Hair bows have been in the fashion town for a long time. They come especially made for babies, for men and women. For babies, they are more soft and help securing the smaller hairs on its place or at least prevent it from falling on its face. For men and women, the idea is to keep the hair well-maintained. They are particularly useful when traveling as it helps in controlling the frizz of the hair of it flying. They keep the hair in place and is thus more of a blessing.

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Hair bows today, come in many designs and kinds. Some of them are made of plastic while the ones made for the babies are made of fabric. Whatever it is made of, it still does a good justice to its purpose. Here are some of the kinds of bows you should start adding to your collection.

The Many Beautiful Hair Bows for Women:

So, before you start to think there is only one kind of it, here are the many types of hair bows that you will come across.

1. Ribbon Bows:

Ribbon bows are pretty little things. They are made of fabric mostly and can be easily made at home. These bows are sometimes tied on the gift packs too and are attractive. Satin material is preferred for making this and the ribbon sits on the bow beautifully. They are usually preferred for babies and teens and is a good choice for a party. Since they are made of fabric, it is possible to be prone to damage easily. That’s something to watch out for. Some of the ribbon bows are also made for women in and looks beautiful.

2. Fabric Bows:

Fabric bows, just like their name, are made entirely of fabric of selected choice. These bows can be made easily at home, into various shapes and sizes depending on whom you are making it for. One best part about fabric bows is that they can be washed and kept clean. On the contrary, it can also be prone to a lot of dirt and oil of the hair. Nevertheless, they are good for teens and infants and is friendly for the hair. These fabric bows can also be made to the ribbon bow kind and so the choice is really up to you, what design you would like.

3. Boutique Bows:

Boutique bows are insanely cute and are downright basic. It consists of four loops, two on each side, whose ends are trimmed and remains in diagonal cuts. The size usually depends on whom you are intending for. You can find a range of designs and shapes here and thus boutique bows are interesting ideas for your kids. They are sometimes made of fabric or woollen and thus they most often can be cleaned.

4. Multi-Loop Hair Bows:

These beautiful bows come in many loop layers. These pretty little bows can be made to the shape you like, flower, ribbon or other just random shapes. The best part about them is they can be made in fabric too and thus cleaning them can be easy. They are also made of elastic substance and is used by tends and babies like. They offer a wide range of colours and hence making it look very attractive.

5. Pin Wheel Hair Bows:

Pin wheel hair bows are perfect little bands for cute girls. They get their name from the shape of their bow pattern. The ribbons are folded to make a bow that is shaped like a pin wheel. These make your bow look fuller and bigger. They are perfect statement pieces on hair and come in many colors and patterns. The common and most popular pattern is the polka dots pin wheel bow, which can make every girl fall in love with this beautiful piece of accessory.

5 Best Hair Bow Designs For Adult Women:

Who says hair bows are only for girls and babies? These cute accessories are perfect for adult women, who love to stay chic and modern. Check out these top 5 hair bow designs specially made for adults:

1. White Satin Hair Bow Band:

Check out this cute little darling of a hair bow band. The elegant satin bow makes for a perfect hair accessory on any western wear, especially with a matching evening wear outfit. This not only makes you look cute, but also gives a touch of elegance to your hair due to the quality of the fabric used.

2. Golden Glitter Hair Bow Band:

Wish to use something for that elegant bun? Check out this beautiful gold glittery hair bow band, that makes your bun look complete. Not only does it sit on your hair like a crown, but also makes you look like a queen in the making. The glitters can come in many colors like silver, rose gold and even black.

3. Mustard Yellow Polka Dot Fabric Hair Bow Band:

This is another cute little hair bow that is sure to add a vintage touch to your look. The mustard yellow polka dot fabric comes in a tie style band. This is great for casual outfits and can make you look chic. This is specially made for adult women who love to add a little retro look to their otherwise boring outfits.

4. Ivory Birdcage Veil Fabric Hair Bow Band:

This is specially made for all the brides and bridesmaids out there. The ivory hair bow is made from superior satin fabric. This bow is attached to the base which has a birdcage veil. This bow makes any bride look simple, yet special. If you opt for colors other than white, you can wear to any formal occasions to look your best.

5. Powder Blue Crochet Hair Bow Band:

Check out this lovely powder blue crochet hair bow band that makes you look amazing on a cold winter day. The very look of this bow makes you feel warm and cosy. The bow is specially made to be large to suit adult women. It is always better to go for simple pastel shades for a subtle and cool look.

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Additional Tips To Choose The Perfect Hair Bow and How To Maintain:

  • Check out these simple tips to help you choose your ideal hair bow:
  • Always check the quality of material first. Cheap materials do not last long and won’t look attractive
  • Always ask yourself the question of what occasion is this for? And what outfit am I going to match it with?
  • If it is a simple, casual look, opt for cotton materials
  • For a bridal and semi-bridal look, satin is your best bet.
  • You can opt for other materials like wool, felt to create a textured effect on the bows.
  • If your bow comes off, there is nothing to worry. Simply follow these DIY steps to get it back to shape.
  • Bow bands are delicate and can come off easily. Handle them gently
  • Add feathers, pearls and other accessories for a quirky look
  • You can wash them gently in water and air-dry
  • If you have a bow that comes off the hair band, simply stick to a clip or a rubber band to reuse.

Hair bows are pretty little additions to the hair just to ensure that they stay in place and not mess around and fall on your eyes. While most of the types are clearly inspired by the ribbon kind, they also are made to many other shapes for babies and teens. They are the hit hot favourite among the teens!


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