Talk about that statement haircut that always stays relevant, timeless and youthful – it’s definitely bangs! The bangs haircuts have been women’s favourite choice in the fashion town for ages. One important factor that always makes this hairstyle seem unique is its variations. There are different types of bangs possible within a haircut, and one can never get over trying out all the different varieties to flaunt a beautiful and modern style statement. Depending on the face shape, hair texture and personal preference, there is always a style that can fit everyone.

No wonder the bangs have been the top, most relevant look in the fashion town for decades. Today we have compiled the most trendy and stylish different types of bangs for all the girls to check out. So, if you are into bangs and are wondering which to try next, this guide is for you!

Different Types of Bangs for Modern and Contemporary Style Statements:

Here we go! Let us continue reading and check out the utmost beautiful different types of bangs for hair this season. All these styles are immensely unique, lovely and charming – definitely to impress your heart.

1. Wispy Bangs:

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Wispier bangs are for you if you prefer elegance, minimal and charming style statement. They give a statement look effortlessly and are all about barely their kind of style. Yet they draw stylish looks and the glam quotient immensely. If you are just getting started and prefer finer and more minimal types of bangs, these are for you. Women with heart, round and square face shapes can surely try them out. How do you like these bangs haircut? It is among our top favourite choice, and always a relevant look for those who believe minimal is ideal.

2. Curtain Bangs:

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Curtain bangs are among the most vintage yet cool kinds of haircut to check out. They have recently been back in the fashion world for their ever-timeless and beautiful glam quotient. Women who love to have certain definitions to their face frame or add dimension to their look can try it out. Particularly, women with broad foreheads or those with round faces can check this hairstyle. They look flattering and beautiful for women with any hair texture too! Women of any age can try them, and particularly they are particularly perfect for those in professional fields or office goers.

3. Layered Bangs:

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You may have heard of layered haircuts, but have you heard of layered bang haircuts? If not, you must hear this out. As you can guess from its name, these bangs have layers within them. These bangs suit any hair length, particularly for women with fine, straight, or wavy textures. They are ideal for women with oval, elongated or diamond face shapes and even women with middle to older age groups to create a youthful style statement. They create a perfect vintage style statement and are ideal to give a fine and polished style statement seamlessly.

4. Feathered Bangs:

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If you love textured looks, feathered bangs are custom suitable for your liking. They create a softer, more gorgeous textured look to your hairstyle and work wonders with multiple hair lengths and textures. Particularly, women with fine and wavy hair texture can look graceful and beautiful. In addition, it gives an immensely flattering look for women with square, heart and oval face shapes. The biggest advantage of feathered bangs is that women in any age group can try them. They create an illusion of fine, elegant and exquisite youthful appearance immensely for women of all age groups. Do you agree?

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5. Baby Bangs:

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Baby bangs! If you like barely-there kind of bangs and prefer a bold and unique experimental statement style, these are just for you. These bangs are designed to give a subtle and dense modern style statement. They instantly draw attention to your haircut and face frame and hence are mostly ideal for women with round and oval face shapes. Further, if you have thin hair, it is ideal to avoid these baby bangs. Women below 35 years can try them too. If you want to get experimental and bold, it’s time for you to give them a try! What do you think?

6. Choppy Bangs:

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If you are young and would love a chic and sleek statement appearance, choppy bangs are for you. These bangs are cut in various lengths to give a fine look with definition. They are cool, sleek and excellent options to provide versatile styling choices. Women with elongated or long faces are more suitable for choppy bangs than others. Further, given the cooler and youthful look, they are ideal for women in younger age groups, preferably below 30 years. Those with any hair texture, such as wavy, fine or curly hair, can also try these bangs! What do you think of them?

7. Side Swept Bangs:

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As the name suggests, the side swept bangs sweep across your forehead, creating an elegant and charming style statement. They create a beautiful angle across the forehead and eyes and are featured on one side only. This flattering look is particularly suitable for those with large foreheads, wrinkles, or ageing appearances. These are also low maintenance and suit women with round, diamond, and oval face shapes. Women who love a fine and graceful style statement can try them. What do you think?

8. Blunt Bangs:

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The speciality of blunt bangs is that they are cut at one length straight across your face and forehead. This also makes them a high-maintenance haircut as you always need to trim them on time to give them a chic and fine finish. These chic blunt bangs suit women with oval and oblong face shapes and those with fine and thick hair density. They draw immense attention for the fine and sleek glam quotient; hence, women who have an eye for fashionista looks and style statements can check them out. However, do avoid this look if you have a curly or thin hair texture.

9. Curled Bangs:

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You may not have come across curled bangs much. But if you did not, you must know this unique and one-of-a-kind haircut. Custom-made to suit the curly hair texture, this look is all about having curly bangs fall across the face. You can have various variations within these curled bangs, such as having them side swept or side across or on the forehead straight. They soften your look and add a seamless, stylish appearance instantly. These bangs place emphasis on natural hair texture, so at times, you may also find it difficult to manage them to create a flattering look.

10. Shaggy Bangs:

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If you love messy, easily adaptable, carefree haircuts, then the shaggy bangs are for you. These bangs are made practically to suit all face shapes and hair textures, and hence the nature of the bangs may differ. They are effortless and blend in with a lot of layers and a textured look. Women from any age group and face shape can give them a try.

11. Asymmetrical Bangs:

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As you can guess by its name, asymmetrical bangs are all about having different lengths within the bangs. They generally are longer on one side of the haircut and short on the other, giving an illusion of an angled look. Those women who love a fun, quirky and unique look can give asymmetrical bangs a try. Most generally, these bangs suit women in any face shape. However, women with fine, or wavy hair texture can try them in particular for an expressive and charming style statement. You can also work with these bangs with any hair length of your choice.

12. Braided Bangs:

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If you like the fun, light and unique, quirky styles to wear bangs, these braided bang haircuts are a perfect choice to check out. The braided bangs may also come with various variants; however, this particular style is known to create a super cool and ultra-chic glam quotient. You can change the braid length according to your hair thickness and length too. So women with any face shape can try these different kinds of braided bangs styles seamlessly.

13. Pointed Bangs:

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This is not a fun bang to experiment. These are indeed made for women who take fashion seriously and are bold hearted to experiment and flaunt them right. The pointed bangs are specially designed and curated for women who do not have faint hearts. These bangs are inspired by Goth fashion, speak out loud and are expressive. They are challenging yet incredibly giving! These V shape bangs are particularly suitable for women with long, elongated or oval face shapes; however, women in any age group can try them.

14. Piecey Bangs:

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If you are confused piecey bangs with choppy or wispy bangs, here is some idea to help differentiate them. The piecey bangs are defined bangs that are well-separated strands. They are somewhere in between messy, choppy and feathery in appearance, however, are blended well to give a stunning differentiated fashionista look. Women with any face shape can try them; however, they must need regular maintenance to trim them from time to time to have a similar look.

15. Face Framing Bangs:

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Face framing bangs may come under the lines of curtain bangs, however, are more defined to cut across either side of the face. They are separated by clear-cut middle partings and are generally longer and layered. The face-framing bangs are suitable for women with medium to longer hair lengths and fine and wavy tresses. Women in the younger age groups can give them a try to create an elegant, beautiful and sophisticated glam quotient. They are perfect for those who love timeless and ever-relevant stylish looks.

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16. Birkin Bangs:

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Birkin bangs, named after the iconic fashionista Jane Birkin, is ever relevant, vintage, classic, and so timeless. So, if you are in search of that one style that will never let you down, you know what to pick now! Thin strands of hair create these bangs, generally till eyebrows. They are textured, minimal and incredibly flattering. These bangs are suitable for women with round, heart and oval face shapes and those with straight or wavy tresses.

17. Korean Bangs:

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We all know Korean bangs well by now. These have been popularised recently after the onset of Korean dramas and movies. These thin fringe-styled bangs are easy to style, flattering, and seamlessly create a youthful elegant look. They are perfect for women in the younger age groups and are also super versatile to accompany you with various looks and occasions. What do you think of this ravishing hairstyle?

18. Micro Bangs:

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Micro bangs are even smaller than baby bangs. These bangs are cut super short and are often blunt or textured in the look. They are cut right across straight, making it an ultra-bold option to check out, particularly if you like experimenting with hairstyles. This look undoubtedly is fun and expressive, unique and ideal for women in the younger age groups. Women with straight or wavy tresses can give them a try. Further, those with round, oval, diamond and square face shapes can check this look!

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19. Arched Bangs:

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Do you have straight hair? Then these arched bangs are just perfect for you. Not everyone can pull off arched bangs easily, but you can if you have the confidence with thick, dense, healthy, straight tresses. The gorgeous arched bangs are the perfect and lovable choice for those who love feminine yet modern and contemporary style statements. In case you have fine hair, you can use a blow dryer to let your bangs a little upwards to create an arch. Finally, those women with long or elongated and oval face shapes can try this stunning haircut.

20. Pin Up Bangs:

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Pin up bangs do not need any introduction. If you love a vintage and good old classic look, pin up bang hairstyles always are your rescue. They are the epitome of feminine and vintage fashion and give up a candid and captivating glam quotient. These pin-up bangs are ideal for medium to long hair with curly or wavy tresses. They are always relevant and can accentuate your style seamlessly and instantly. Women with any face shape can give them a try!

Additional Tips:

Bangs are fun and beautiful, but you must maintain them always to look relevant, stylish and on-point. Here are a few tips and ideas from us.

  1. Get regular trims. The bangs may grow fast; hence, to keep them in the shape and preferred variant, you can get the regular trims, preferably once in three to four weeks.
  2. Make sure not to forget to care for bangs. Like regular hair, add good hair oil and conditioner while you have a washing session.
  3. Prevent keeping too much heat on the bangs. Occasional styling is good to go but does not work on heat regularly.
  4. Add on a hair spray to let the bangs stay in place and look healthy from time to time. This can instantly accentuate your look seamlessly.

We hope you enjoyed exploring these beautiful and stunning different types of bang styles trending in the fashion world this season. The bangs can never go out of trend and will always instantly lend you a relevant and classic chic look. Women across age groups can look youthful, bold and feminine with these bangs. Which kind of bangs did you like the most? Let us know your thoughts; we love to hear from you!

We hope you enjoyed exploring these beautiful and stunning different types of bang styles trending in the fashion world this season. The bangs can never go out of trend and will always instantly lend you a relevant and classic chic look. Women across age groups can look youthful, bold and feminine with these different types of bangs. Which kind of bangs did you like the most? Let us know your thoughts; we love to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Which bangs are suitable for formal outfits and office occasions?

Ans: Blunt bangs, wispier bangs and side-swept bangs are the most common and trendy hairstyle options for women in professional fields.

Q2. Which bangs can suit women with thin hair?

Ans: We do understand that styling thin hair can be challenging and difficult. Yet you can try out a few bangs to give an illusion of a voluminous look with style. The curtain bangs, textured bangs, baby bangs or V-shaped bangs can look stunning and suit those with thin hair.

Q3. Can bangs suit chubby faces?

Ans: Yes, definitely! Given the various types and styles within the bangs, choose the kind of bangs cut you like most and those which also can frame your face and make it look toned down.


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