a youthful elegant look. Try this short hair with shaved sides for black or short blonde hair for ideal styles.

11. Ponytail with Shaved Sides:

If you don’t want to get too bold and experimental, try something trendy and contemporary? How about this gorgeous ponytail hairstyle for women with shaved sides? The side-shaved look here in a design style is perfect for flaunting out a female and sleek look. If you have black long hair length, this is good to go for even everyday looks! We absolutely love this in long-shaved hairstyles!

12. Braided Ponytail with Shaved Sides:

You can even try a braided ponytail hairstyle for an exquisite and hot style statement. This lovely full braided pony comes with both sides shaved and undercut and is ideal for those who prefer the uniqueness and authenticity in the appearance. Try it out if you have long hair length for the perfect style.

13. Long Curly Hair with One Side Shaved:

Do you have curly hair? How about this stunning look? We love this hairstyle! This one is perfect for black long curly hair with one side shaved appearance. It is feminine, beautiful, and also modern with vibrant hues! Try this half-shaved curly hair look out!

14. Half Shaved Hair Bun:

Among the array of hairstyles, don’t miss out on this sleek and edgy hair bun. If you are willing to flaunt in a chic appearance, this half-shaved hairstyles bun for women is indeed exquisite! We love how one can flaunt this out in a versatile way of fashion in this modern world!

15. Medium Length Wavy Hair with Shaved Side:

Another combination one can try, especially if you have medium-length wavy hair, is this one-side shaved style. This is quite a trending and easy combination to work out, with a beautiful shaved haircut design and overall edgy and modern appearance. The partial one-side shave indeed stands out to look unique!

16. Short Locs Hair with Shaved Side:

We have another stunning hairstyle for short hair within the shaved hairstyles for women! This short locs haircut look with shaved side is ravishing and exquisite. It is perfect for those who have unmanageable hair and yet want to look hot and trendy!

17. Under Shaved Hairstyles for Women:

The under-shaved hairstyles and haircuts ideas for women are gaining momentum these days, even in India. It is among the new trendy look that adds to the glamour in the fashion town. We have this gorgeous hidden undercut shaved hairstyle look. What do you think of it? Try it out if you have long black hair, and we bet you can flaunt it like a diva!

18. Semi Shaved Hairstyles Look:

The half or partially-shaved hairstyles are here too. You can try this semi-shaved look in a bob or short hair appearance and still appear excellent and exquisite. It is perfect for women who like neater looks comparatively yet prefer a twist in their everyday appearance. What do you think of this haircut?

19. Gorgeous One Side Shaved Haircut:

In case you don’t want to go overboard but get a dose of how these shaved haircuts look, you can try this mild shaved appearance too. It is a very lighter in look, gives you still a very feminine and elegant appearance. You can try this gorgeous one-side shave easy haircut and check how it is for your preferences and taste!

20. Bold Shaved Haircut for Women:

A completely shaved haircut for women is also an option for the modern fierce ones! If you are looking to try out, here is one such example. This bold full shaved hairstyle look is perfect if you prefer a unique and extraordinary style statement. Get ready to draw the eye-catchy looks towards you!

21. Both Sides Shaved with Inverse Braid:

We have a semi feminine style statement look too. This beautiful inverse braid hairstyle for women comes with a shaved look both side, and it looks gorgeous than what you may have thought. It appears exquisite and edgy, ideal for those who love chic and contemporary vibrant hues. What do you think of these shaved sides with braids on the top look?

22. Short Curly Hair Shaved Haircut:

If you have a short curly hair texture, then this shaved sides version of the haircut, in the minimal sense, is feminine and modern too. This shaved hair designs also looks elegant and classy, ideal for everyday outings and your offices too. It indeed appears simple, good to go for women who love simple style statements! What do you think of this side of the head-shaved hairstyles?

23. Half Shaved Bold Hairstyle:

You can even go with a completely one side shaved look. Here is how it may look! This half-shaved bold hairstyle for women and girls is the new upcoming trend and is unique, still rising in the fashion world. It is good to go if you have bold and fierce choices! Try this female shaved hairstyle out for short hair length to look amazing!

24. Choppy Long Bob with Undercut Shave:

Are you planning to get a lob but bored of the regular one? This long bob haircut with an undercut shave can be good to go. We have this choppy bob version with the contemporary blend of undercut style, and we quite love it. What do you think of this lady’s shaved hairstyles?

25. Double Side Shaved Hair with Braids:

Let us not miss out on this another gorgeous and stunning hairstyle. We absolutely fell in love with this pink long braided hairstyle for women with double side shave. These braids with shaved sides are a perfect modern choice to try out, specifically if you have long hair and prefer to experiment with your looks and appearance.

We hope you enjoyed exploring these latest and trending women’s shaved hairstyles and haircuts. They indeed are gaining momentum in the contemporary era, given the uniqueness and bold, fierce looks it delivers effortlessly. What do you think of these? Which is your favorite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below; we love to hear from you!


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