Here are some interesting facts – Did you know, there are different types of lips shapes that differ across people around the globe?! Yes, it is indeed the fact. The lips aren’t similar in shape and appearance for everyone and differ quite strikingly. Most women desire to achieve the appropriate facial features and beautiful lips to apply the right makeup, but remember, you can’t do it without knowing your features. By knowing which shape is your lip, you can also find out how to apply makeup and make them appear perfect!

Lips are considered the symbol of feminine beauty, and they indeed are attention-catching when you do them right. Today, we will talk all about the kinds of lips that can help you recognize your shape and know about them.

7 Different Types of Lips Names and Shapes:

Most believe These shapes differ across people due to several factors such as genetics, overall facial features, and structure built. However, these different lip types and shapes can add to the overall glamour and look and make a difference in how you appear or smile. So, here are the classification of all kinds of lips by lip shapes you must know.

1. Heart-Shaped Lips:

If you want the perfect feminine look and beauty and are a fashion expert, then heart-shaped lips are considered the most ideal and apt shape. The heart-shaped lips indeed are favorite among those who love makeup and styling too! They are well-defined, with a perfect shape, dip in the middle of the upper lip, easy and toned, without any heavier appearance. They are perfect for overall looks, camera, and even pouting!

  •  Taylor Swift

2. Top-Heavy Lips:

As the name suggests, the top-heavy lips shape makes the upper lip look a bit heavier than the beneath. It is indeed distinct in looks but not unique. In fact, it is said that most Indian women have top-heavy lip shapes. So if you think this is something weird, well, it is not! The top-heavy looks have their own attraction and look beautiful with sexy looks!

  • Rosie Huntington

  • Priyanka Chopra

3. Full lips with Perfect Proportion:

Well, we heard about having a perfect proportion body or shape. But if you dint hear about perfectly proportioned lips, yes, there is something like that! That means a person who has well-balanced, equal lips at the bottom and upper side. This also means the lip shape gives an effect of a soft and supple feel with even looks. Do you know who has such perfectly proportioned lips?

  • Rihanna

4. Bottom-Heavy or Pouty Lips:

Well, here is something the most exciting thing. The bottom-heavy lips women are popular to have the most famous pouts in the world too. The reason? It is because of the illusion that is created by giving a puffy pouty appearance. The lips, as a result, look much plumper, fuller, and pillowy. Well, they indeed are perfect hot lips! But, did you guess which celebrity has such a lips shape? Well, here is the clue – she took the world by storm and indeed displayed how perfect one can style and flaunt such beautiful lips. She, in fact, created a whole makeup line too!

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  • Kylie Jenner

5. Wide Lips:

You may have noticed some women having particularly very wide lips. When they smile, it is almost similar to expanded lip shape horizontally. Well, worry not, it is nothing weird. This is another beautiful lip shape the world has come across! You may have heard something like ‘smiling ear to ear.’ This fits inapt here – the wider smile here expands so much, and it dominates the facial features. Do you know who has such wide lips?

  • Anne Hathway

6. Thin lips:

This is another standard type of lip shape we encounter –very thin and sleek lips. This almost appears like a baby, kind of a lip shape! Here, both upper and bottom lip looks thin and proportionate, equally balanced and wide. They do not look fuller; however, they can create an illusion of such appearance by applying the proper matte or liquid lipstick. Here are actresses celebrities with thin lips.

  • Emma Watson

7. Round or Small Lips:

The round lips are another quite a phenomenon in the makeup world. The round and small lips are also considered sexy in their own way. They are indeed natural, and a simple wave or smile can appear like a pout. Easy makeup can also make these lips appear flattering. These actresses celebrities have small lips.

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  • FKA Twigs

  • Drew Barrymore

So, we hope you know the different types of lips and the shapes popular in the world. These particular lip shapes are also considered the hottest and most popular ones. Styling them right and applying the right makeup also matters. What do you think of them? Let us know your thoughts too!


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