How to look beautiful? Most of us concentrate on haircuts, makeup, and outfits to achieve flawless beauty. But we all forget an essential thing – the eyebrows! Eyebrow shape and beauty speak a lot about appearance and can accentuate looks. So, today we have popular types of celebrity eyebrows to talk to you about! These celebrities and divas inspire us and give us a clue about the best kinds of shapes we all can follow. With the different shapes possible with the eyebrow, these actresses help us out with the perfect choice to flaunt on.

So, why wait? Let us go ahead and check out the best celebrity eyebrows according to different eyebrow shapes.

12 Beautiful Actress Eye Brow Types for Elevated Look:

Here we go; let us move ahead and check out the most popular types of eyebrow shapes our celebrities follow. We look into the different types and kinds of eyebrows according to their shapes and volume and divide them according to how our celebrities follow for the best understanding and inspiration! Let’s check them out!

Here is a short list of 12 common types of eyebrows:

  • Straight
  • Arched
  • S-shaped
  • Rounded
  • Curved
  • Flat
  • High arched
  • Tapered
  • Feathered
  • Thick
  • Thin
  • Uneven

1. Thick Eyebrows:

Overall, we are here first talking about the thick eyebrows. The thick eyebrows do not mean they are bushy or ungroomed. Instead, we have the most beautiful eyebrow shape right here that is neatly trimmed. In this category of eyebrow shape, you can decide if you want a neatly lined perfect eyebrow shape or a bit brushed-up look. Here are a few of our celebrities flaunting thick eyebrows.

Our favourite celebrities with thick eyebrows are.

Lily Collins – celebrities with bushy brushed up thick eyebrows

Vergara – neatly trimmed thick eyebrows

Camilla Belle – thick matte filled eyebrows

2. Thin Eyebrows:

Another eyebrow shape we have according to the volume is the thin eyebrows. Most of you are familiar with this kind. Here, we have the pencil-thin kind of eyebrow, ideal to choose women who have softer facial features. Those who have youthful kind of features can try this out.

A few celebrities with thin eyebrows are:

Charlize Theron:

Megan Fox:

Taylor Swift:

3. Steep Or High Arch Eyebrows:

Next up we have these unique types of brows. We all have heard of angled eyebrows. Steep or arched eyebrows fall under this category. Within the angled eyebrows, there are different looks and shapes possible. These high steep arch eyebrows are suitable for women with pointed chin or oval and diamond face shapes. They are particularly neatly shaped and trimmed, a located bit above the eyebrow bone, and are ideal for women who aren’t too soft and thin. Many also believe this is among the best brow styling and eyebrow shape. Some the examples include:

Jourdan Dunn-

Taraji Henson-

4. Arched Near To The Tail Shape:

Another kind of arched eyebrows includes a softer version at the beginning and a bit of arch at the edge towards the tail. That means there is an arch near the outer corner of the brow. Women with rounder face shapes are ideally suitable for this brow shape. It softens down the look and balances the entire facial features.

Angelina Jolie-

Margot Robbie-

5. Centre-Arched Eyebrow:

If you have too wide a face and look to tone down the entire facial appearance, centre-arched eyebrows are perfect. This helps bring symmetry to the face and gives a perfect beautiful impression. This eyebrow shape is also called an arched brow near the middle. Some celebrities who tried this look are:

Gigi Hadid-

Mindy Kaling-

6. Minimal Arch Eyebrow:

If you love having an arched eyebrows shape, yet do not prefer or idealize a pointy or higher shape, then the minimal arch shape is perfect. The arch is barely there; you cannot recognize it until examining the shape. However, it is perfect, giving a natural look. The shape accentuates your look and gives a sleek appearance. Women who have wider cheekbones, broad faces, or even square face shapes, besides the chubby women, can try this out.


Jennifer Anniston-

7. Round Eyebrows:

Do you have a sharply angled face shape? If so, you must try the rounded eyebrows. The brow arch here isn’t angular and turns like a round shape instead. As a result, this shape gives a flattering and flawless look and brings on a fluffy look in the upper part of the face. On the contrary, women with round faces must not try this eyebrow shape at any cost, as it gives a wider and broader look which we all do not prefer.

Emma Stone-

Sara Ali Khan-

Scarlett Johansson-

8. Straight Eyebrows:

Not everyone has a natural arch created around the brow shape. If you do not have such a look, you do not need to create an artificial arch forcefully. Instead, the straight eyebrow trim and shape might suit you the best. Women with straight eyebrows give a more subtle and soft look and a sleek, chic appearance. Women with heart face shape suit this look the best.

Rooney Mara-

Natalie Portman-

Kendal Jenner-

Jennifer Lawrence-

9. Tapered Eyebrows:

The tapered eyebrows are among the shape that requires the highest maintenance. Here, the eyebrow shape is thicker at the inner 2/3rd corner, and the arch goes subtly down and lighter at the end. This means, as the eyebrows go down, there is gradual thinning in the trim taking place. This, as a result, delivers a fuller and thicker brow shape illusion. Women with tapered eyebrows can be oval or rectangular face shapes.

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Priyanka Chopra-

Kim Kardashian Eyebrow-

10. S-Shaped Eyebrows:

S-shaped eyebrows are a lesser noticed shape among the others. Here, the S-shape eyebrow type has dipped in the inner corner and then goes slender as an arch near the tail. Most often, it is a naturally shaped eyebrow. However, some celebrities even aspire to achieve this look. To get this brow shape, one should remove the first row of hair and the inner part and a layer on top of the tail. The middle area, when left untouched, gives a dipped-down effect, forming an S shape. Celebrities with this brow shape are:

Gwen Stefani-

Penelope Cruz-

11. Short Eyebrow:

If you do not have too long eyebrow hair, you don’t need to worry as well. The short eyebrow trend has always been there for women. However, when you do a short eyebrow, prefer to make it thick, as the thin texture might give it a look of barely there! As a result, the short and thick eyebrows provide a bold style statement.

Aditi Rao Hydari-

12. Extra-Long-Tailed Eyebrows:

If you love dramatic looks, the extra-long tail eyebrow shape is a perfect choice. This shape extends the outer corner of the eye and creates a striking, vibrant appearance. Women with longer or oval face shapes can try this out, as the eyebrows attract a lot of attention. However, women with slimmed down, soft, or round face shapes are not advised to try this eyebrow shape.

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Nafessa Williams-

So, did you enjoy exploring this list of the most common types of eyebrows shapes? Our celebrities have nailed the eyebrow look and inspired us all along to achieve the perfect look. But, without a doubt, the best eyebrow filling, trim and shape can accentuate our overall looks too. What do you think?


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