Every human in this world will dream something in their sleep. Some dreams may come true and some may leave as dreams only. Generally, people say that whatever we think before sleep it may appear as a dream or whatever works we had done since morning, we perform the same actions in sleep also. There are many types of dreams and their meanings are sometimes related to reality or just meaningless.

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What Makes You Have Dreams: Causes of Nightmares

Dreams are created due to Rapid Eye Movement. Even when we are fast asleep, our brain continues to function, however not in an active state. Due to this, it often pulls back the feelings, emotions and experiences that we have internally and unconsciously. They are essentially an image of what we randomly think in our mind and can be unrelated stories.

Generally dreams consist of emotions, sensations, ideas and images which are involuntarily done in mind in stage of sleep. Dreams occur in rapid eye movement stage of sleep. Some dreams are memorable and vivid. Length of dream varies for 20-30 minutes. On an average a person can dream 3- 5 dreams in night and some has the capability of seven. Mostly dreams are forgotten quickly. In an eight-hour sleep length of dream will be two hours.

17 Different Types of Dreams in Adults:

Dreams have different natures like exciting, magical, frightening, adventurous, sexual and melancholic. Not only humans even some animals like mammals also experience rapid eye moment. Some dreams are classified according to its nature. Here are a few common types of dreams:

1. Day Dreams:

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On average a person can dream a daydream of 70-120 minutes of waking stage. In daydreams, people will be semi-awake. It means they will not sleep fully in reality. A daydream starts with the memory of fantasy and imagination which runs away. How long a daydream, a person will get immersed in to the private fantasy land. For a person a daydream is called body present mind absent. A daydream is good for rehearsing a positive result. Concerns and deep worries also result in daydreams. As the mind starts wandering level of awareness of physical appearance will decrease.

2. Lucid Dreams:

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Lucid dream is defined as a dream with physical asleep. This method of dream is called a research dream. At some stage person can realize this dream. Dreamers realize that they are dreaming. Dreamers become an active in their dream, make own decisions in their dreams. Dreams will be vivid and event, characters are often greatly exaggerated. Lucid dream helps to bolt out bad dream by allowing us to realize.

3. Nightmares:

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Nightmares are dreams which disturb an individual a lot. These dreams may be fearsome. An individual can experience sadness, anger, fear and terror. This happens when person was under deep stress or worried. These types of nightmare falls under the category called post-traumatic Stress nightmare. In nightmares, person may feel different types of pains. Some of the nightmares are vivid that sensory system is triggered. Nightmares represent evolutionary fear. It is to be remembered that all dreams, nightmares are subconscious to help us.

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4. False Awakening Dreams:

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False awakening dreams are those dreams doing our works without any presence of mind. This is different dream we experience when we are awake. It can be seen mostly in children. For an example they wet their bed. It means they think that they were in the bathroom. It means people think they already got woke up and started doing their daily routine jobs. But in real they were asleep. Some humans have a habit of sleepwalk during sleep, even it is also considered as false awaken. Such scenarios are seen in false awaken sleep.

5. Recurring Dreams:

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Repeating of same dream multiple times comes under a recurring dreams. It may be a positive or negative sign. Ignoring of such messages leads to unresolved issues. It means a dreamer has done multiple trials for resolution to an issue before it got implemented as dream. Subconscious does and believes it has been breakthrough and repetition got occurred. And this dream remains ignored and unresolved. Once our problem got solution, then such type of dreams will be ceased. It means if person is suffering from any issue and there is chance of getting solved lately, then the problem with multiple solutions are dreamt by the dreamer.

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6. Healing Dreams:

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As the name says these dreams will heal the problems. In ancient times these dreams are called as prodromic. These dreams will be serving messages related to health. It is the belief that these type of dreams will help to avoid potential health problems which heals ill and give grieves. On research, it is known that body communicates to the brain through a dream. If dream language is understood it will be easier for dreamers what has happened. These dreams are not negative because they help to overcome and heal the problem.

7. Flying Dreams:

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Flying dreams are exhilarating, happy and pleasant. This dream can be felt by a person in reality at some stage. Every human wants to become something in their life. They want to achieve in their life. In reality it is termed as goals and aims of life. Such type of dreams comes under flying dreams. It means how we feel and control our thoughts in our lives. It will be imaginable while skimming low to ground. When people try to do in real life and if in case in never takes place it will stay as s dream for a human as longer.

8. Food:

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Some people who are fond of food will also dream for food. It symbolizes the energy, nourishment which is directly needed for emotions, intellect and spirituality. It is taken as the reveal of hungry for our new thoughts.

9. Falling Dream:

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It occurs frequently in daily life. Falling dreams are negative and scary. But all dreams will not be negative and scary. When the dream is slow falling it indicates the serenity act of letting go. It remains that in real life we feel something happens out of control. It occurs when a person is stressed and losing something in life. It is taken as a sign to tackle some problems in real life.

10. Epic Dreams:

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Epic dreams are continuous stories that occur in a series of dreams. They are interlinked and often occur with extensive details. Epic dreams have powerful meaning behind them and usually make the person wake up with positive energy. The details in epic dreams are so vivid that they make it easy to remember for a long time and sometimes our entire life. Epic dreams can also help us transform the way we look at life and offer a perspective of thinking.

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11. Dreams About Teeth:

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Many dreamers often experience the dream of teeth falling out. Falling teeth dreams represent anxiety and stress one may feel in real life. It usually occurs when a person is experiencing a radical change in his life and is anxious about the outcome. Also, factors like starting a new phase in one’s life or making a very hard decision can result in teeth falling dreams.

12. Childhood Dreams:

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Childhood represents innocence and worry-free life. When a person dreams of his childhood, it often indicates your inner wish to go back to that phase of your life. Childhood dreams can remind you of your happiest days as a child, often bringing back your passions. They can also bring back the memories of trauma one experienced as a child.

13. Cathartic Dreams:

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Cathartic dreams are those that cleanse the dreamer of their inner fears, stress and anxiety. During these dreams, the dreamer is given the liberty to lead the life they want to and make their own decisions. Cathartic dreams occur when a person is stressed out due to someone who constantly put the dreamer’s liberty at stake and dominates in real life.

14. Amplifying Dreams:

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Amplifying dreams narrate those parts of stories that crave for attention. They are minor details that you might have overlooked in real life. These dreams have a purpose. They put those incidents in the limelight which might have been ignored by you, but whose effect might have been big elsewhere. For example, you might have had a dream of you loved ones in thorns and bleeding. This symbolizes your words or deeds that might have hurt the person.

15. Past Life Dreams:

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Have you ever experienced weird dreams which seem to have no beginning, middle or end of the story? It could mean a past life dream that can narrate details about your past life. When we sleep the subconscious mind gets activated, which can pull up details about one’s past life and begin to communicate them to you. They are usually filled with details of places you have never visited or people who you have never met.

16. Psychological Dream:

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Psychological dreams are those are abnormal or out of ordinary. They are usually caused when a person experiences a mental disorder or a state of anxiety and stress. These dreams have no meaning and are filled with chaos, symbolizing the chaos in their mind.

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17. Belief Dreams:

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Belief dreams are caused due to excessive belief in supernatural elements and deities. They make the dreamer believe that some kind of force is trying to communicate with them about their past or future. Belief dreams occur when the judgmental capacity of the dreamers greatly diminishes in their sleep.

Faqs on Types of Nightmares:

1. Why Are Dreams Hard To Remember?

Dreams are caused by REM or Rapid Eye Movement. When we sleep, our brain activities are shut down and hence dreams do not create memories. However, we can remember the dream partially or when it occurs just before we wake up, during which certain brain functions are getting active.

2. Importance of Dreams To Our Health:

Studies have proven that people who dream often experienced good mental health. It is also suggested that dreams symbolize good sleep. In an experiment, people were woken up just before they start dreaming. After multiple such attempts to disrupt dreams, they were said to have experienced increased anxiety, tension, restlessness hallucinations, heavy-headedness and lack of focus. It is also said that in many cases people have found solutions to their problems in dreams.

3. Why Do Nightmares Occur?

Nightmares are dreams that occur due to inner fears. They are extremely disturbing and can wake up a people trembling with fear. They are caused when REM sleep, usually in the wee hours of the morning. Most nightmares occur due to memories of traumatic experiences of one’s life or internal fears or even recurring nightmares about the same issue. For example, a person who gets bitten by a dog may have constant nightmares of dogs chasing and biting all through his life.

4. Why do You Wake up When you Fall in a Dream (What to Do After A Nightmare?)

Nightmares can be terrifying and give panic attacks. In most cases, people have experienced intense sweat, cold feet and have trouble going back to sleep. It is important to calm down and try flushing out the memories of the dream to control our anxiety. Meditation can help you slow down your thought process and calm your nerves. Also, listening to soothing music, changing the room, taking a walk can also distract you from thinking about your nightmares.

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5. How to Avoid Dreams?

While it may be good to have pleasant dreams, nightmares are no fun. They can create physical and emotional stress in a person. Repeated nightmares about the same topic can often lower down the confidence levels in a person and push him into depression. It helps to seek professional help, where a doctor can suggest therapy to get your fears out. Also, it is not advised to talk, watch or read about violent activities before going to bed. Studies also prove that people who write and think about positive experiences before bedtime have gradually curbed the occurrences of nightmares.

The above all are dreams which are categorized accordingly. There are various dreams which occur regularly. So dreams are considered as signs for our real-life which are tackled for our problems which we are facing in reality. So through dreams, a person can solve the problem by acquiring multiple solutions. So dreams are good for health.

Dreams symbolize our inner feelings, experiences and memories that we unconsciously think of. They come with different natures like exciting, magical, frightening, adventurous and melancholic. The above all are dreams which are categorized accordingly. There are various dreams which occur regularly. So dreams are considered as signs for our real-life which are tackled for the problems which we are facing in reality. So through dreams a person can solve the problem by acquiring multiple solutions. So dreams are good for health.


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